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Jeep Liberty Common Rail Diesel Meet & Greet

steverstever Posts: 52,462
edited July 2014 in Jeep
Stop in here to say hi to your fellow CRD owners and compare notes. And feel free to jump in if you don't own one but just have interest or are kicking tires.

Please take specific problems or trends to one of the narrower discussions, for example, please post in the Jeep Liberty CRD Diesel: MPG - Real World Numbers discussion if you want to take mileage.

And feel free to create a new discussion about anything CRD - we don't want to discourage anyone from posting by having to search through 8,000 other messages first.

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  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Steve: Here is a BIG thank you! I sure hope it really attracts more CRD'ers.
    Just for information about 30% of diesel pumps have the new 15 ppm sticker on the pumps. Diesel has remained $2.43 for the last 3 weeks. BUT gas is $1.99 . Why the 44 cents a gallon more?
    Here is a big welcome to everyone!

  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Farout....Ever since your president came to power the diesel went higher than regular ounce he goes the price of diesel will come down.

  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Is this where the CRD'ers are at now?Mine is still runnin fine.Has anyone tried running home furnace oil in the CRD?I would think it is the same as diesel but a different dye.Would be cheaper,unfortunately I run natural gas in the house.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    nescosmo: Odd you would say to me that "your president". Frankly. My opinion of Kerry and Edwards, Bush and Chainey did not matter much to me. I really did not vote for the man as much as I did for what the "party" planks were. I believe all the men running for office were all outstanding men. They all went through the test of the press, who attempts to find anything that might make someone to look like they are unfit to hold the highest offices in the United States government. I would never measure up to the standards the press requires.
    To be very honest, no matter who wins, after the election is done, I try to spend more time praying for the President and the VP, than finding fault with the elected person. Both Parties have unique differences, and each has it's own direction they feel will best take our country.
    One thing I know for sure, who ever runs, that is willing to ask for a Jeep Unlimited 4 door Wrangler, stretched out limo. will get my vote! In fact due to the threats, we should get all government vehicles made by Jeep. Is this not an outstanding idea?
    One last thing, I did not know that Mr. Mickey Mouse won the election! Why didn't some one tell me!

  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Farout.... I love the way you are I wish that evrybody were like you. Your humor is great. I with that we didn't have to jump from one place to another to find each other. I love the old way that we use to communicate; the Jeep and you guys is all i have in the computer, i rush home to turn on the computer to see who post and what is the subject to discuss, well we'll see what happen.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I would never measure up to the standards the press requires.

    The press itself might not measure up to those same standards were they to subject themselves to honest scrutiny! In any case, let's avoid the temptation to further divert into political discussions.

    tidester, host
  • Farout,
    I have enjoyed yours and a few other major posters on this site. I have read the jeep liberty forum from the first message in anticipation of the 06 Liberty Limited CRD 4WD we ordered while in Germany. I have been transferred to a Command in Kansas City and we picked up our new Liberty in July 06 when we returned to this area, and it was one of the last ones made in May 06. We have over 9K miles on it already, and the only problem is the battery went out, and Overland Park Jeep replaced it for us with a normal battery, which is working fine. For awhile, we could not find S15, but starting about a month ago, we are having no problems getting it. The Liberty is my wife's, and she absolutely loves it. Parks much easier than any other vehicle we have owned. Look forward to continuing with this forum.

  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    They should have replaced it with a Orbital Spiral Cell battery. Much better for this application then the Optima red top gel cell. It's black and has the Mopar symbol stamped on it.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    semperfi06: I admire you fpr taking your responsibility of serving your country. Thank you! I believe every male should serve their country.By doing so the price of being a nation of free people continues on, and on. We live not to far from KC, and OP Jeep is one dealer I ask questions os once in a while. Good to hear from someone beside me that has a CRD with in 150 miles.

