2 Issues that the Dealer can't solve

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1. Condition 97 degree weather, drove 3 continuous hours, stop to pick up a couple of item (maybe 6 mins), vehicle was still running during the stop. Took off from there vehicle started hesitating, eventually pulled off at a gas station, maybe 50 yards, drives in parking lot, vehicle stalls! Attempted to start vehicle, took 2 attempts, vehicle starts, no more issues at vacation site 30 minutes away or the 3 1/2 hours back home? Looked at my vehicle report, doesn't mention a fault code? Scary on a hot day with family in vehicle

2. Condition: any type of weather. Navigation system, every since I purchased the upgrade software (USB plug in) after a few hours of operation, display goes haywire! Unresponsive to touch, can't get back to the navigation screen, but in the background the navigation system is still operating on giving verbal directions?


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    Can anybody provide me with some help/advice/recommendation, thanks
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