Rear View Mirror Display & HD Surround Vision

HockeyBased978HockeyBased978 Member Posts: 7
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I am trying to get an answer from GMC on a possible problem.

I leased a loaded, 50K SLT today with the Premium Package & HD Surround Vision as one of the options. All of the cameras work and are displayed on the Infotainment display, but there is no display on the rear view mirror.

Is the rear view mirror display an independent option, separate from HD Surround Vision or is it always included and the dealer swapped out the rear view mirror for a regular one?


  • iceman2017iceman2017 Member Posts: 9
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    Rear Camera Mirror is only available on the Acadia Denali - no other trims. The HD Surround Vision is specifically for the rear, front and side view cameras that display on the infotainment screen.
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