  • After much research we just could not wait any longer (and the great rebate did not hurt either) and picked up our red crd last week. After a week of driving it (when I could get it away from my wife) I can't believe I waited this long to get one. We love it !! I've been reading this site for a long while, and can't wait to actually join in.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bobandbek: Welcome to the CRD "test market group". We have had ours is 13 months, and have a 24,000 miles on it. The engine is made by V M Motori, in Italy. We have the 05 CRD and a 06 3.7 gas. So we can have a pretty good comparison between the two. We like the CRD very much. Our daughter uses the 06 gas. The CRD has just as much get up and go as the gas. The CRD gets 22 mpg to 23.5 mpg just driving around locally, with stops and going. On a short jaunt of 200 miles we have gotten 26.4 mpg. The very best was 28 mpg, and that was only once. I have avoided additives until now that the ULSD is in the pumps. Now I am using PS Cetane booster/ lubercation additive. I put in 12oz per 15 to 20 gallons of fuel. So far after two tank fulls of ULSD the mpg has stayed the same.
    Here are some suggestions I personally suggest. Avoid Bio diesel higher than b-10, the better choice, as stated in the Owners manual is B-5. Bio fuels are NOT consistent in quality, or as to how much bacteria is growing in the fuel. Bacteria comes naturally in dino Diesel, but Bio adds even more of a risk. Some in the forum feel that using B-99 is doing just fine for them. My idea is the true test of time and long term mileage has yet to prove this does not cause damage. V M Motori stands firm on mot using Bio above B-10. The other big issue is the oil. DCX says to use Mobile 1 0-40w but you can use 5-40w if the other is not available. Where we live Mobile 1 0-40w is very hard to find. Not only that, I wrote V M Motori and they said 5-40w or 10-40w is what they suggested for summer/ winter (if it gets 18F or below. I have gone with Shell Rotella T 5-40w Synthetic. It costs $15.20 for a gallon at WalMart. My dealer charges $95. for an oil cahnge, which I know it to much, they charge $9. a quart! Some of those CRD owners have gone to 15-40w in several different brands. Again the letter I got from V M Motori says NOT to use oil above 10-40w. So all these wonderful things are yours to choose. Then there is the issue as to how often to change the oil. V M Motori brakes every engine in before it leaves the factory. They again drain the oil, so you have a fresh broke in engine with new oil. Some have drained the oil at as little as 1,000 miles. I changed my oil at 9,000 miles and then at 7,500 miles, I will be changing the oil again soon. I will change my fuel/water filter at about 32,000 miles. I went through my first quart of oil at 2,900 miles. Now it uses a quart about every 6,500 miles.
    As far as problems no major problems, except at 14,000 miles the PCM was replaced, due to getting 17 mpg. And the ball joints were replaced under warranty. Yours may be under recall as well, ask the dealer.
    Little things like the front passenger seat belt was replaced twice, fuel pump/sending unit for fuel gauge/ was replaced three times, because fuel gauge was way off.
    I would check around to see who has the best Tec who knows the CRD very well. The biggest issues are related to Tec's that do not know much about the engine. If ever your EGR goes out make sure they replace the PCM as well, as that is the cause of the EGR failing.
    That's about all I can say, except I wish you many miles of fun careful driving.

