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Mitsubishi Montero



  • I just bought 2001 Montero xls. Just liked the car. Salesman (Poor knowledge)did not explain difference between the xls and ltd, per him oh some extra gauges, & compass etc.
    We falled for it saving couple thousand. We still needed leather interior, so the dealer said they
    will convert with additonal cost. The purchase price came out $32,800. After looking the gage now really missing should have bought ltd for 1200 dollar more. It is very upsetting. The dealer charlie thomas gave us bad deal. The interest gave us 5.4% rather than 4.99%.
    The finance personnel was extremely rude.
    Well I learnt this edmund car info. system after the purchase. If read all info. early would really have helped us buying the car. I tried to purchase the ltd after a week....but too late.

    Any comments.

  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I think he sold his Monte and bought a Sequoia (just kidding).
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Whew, just finished signing the papers and fiddling around with our new Munich Silver Limited! I just first want to say thank you for all the posters who generously gave of their time and effort in helping me with my decision. I got the Montero with rear air and with dealer installed running boards, rear spoiler, and sunroof deflector.

    Does anyone else notice that there's a considerable amount of wind noise when the sunroof's open, even around town? It's not the buffeting, just wind noise. I think it has something to do with how huge the thing is, tho. That's why I insisted that the deflector be added (which they didn't have, but will have it put on next week). Hope it helps some.

    One more thing I noticed is the driver side-view mirror seems to have a slight warp to it near the middle, toward the upper inside. I noticed it on mine, and the service tech pulled out another new LTD and it was the same. Looking through it almost feels like a fisheye effect or improperly adjusted eyeglasses. He's gonna call Mitsu next week and see if it's a defect or designed that way (for greater FOV).

    All in all, the Montero is the only vehicle that met our needs without being too large, not large enough, or waaay overpriced. And with long-term reliability being an issue, we just couldn't bear going with the big three.

    Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep you posted WRT other observations. --Jimmy
  • I have read a lot of posts here. I have noticed a couple of posts say they paid about 35K for a full size Montero and then some posts seem to be talking about paying about the same for a Montero Sport. Not everybody posting seems to specify whether their prices are for the sport or full size. So which is it? I have shopped around a little but not done real bargaining. How much should a Sport LTD and a Sport XLS be? And whats the diff between the two? I saw somebody mention paying for an extended warranty. Go to your credit union for the extended warranty. You will save at least a couple of hundred bucks if not $500. Join a credit union if you have to. I have gotten warranties on my last 2 cars from my credit union and they have been decent warranties. I was even honest with the last salesperson and gave him the exact amount I was paying for the warranty and he said he couldn't beat it( meaning that I didn't tell him it was lower than it really was just to get him to beat the deal.)
  • photo3photo3 Posts: 26
    I was also concerned about the same as Ken131 : no 3 point shoulder belt or headrest for the middle center seat. I called many places to have one one would do's a saftey issue. That's one thing that's holding me back on buying the Montero. I'm still considering.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>Not everybody posting seems to specify whether their prices are for the sport or full size. So which is it?<<

    To Clear up your confusion, this topic area is for the Full Size Montero. There is a seperate topic for the Sport version. This topic used to be labeled for the Full Size but unfortunately it was dropped when two topic areas where combined, thus creating confusion for new comers here.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Yes it would be nice to have a center shoulder harness. It does pose a bit of a challenge to put them into SUV's I suppose. At least a challenge to add them without adding lots of cost.

    My biggest pieve right now is the absolutely STUPID design of the three Child Seat Anchors bolted into the cargo floor. I am amazed at how stupid this design is. It is a cargo floor which needs to have a flat surface. These anchors have caused me lots of frustration since I use the Monte for hauling cargo all the time. They should have been designed in a way that keeps the cargo floor flat without obstruction. I attempted to remove them to see what would be left behind but if you do that, it leaves an unfinished hole in the carpet which will surely get damaged. Anyone have any luck coming up with a way to replace the anchors so that the cargo floor has a flat finished look and is protected? I'll be working on this one. Probably have to bolt down a large washer to hold the carpet in place and at least reduce the obstructions.

  • jaynedough123 - I paid about $35k for my full-size Montero Limited with tow hitch, side-steps, rear air, and wheel locks.

