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Mitsubishi Montero



  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    You might want to take a look at the Seq board now....
  • beazlebeazle Posts: 11
    I browsed the selection of several compact hydraulic jacks available at Pep Boys, and they all have the same problem, that is, they do not seem to collapse under their own weight. The only ones that do are the floor jack design. I'm not interested in one that big. I guess hydraulic cylinders aren't polished smooth any more. Oh, well.....
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    cct1: Agreed, the more you drive this thing the better it looks.

    Just completed a drive: down with premium and back with mid grade. Mileage essentially the same. I obtained 19mpg at 75 (cruise on) and air conditioning. I'm happy with this, I dont think any of the other SUV's I considered do much better and if you factor in the 87 octane price savings at 10% or so this translates to 21mpg compared to SUV's that require premium. Not bad.

    Hey rruck, we dont go over there much because no one for the most part wants to be nice (and honest) over there. If you look at the early posts of the Montero vs Sequoia site when we all were just trying to find out the truth about these and many other SUV's people were getting real heated on the Seq site. Over here I find that saying something "bad" about the Montero is looked at a little different. We are curious over here if these SUV's are worth the price, if the features work as advertised, etc.

    We welcome your posts over here. Glad to see you are still reading this site.

    I too think Toyota will get the bugs worked out and the Sequoia will be an SUV to contend with much as the LC, in my mind, was my personal gold standard I used in selecting the Montero.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Wow, the Seq owners were sold heated seats, the problem is the seats werent heated. Someone messed up big time.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Well the reviews were right, these tires seems to check out fine on Ice, snow and water but in the mud.....oh boy can they be fun.

    Went 4wd opening day fishing in OR. Hail, rain snow and limiting out on fish in 1 hour....what a day.

    Through the mud I tried 4H, 4Hlock, Low range. Low range probably worked the best at the lower speeds but all settings were a thrill. I thought this poor SUV just cant handle the mud until I looked behind me and saw everyone sliding off the trails as well. I even had several people pull over to let me by. I guess I was driving faster than they felt comfortable with but I was loving every minute. Got the old mud wave over the hood shot on the way back.

    Anyway, the tires stink in mud but then thats what I should have expected.

    Whats interesting is that I really have not noticed any advantage between AWD (4H) and 4 Lock. Seems whether a 60/40 or 50/50 locked split in power it hasnt mattered yet on snow, ice or mud.
  • jhockadayjhockaday Posts: 8
    We've had the Montero limited for almost 2 weeks now and I thought I'd throw out a few things. Taken a few trips with the family and have put over 1000 miles on the SUV.

    Looks: I must admit the Montero is a little strange looking to me. But the longer I have it the better it looks. Also in my town I've only seen one other and it was a different color. Being different is nice for a change.

    Power: Horse power is like money, you can never have too much. But I haven't seen any lack of power in the Montero. We drove several hundred miles on interstate roads at 70 plus with no problem. Passing is no problem either. When you get into it hard the motor does put out a good growl but doesn't complain. My wife thinks it sounds tuff.

    Room: This is where the Montero shines. We drove just about every SUV on the market in the 30 thousand plus price range. Nothing else comes close to the room of the Montero. And that includes headroom. The new Ford feels tight in the drivers seat

    3rd Seat: This is the reason we bought the Montero. We have 3 kids, 3, 4 & 16 years old. 95% of the time we won't need the 3rd seat. But if a family member or friend wants to come along on a trip we have room for 2 more. I love the way it completely disappears and leaves a nice flat floor. The new Ford Explorer has a 3rd seat but it doesn't completely flatten out when it is down. A few posts back questioned the strength of this seat. But it sure feels solid to me. I've had vans with removable seats that were no sturdier. This seat is only good for kids under about 12. Any older and there just wouldn't be any leg room. So if you don't have any children this option is probably meaningless.

    Safety: ABS disk brakes all around. Front and side air bags. The SUV just feel very solid to me. Every seat except the 2nd row middle has a shoulder strap. Even the 3rd row seats. Some have worried about the middle seat without a shoulder strap. No doubt a shoulder strap would be nice but the middle of the SUV is the safest possible place you could sit. There is always a scenario when where you are sitting is the worst place. Being that we have small children we have a booster seat in the middle location. The lap belt goes through then there is a strap on the top of the baby seat that goes to a hook in the floor. With this setup the middle truly is the safest place.
    Also, when I put the kids into the 3rd row I take this top strap from the booster seat and run it through the head rest then down to the luggage hook in the rear floor. So that the seat is held very securely in place.