  • Farout: Thanks for the reply and kind words. I am glad that the forum is here to help those that have problems with this "test market vehicle." I am an automotive and diesel mechanic from way back, and have over 28 years in the military, much of that in studying, repairing, and procuring a fleet of trucks for my branch of service. I love and understand trucks, and all these posts did not scare me off from buying a Liberty CRD. I believe the basic design of the vehicle and engine are excellent, and it's the emission system working with the PCM that seems to be a lot of the problem. About 10K miles on our Liberty problems other than a bad battery and flat tire. I hope that S15, 5% Biodiesel with the PS additive I am using will keep problems from developing with the EGR...which seems to be the most likely problem I could encounter. I agree with most in this forum that these tires are sub-standard, but I plan to get some use out of them before I replace them. I don't like the fact that the transmission will not go into final overdrive until about 63 MPH, and that it won't shift into higher gears when moving around town at 35 MPH or so. So I can't drive at 55 MPH in final overdrive, unless I must speed up to 63, back down to about 59 in order to stay in top gear. So I end of speeding most of the time. I can live with that, but I have never had another vehicle do this. My larger and much heavier K2500 Suburban will go in final overdrive at 35 MPH and stay there as long as my foot is not too heavy. Like many of you, I too have found this multi-topic and spread out forum harder to use. I will have to go to many sections to see all of the messages, instead of just the main one we had for a few years. But I want to keep up on the latest from the many excellent and informative posters on the sites, and I will try to contribute when appropriate. If anyone responds on any specific topic I have mentioned above in the proper area of this multi-topic Jeep Liberty CRD forum, I will try to move into the proper area set up by the "management."

  • I haven't been to the forum for a few weeks and it seems that the newer format is a bit cumbersome. I've learned a lot reading the forum e.g.: changing my driving habits to suit the transmission and turbo therefore getting better milage (24mpg combined city/hwy.) Have noticed a much smoother and quieter running engine since filling up with S15, 5% Biodiesel lately. We love are 2006 Sport with 7500 miles and will be driving it from Grand Rapids, MI to Sarasota, FL and back for its first extended road trip.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    semperfi06: This must be our luck day! That which you describe about shifting was exactally why they replaced my PCM! The shift points you have is just what mine were. After replacing the PCM and NOT doing the updates the shift point for 5th is now 49-53 mph and to lockup is from 53 mph and up depending how deep my foot is on the accelerator. I found that I was most always in 4th most all the time before and now I do get into 5th lockup quite soon. The slowly dropping down speed to get into 5th lockup was really "bass aackwards". I also had the problem of the cruse control dropping off at even the smallest up-grade or down-grade, which the new PCM corrected for the most part.
    It has been my thought that the DCX computer controlling everything is not up to par as they invisioned. The system works, but anything that just doesn't fit into the computers program range is left out some where in cyber car space. I have heard if the power is disconnected from the battery for some time (don't know how long) then it re-learns your driving style and this too might help. But, I sure would not follow this unless you know this for sure.
    Although I have not used OP Jeep, by my talking with the Service manager he seemed to be pretty knowledgeable. Hope this helps.

  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Semper.... My was like that, take it to the dealer and ask them to reflash your PCM the shifting will change and the ride will be very smooth. When they replaced my EGR they reflash the PCM and ever since all is ok.

  • Nescosmo. Thanks for the response. I called a dealer service rep at OP Jeep, and he had never heard of this problem. I am looking into buying the extended warranty, so that if they keep our Liberty, they can then give us a rental car. After I have the warranty in place, I will call for an appointment. With everything I have learned from all of you, at least I can steer them in the right direction on how to fix it. Farout doesn't seem to be too keen on reflashing the PCM, especially when it involves replacement of the EGR. So if they end up reflashing our PCM, I hope I don't start having other problems. SemperFi
  • Hello SemperFi06, I just purchased a used 06 with 6008 miles on it. It took forever to find one. I absolutely love it and want to be sure I don't do anything stupid with it. I know what the EGR is but I dn't know what thePcm, PS additivies, or S15 is. Should I be adding something to the fuel? As far as I can tell the pumps in the Santa fe area still have the low sulfer and not the ultra low sulfer. When it switches over should I put some sort of additive in it? Also I used to have a 01 powerstroke and there was an additive that went in the coolent. Does the Liberty CRD need the sme thing?


  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Semper...Wellcome to the forum. The first thing you do is to make sure that all your reflash are done. You do not need any additive for the ULSD fuel no need for anything in the coolant. All you need is a good tech to take care of any problem when arrive. Tell us how you like it...