    As for the three-point seatbelt issue, the problem with a lap belt only is that in an accident, the belt can permit the occupant to ramp up backwards in the seat and possibly slide out from the belt. Also, lap belts are supposed to be worn across the hips, not up across the abdomen. The three-point belt helps to keep the occupant from sliding around and getting out of position. If the lap belt slides up around the abdomen and you are thrown forward, you can have serious abdominal injuries. So, yes, it's a potential safety issue. I don't know of any way to re-fit the center seat for a three-point belt. Would I like to have one? Sure. Did it stop me from buying the truck? No way. (And just to show you that I'm no risk-taker, my other car is a Volvo.)

    mp19fan - Congratulations on your purchase. I have been thrilled with my 2001 Limited. The only complaint that I have with the truck is the same one you do (driver's-side mirror). I also had a problem with a mirror on my Volvo that distorted images, and Volvo replaced it with a new mirror that was fine. So, when I took my Monte back to the dealer to request a new mirror, I thought that the mirror was just warped and could be easily replaced. I was surprised when the dealer told me that's just the way they are. It's an annoyance with an otherwise outstanding vehicle. With the money that I saved over MDX, M-Class, etc. (plus I can tow my boat!), I'll live with it.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    I found these things this weekend. Appear to be markers: If you poke your finger around in the seam on the seat bottom toward the rear you'll find slits in the leather directly in line with these circles. If you poke you finger in, all the way down into the slit you'll feel what I think are attachment points for something. (Maybe child safety seat?) Or now that I think about it maybe the latches for the second seat that allow you to fold it forward? I'll have to go fold up the seat and look again tonight.

    I took the seat anchors out, replaced the bolts -- haven't had any problems. I do like the idea of adding large washers, but won't the bolt heads then stick up and sort of defeat the removal of the anchors in the first place?

    I'm glad it's not just my mirror, I thought I really needed new glasses (which I do, but nice to know it is the mirror).
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    jaynedough123- After researching Edmund's Town Hall-SUVs boards for about 2 months, I finally decided the best vehicle for my wife and I would be the full sized Montero. The very helpful people in this topic suggested a price of $34k-$34.7k for the LTD w/ rear air. I got the Limited w/ rear air and dealer installed extras (running boards, rear spoiler, sunroof wind deflector) for $35k at my local dealer in So Cal. Hope this helps. --Jimmy
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Hey Jimmy;


    Sounds like you got one of the best deals yet. Where did you end up buying? Find us a good full size Montero mechanic in SoCal

    Photos of places to go in SoCal try out 4x4 capability at

    None of these places are really extremly rough. I'll post some photos of recent Death Valley trip when I get time to download the camera.


  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Phonos is correct--these are the slits for the next generation child seats, which are not out yet in the U.S......They will attach through the slots directly to the vehicle--they are supposed to be safer than the current child seats, and hopefully will be easier to install properly.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Cool pics! I esp. liked the Joshua tree and Indio ones. I'd most likely plan a day trip soon. Any suggestions? Maybe Palmdale or Angeles Forest area.

    I finally made the deal thru Puente Hills Mitsubishi, which is about 5 minutes from my house. I'll be checking out their svc. area this week and talk to a couple of their mechs. to see if any of them are Montero experts.

    Can't wait to see some pics of Death Valley.

    BTW, conselor2 and phonos, I received a call from the svc. rep regarding the driver's side mirror this evening, and I think he's gonna order another one from the factory. I'll call him tomorrow to confirm, as I wasn't home and he left a message. I'll post as soon as I get some more info. --Jimmy
  • I just bought a 2001 montero limited (with 10,000 miles on it) for 28,900 it did not have the rear climate control on it, I think I got a good deal, but wondered what you guys thought. Also does anyone know if you can add the rear climate control or is it a factory only addition ?
  • I am looking for a tan (have tan leather interior) rubber cargo mat; but my local dealer says they are not available yet? Anybody purchased one yet? Do you know dealer cost?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Mitsubishi's are not sold in Canada. I have some business colleagues in Canada who are not happy about Mitsu not being available there. They Love my Montereo and want one. One guy is considering purchasing one here and bringing it to Canada. I'd think that would be a problem with warranty and service issues.

  • Jimmy, I will be interested to see if your service rep can come up with a better mirror. Please let us know.

    claybuster, I also was told that the factory didn't have rubber floor mats or a cargo liner out yet, although the caro liner, at least, is expected soon. I was going to order tan rubber floor mats from Weathertech (, which run about $90 for a set of front and rear mats, and a black cargo liner, which also costs $90. But, I really haven't heard anything either good or bad about those mats, so if anyone has any feedback on them, I'd appreciate it.

    As long as we're on the subject of accessories, has anyone found a good roof-rack mounted or trailer-hitch mounted cargo box for hauling stuff? Any thoughts about/experiences with accessing a roof-mounted box or raising the center of gravity by putting stuff on the roof? Thanks in advance.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Here's a link to a 2000 Pajero Project Vehicle that a 4-wheel drive store in Australia is building. Link was sent to me from one of the hard core Montero off roaders on

    I've already sent an e-mail to them asking about the springs they added to this project to give it a 50mm (2in.) lift.