    The wife wanted an SUV with more luxury items but I held out for one with a 3rd seat. The compromise was the Montero. So far I have been very pleased with our decision.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    The heated seat issue is a real laugh riot in the Sequoia forum. This issue came to light months ago and was explained time and again as a 'typo' in the brochure. I think Toyota should have included it, but that's what disclaimers are for - right? The best part is that there are people who have been in the forum the whole time who went out and ordered their Sequoia with the package mentioned, knowing it didn't include heated seats, and now they want to be compensated. I'm sure Toyota deliberately deleted the heated seats from the package after the brochures were printed.

    Since this is the Montero forum, here is a Montero question... The off road package on my 83 Monty had a 'floating' drivers seat with a shock absorber in it. Is this still an option? This was great for banging around off road, although the passengers didn't really appreciate it. It could be locked into place for on road driving - neat option.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Have not seen floating seats. Are you sure those things wouldnt launch you into the roof :)
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    The headroom in that thing was amazing! I'm 6'4" and the only thing I've owned that comes close is the Sequoia. The seat had springs and a shock absorber that controlled the amount and speed of the up/down movement - very fun, no head bashing. It was great for off road, but unless you locked the seat down you could get a little motion sickness on the highway.

    This truck also came with a rear tire cover that read "Montero - The Urban Gorilla". I haven't seen that recently either....
  • erubrighterubright Posts: 4
    We are getting our new 2001 Limited at a AutoNation dealership. The dealership is offering an extended warranty for coverage out to 6yr/60k miles for $1200. I have never owned a Mitsubishi product, and I don't know anyone that has so I don't know how well they age over the 3yr/36k warranty. I generally say no to extended warranty type things, but I don't have enough info with this vehicle and model.

    Any thoughts or info from research on whether the extended warranty is a "good deal" here given amount of repair needed.

  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    You can shop around for an extended warranty.

    For example, we got better financing through the dealer, but we saved about $400 on an extneded warranty over that charged by the dealer by purchasing through our credit union. In addition, it covers more stuff, has a longer term (100K miles), and lower deductables.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I seem to recall that my warrenty through the dealer was for $1200 but covered everything just about other than obvious things like parts that wear out normally (tires, oil, etc). It was wrapped up in the finiancing and goes for 100K.

    There are several plans the dealer can sell you.

    As far as whether it is even needed I really dont know. I have never believed in them in the past. The only reason I went for it this time was that I got a good price for my Montero, it is a 4wd which means much greater oppotunity for failure and I wanted to hedge my bets in case the Montero turned out not to be reliable.

    It is still a lot of money but I think I would make the same decision. The dealer went over some of the prices for repairs for things that are covered in my warrenty and just given the number of computer parts alone a couple of failures over the 100K will pay for the plan.
  • toyotatoystoyotatoys Posts: 118
    "I'm happy with this, I dont think any of the other SUV's I considered do much better and if you factor in the 87 octane price savings at 10% or so this translates to 21mpg compared to SUV's that require premium. Not bad."

    Brill, checking the MDX forum might help you better in forming your opinion about your mileage.

    Granting, your Monty does slightly better than the 17.4 mpg on my Seq (~75mph on the highway, pencil & paper calculation, regular gas).

    'Good weekend.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    After I read what I posted above, I can see I didn't make the situation exactly clear.

    We went with the Mitsubishi dealer financing of 4.9% for 48 month on the Montero but declined the extended warrenty.

    We then purchased, later in the week, the extended warrenty through the credit union.

    Haven't had one normal warrenty claim on it in 16,000 miles. Haven't had it in for anything except normal service and oil change every 3-4000 miles.

    Maybe, thinking about it though, I should try and get the rear pads/rotors changed on it under warranty to eliminate the slight squeak when stopping. The dealer keeps claiming its just normal brake noise but did note that both the pads and rotors were glazed at the last service. If I get them to write it up one more time, I think that will be the 3rd or 4th time and maybe I can get a whole new Montero, with lower millage, free under the California Lemon Law. Think it's worth a shot?

    The only problem is, they know I've taken it off-roading a lot from all the dirt, sand and mud on the undercarriage. I really do love it, it goes everywhere.

    Word to the wise -- when driving on muddy roads, no matter how nice a day it is, keep the roof closed in case your son decides to go around you real fast during sloppy puddle crossings. (I have to admit, it was pretty funny).

