New Alternator, New Battery, battery light still coming on

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Hello, almost two weeks ago my battery light in the T&C came on after starting it to drive home from a store. Made it home safely, but when I went to start the car about 30 minutes later, the battery light was still on and then during my 15 minute drive the abs brakes light and some other lights came on and the van was a bit difficult to drive. I made it to my son's daycare and once the car was off it would not start back up and it could not be jumped by either the tow truck or a heavy duty jumper my husband brought from work. We had it towed to our local repair shop where we get all our cars worked on. They had it for 5 days and replaced the alternator, saying the battery was fine. Less than 24 hours after picking up from the shop, the car would not start, turn over, no use of any electrical items, but the tow truck was able to jump it. We had it towed back to the shop and they tested it for another 4 days and replaced the battery. At this point it has been home for less than 2 days in the last two weeks. We picked up last night (7/13/20) and this morning the battery light is back on. Who knows if it will start again, but now we are thinking to take it to the dealership to get it checked out, which I am sure they will love to find 100 things wrong with it. We did have it fixed at the dealership a couple months ago for an issue from the manufacturer that was something to do with the fuel pump seeming like it was not working and causing the engine light to come on. Shortly after that our battery light would come on intermittently, but before the major issue last week it had not been on for weeks. I am seeing lots of electrical issues on this forum as well as complaints about the car shutting off mid-drive which make nervous as we have a toddler and baby due in a few weeks, and we live in CA where its over 100 degrees almost every day. My worst nightmare is to be driving and it stops, or get stranded with toddler and baby somewhere that we can't even get a ride home because of COVID! I do not believe it's still under warranty as we bought it used 2 years ago and it was purchased from a car rental company by he person who sold it to us. He only ever had it serviced at the dealership. Any ideas on what our issue could be? TIA :)


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    Im having the same problem. Im patiently waiting for someone to answer you. Im thinking it has something to do with the Security System. My Alarm isnt arming anymore since I replaced the battery. Does yours have a Security System?
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