  • I have had the same "Check engine light" come on in the first 80 miles and is still on after 160 miles now. I called Monte service and they said it is an emission deal and probably related to gas cap not tightened properly. I removed the gas cap and re-tightened 50 miles back, but "Check engine light" has not gone off yet. Looks like I will have to take it in to dealer for a check. Anybody found a fix for this problem?
  • Thanks for the feedback. I think I will wait fro the factory mats. Has anybody purchased the factory top luggage carrier and does it work O.K. or does anybody know of a better after market luggage carrier?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
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    If you haven't read's confessions of a car salesman, I highly recommend you do so. I found it very entertaining, and yet enlightening as to what may go on in auto dealerships.


    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    Recently test drove this behemoth! drove like a true dream. Have driven the Bmw X5, ML320, MDX, yet the MONTERO truly comes across as the best in handling. Nice high center level view, felt like the famous old Range Rovers to me (IMO that is). yes, it could use more power, but is adequate. If one is gonna drive such a nice big thing, there certainly will not be a need to take it so fast. Is better to be noticed than to zip on by w/o getting noticed.

    My one question is that of the audio system. I am aware that it is made by the ever so famous Infinity brand (parent company JBL), but didn't get to really get a feel for the sound. Any comments on the quality of this sound system? I am a former owner of a Grand cherokee which used to always incorporate Infinity audio systems......and it sure sounded grrrrreat!!! (I guess the reason why they both use the same brand is due to Chrysler and Mitsubishi often used to share assembly lines and parts with eachother in the past. Do they still have a joint collaboration with eachother?)
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    The Infinity system in our LTD is actually a very god factory system. Considerably better than my '98 GC Laredo (which I thought was pretty good), but not quite as nice as my wife's '93 Lexus ES300. Not sure who manufactures it, but IMO that has to be one of the cleanest sounding stock systems.

    That was one of the requirements for the Montero. It has to have a good system. She sat in it for about 20 minutes while going through her CD collection, and finally gave the thumbs up. Adjustments are very straightforward, but I do wish there were EQ controls.

    BTW, while closing the back door, I was wondering if the sheer weight and constant opening and closing of it would eventually cause it to sag a bit, not unlike solid core doors for some homes? And doesn't the info screen on the dash of the LTD just scream for a nav. system?

    Another thing, do any of you check the other SUV topics? As one who was also considering a Sequoia (too expensive for what you really get, too large for our needs, first year model, and did I mention too expensive?), I frequently checked over there. Boy, are they ever defensive about their purchases! And a tad too condescending for my tastes. If you're considering anything other than a Seq, you're throwing your money away, according to them. --Jimmy
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I bought the weathertech mats--I really like them. I couldn't find any other mats with deep enough grooves to handle the weather here (Wisconsin). There is one disadvantage--you have to cut them to fit the driver side and rear seats...(the passenger side doesn't need to be modified.). It's not that hard to do--there are lines between the grooves specifically there so the mats can be modified, but for $90.00 you would think they would fit without any changes (they USED to be vehicle specific, but I think weathertech is trying to cut corners....)
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Check out the carriers on the Thule website. The Model 754 loadbars will fit on the factory parallel rails on the 2001 Montero. Almost all the Thule accessories, ski and snow board racks, luggage and bike carriers, etc. will then attach to the load bars, which are really very heavy duty. We drove to Idaho and back from SoCal with snowboard rack -- very little noticeable increase in wind noise.

    good luck

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Roof Rack: I have been looking around. There are very nice fully enclosed cases but they dont clear under most garages so would have to be taken off/on in my case. Some have "quick releases". These go from $400-800 and are very nice.

    There is a Yakama rack (Load Warrior), I think they have 3 models now, that you can add an extension on. It is very well built. You can attach any of thier accessories directly to the rack for bikes, skies, etc. I am waiting to see the cross members that they are developing for the Montero 2001 which they assured me are due out anytime. They recommend thier crossmembers stating that they are considerably stronger. These racks seem to have a lower profile and will clear my garage. You would need water proof bags for travel and security would be a greater issue unless you take the bags off at night and put them in the vehicle.


    The dealer gets them from Husky I believe. When you call Husky I think I remember them saying they offer other colors. Why the dealer doesnt get them I dont know. I would check with Husky liners for the color you want. They should still fit custom like the dealers and probably cost you less.
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    I believe lexus uses Nakamichi for their high end sound systems....and boy, do they sound good. If you want to see a nice stock radio for a car, check out the BMW Premium audio system....costs $1200 bucks extra as an option, and is made by Alpine. EQ's only add complications to the consumer. Takes a long while to get it fine tuned. I like the system to be more straight forward, with the simple controls, and good sound.

    I guess one won't know how well this sound system is until they spend a long time driving around in the vehicle. Will probably take a nice long trip to figure it out.
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