    PHOnos, White/Silver 2001 Montero Ltd, rear A/C, purchased August 2000, build date July, $34,500 (no extras, darn!)+ TTL, 4.9% for 48 months, Orange County, CA.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    My brother had a 94 Montero w/ floating seats. Very cool! It gave you just enough shock absorption (about 1-2" travel) to damp some of the harshness off-road. But no, 2001 doesn't offer it as an option. They don't even offer power passenger seats as an option. Oh well, I rarely sit there anyways!

    Toyotatoys, you're getting 17.4mpg in your Seq??! Verified or just by what the computer says? From what I had been reading prior to purchasing my Montero, most Seq owners were getting 13mpg, while the computer was displaying about 16mpg. I'm geting 17mpg verified on my Montero, which is better than my 98 I-6 JGC.

    2k miles on my '01 LTD, still smiling! ;-D
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Anyone in the New York area that is looking for grill guard/brush guard, nerf bars, skid plate, etc. for 2001 Montero?

    This company (link below) in Brooklyn appears to have quality, well made welded tublar stuff at competative prices. However, they do not have any product on the West coast to look at. I spoke with them and I can order and have it shipped. The prices they quoted me are less than those listed on their website as "retail" by about 8-10%

    If anyone does investigate further, please post your findings here or send me an e-mail -- I am really interested based on the brochure they sent me.

    Thanks in advance


  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    Has anybody tried the factory roof rack luggage carriers on the 2001 Montero Ltd.? The factory list price is about $360. and best price to date is $260. + Tax.

    Last 400 mile trip the Monte averaged 19 1/4 mpg with 87-88 octane gas and it did good in one mountain area; used the 4th gear a lot in this area (only about 20% of the trip). Mostly 60 - 70 mph highway.

    Has anybody checked their 2001 Montero Ltd. odometer for speed accuracy with the factory stock tires?
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    The current Montero does not need a shock absober for the seat, because of the all around independent suspension. Unlike other truck base SUV with the rear solid axel, I believe the Montero offers the best ride when the road gets rough and smooth on highway cruising. Just the other day, I was driving behind a Landcruiser and saw the axel bouncing up and down. Eventhough they control the bouncing of the axel by softening the spring and with good shock tunning, there must be some racket get to the passenger!
  • toyotatoystoyotatoys Posts: 118

    What I meant when I said "pencil-and-paper" calculation was that I filled up my SEQ to two clicks on the gas nozzle (just to make sure the first click was not pre-mature, drove on CRUISE CONTROL at 75mph for 176 miles (exit to home) of mostly flat terrain and then re-filled the gas again to two clicks. It needed 10.1 gallons, or about 17.4 mpg.

    This is actually the third time I tried to measure my mpg, but the first two were NOT on cruise. They also gave about 17.2-17.5 mpg. Surprisingly, the number of people in the vehicle (2-6 people, medium build) did not seem to matter very much on the mileage(though this part was very unscientific).

    I am comfortable that these figures are correct. However, I am NOT surprised if one reports 13 mpg on STOP-and-GO situations, especially with a heavy foot. I got 15+ on about 50/50 city/highway driving.

    Finally, yes the electronic calculator above the windshield is wrong (overestimated) and useless. I wish I had a way to re-set or re-calibrate it.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    You were BEHIND the LC! ug.....just kidding :}
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Does the Sequoia call for regular or premium. Also, glad to hear you are getting >17, many folks on the Sequoia site are getting in the 13mpg range and mad that the computer is wrong.

    As far as the MDX. I think it is "rated" at 23 mpg highway and requires premium per the dealer in my area due its "high performance" (compression is what I think he means). On the weekly auto show on TV they were getting 19.something I remember on highway. I remember this because I was very in tune to the good mileage claims the MDX has and this real world test didnt jive with what I knew was on the sticker.

    Anyway, I dont want a 4wd minivan. Dont take that wrong but the MDX just is not in the same class as either the Montero or Sequoia. You cant do any half serious off road 4wding in it.
  • xtski93xtski93 Posts: 4
    Just picked up new 2001 Ltd with Climate Control/Rear Air for $33,666. Also, Dealer gave me $4000 for my '92 Monte that we bought new. Great truck always dependable only major expense was change timing belt, brake pads and tires. '92 Monte still has original Stainless exhaust and AC blows cold (no recharge)! Love the new Monte and it's smooth shifting. Actually found my old truck on eBay yesterday from the wholesaler, I'm thinking about buying it back!

    How much have you paid for the rear spoiler installed. I got price of $350.

