A/C Problems

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After several trips to the repair shop this year [2019] my 2011 Mazda Cx-7 will now only blow cold while the engine is running hard down the freeway. When it comes to a red light it starts blowing about 80 degrees. On the highway, after about 20 minutes of driving it will push out right at 60 degrees. This is the car's 3rd. trip to the shop this year totaling a little over 5 thousand dollars!! They even went so far as to hook my TCS into my BSM so 15 minutes from picking up the car the traction control lights on and will not turn off even after I tried resetting the light with the manufacture suggestion of turning the wheels clockwise and counterclockwise with the engine off then start the car. It reset the light but only for about 80 miles. I can't bring the car back to the shop. My only option is small claims court. I lost my undercarriage driving on 610 and 288. I know it has 6 10mm. bolts holding it on because I have to take it off to change the oil. How this place managed to install the bolts incorrect is beyond me. Anyone have any advice as to why the A/C only gets cooler if I'm running the car down the highway it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. E_Ram1123
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