  • toyotatoystoyotatoys Posts: 118

    The recommended gas for the SEQ is regular grade and that's what I use all the time. I also don't have gas brand loyalty.

    My observation from my vehicle, as well as from other postings, is that the highway mileage is usually decent (relative to what the manufacturers claim) for most vehicles. The big difference is really on what we generally call "city driving", which is very variable because we really don't have a standard of how many stops and gos (sp?). I imagine that my SEQ would not do much better than 12 mpg if I were to stop at each city block. So I judge it based on highway miles at specific speed. That's why I was not suprised about your posting of about 20 mpg for the Monty.

    I also agree with you that the MDX is essentially a minivan (IMO).
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Recently bought a Thule Rak-n-lok--what a wonderful contraption! Got the 2 bike extension (holds 4 bikes total) for $315.00 (got it from our local bike dealer--probably could have got it cheaper somewhere else, but I kinda want to support the local bike shop.). The nice thing about it is that the bike rack locks to the hitch with a kryptonite type lock, and the bikes lock seperately to the bike rack with a kryptonite lock (same key for both locks.). It tilts down, making it easy to unload. I would strongly recommend it if anyone is looking for a hitch type bike rack.

    The main reason I am writing this however, is to warn everyone thinking of purchasing a bike rack not to make the mistake I did. I had an episode of brain flatulence and forgot about the spare tire--when I initially bought the rack, it barely fit, but there was not enough room to get bikes on...bummer. I went back and got the proper base for the rack--bike shop was great--no hassle changing to the proper base. (total difference in cost from the regular base is a measley six bucks.). Just a reminder for any of you out there who may be as dumb as me, if you get the Thule rack, make sure to get the extended base.
  • beazlebeazle Posts: 11
    " #93 of 105 Mitsubishi lost its import license in China because of its SUV saftey problem by peterisme Mar 24, 2001 (09:22 pm)
    When people talk about Mitsubishi’s new Pajero, they need to think it over about the following news I got from a Chinese news website (

    This Feb. China cancelled Mitsubishi’s import license to this country. Mitsubishi has the largest share of China's SUV market. Its Pajero were widly used OFF-ROAD from Tibet to Shanghai. Since 2000, scores of Pajero related fatal accidents were reported. In most cases, the broken rear brake lines were blamed. It is said that the rear brake lines are too close to the rear suspension system. In long term off-road ride, which is a daily routine in west China, the brake lines are likely to be touched and damaged by the suspension parts, and it can lead to fatal break failure.

    Mitsubishi made the thing worse by failing in recalling its defected SUV in time. The Chinese saftey authority finally decided to cancel its import license.

    It seems such problem won't happen if Pajero were driven on paved road. But Pajero is a SUV and Mitsubishi's design forgot that a SUV is for off-road drive. The worse part is that Mitsubishi's sluggish response to its product defect and safety problem. "

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Only that I didn't like reading it. I hope it's more of a political situation than reality. Certainly politics isn't an issue with the Chinese. Hmm.

    If there is a serious safety concern with the Montero design, our resale values are going to be hurt. This combined with gas prices is not a good thing. Resale is a big issue with me. I start testing resale values after two years.

  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Hmmm...this is interesting...First I've heard of it. Part of the problem is the source--China--there may be more going on with the license recall than safety (in fact I'd pretty much bet on it.). You would think this problem would be noted in the Dakar rallies; it hasn't to my knowledge. Is there any info that this has happend elsewhere?

    The Pajero is a two doored mini Montero--not sold in U.S. Does anyone know wether the brake lines are the same in the Pajero vs. the full sized Monte?

    If Mitsu knew the problem existed and did nothing to correct it, that is of course reprehensible (and would be much worse than toyota's recent miscues). This is obviously something worth following closely; if anyone has any further info please post.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Nothing specific recently about Mitsu in China on the Edmunds News site (stories roll off after a few days), but here are some articles that may interest some of you:

    Mitsubishi Reports Huge Loss

    Mitsubishi Motors loses more than expected

    Honda looks to step up operations in China

    Nissan to Enter Chinese Car Market

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  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Here's link to the (apparently)latest story on the Pajero problem in China.

    A quick read looks to me like it was a problem in before the 2001 model Montero was sold in the U.S.


  • ocelot1ocelot1 Posts: 101
    after reading the article sound like mits is taking care of the proublem better than most automakers would paying for repairs/taking vehicles back/providing rentals/giving money for injurys or losses as I see it better late than never.
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