  • synlubessynlubes Posts: 184
    my 05 march build has had some problems but i would by it again replaced pcm egr and torque converter and pump no problems since torque converter was installed in some 05 libertys that was wrong new one is heavier and built for a diesel instead of a gasser love the forum my dealer has only sold two but sent his mechanic to a two day school i feel ok with him he says the motor is super tough i do run 5-30 oil in mine and so far ok has not used any i change at 9000 miles cant seem to find a fuel filter other than jeep any ideas
  • Hi Yall, I'm new to this forum and have owned my Liberty Diesel for 5 months now. We live in Vancouver Canada and made a trip this summer to Arizona to a car meet. We towed my Austin Mini on a trailer and was amazed to see 28 miles per gallon! That's with 3,000 lbs on the hitch! We now have 10,000 miles on our Liberty now and have only had one problem. When leaving Salt Lake City, I tried to accelerate and found absolutly no power available. Barely above an idle! So I pulled over and shut it off, started it again and all was well again. Any ideas? Our dealership found a bunch of problem codes, but had no answer to the problem. It has not happend since.

    Nice to see all this disscussion. Thanks!
  • fustfust Posts: 29
    I also have a 2005 march build date and recently I have noticed when i come to a hard stop the tranny kicks back or when i come to a slow stop after releasing the brakes it also kicks is this something you experienced before the torque converter failed or any other insight might help thanks.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Welcome Goolie! I am assuming you mean Canadian miles, Right? I live in Missouri, and have a 05 with 25,100 miles on it. Have had a few glitches, mothing that could not be fixed in two trips to the dealer. We get 22 to 26.8 MPG US. I have never taken our CRD on a trip, maybe in the Spring. Biggest problem is finding a dealer that has a Tec that knows what he is doing. When you find such a Tec treat him like gold intil the Warranty expires. I strongly suggest a Service Contract, I really expect it will pay for itself. You might want to go to the LIBERTY DIESEL forum, as that's where most of the CRD'ers go. Merry Christmass!

  • I was reffering to miles, not kilometers. Being easier to understand, the overhead computer is great for switching. Only problem I have is the difference between US gallons and Canadian gallons, and then Litres. My Liberty is an 06, and the two trips we made were both towing my car. I find it's a great highway vehicle, and tows fantastic! And I will consider the extended warrenty, thanks.

  • In Sept 06 we bought our new baby. Two weeks later we had our first flat tire. The low air indicator light stayed on all winter, so we couldn't tell if there was a problem or not. Our dealer (5-star) didn't really seem interested in this problem. We went on a trip in the spring, and had 3 flat tires. One the indicator light went on and let us know we had a problem. A trail-rated jeep should come with better tires. After we upgraded our tires, we had several more flat tires (we have had over seven flat tires with this new system). A couple of faulty stems ($150 a piece).
    Our service tech says we should not be concerned and bring the car in unless the indicator light is flashing for other problems with the jeep. We had the ball joints replaced;the transmission converter recalls performed. When we heard about the ball joints, I called the dealer ship and they told me it depended on where the jeep was built. Eventually we were notified when we took the jeep in for the transmission recall. The egr air flow control gasket and valve went bad and had to be replaced. Now, the power steering fluid is leaking.
    The brake rubbing noise that came with the vehicle is still evident. My husband went into talk to our 5 star dealer owner and he said he didn't know about this problem.
    I will never,ever,ever buy another Chrysler product.
    Good thing I bought the extended warranty.
    I drove my last Ford for over 23 years with only one significant problem.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    gregordc: As I read your post there is one thing that stands out.....a dealer who does not want help you! Find another 5 Star dealer who has a trained Jeep CRD Tec ASAP.
    The tires that come with Liberty's are the GoodYear ST passenger lite duty tires. They are two ply rated as 4 ply. These tires are very smooth to drive but most change them out ASAP. I have had three Liberty's and within 300 miles these ST tires were gone! You need a full 6 ply rated tire, you just might consider a lite truck tire. You can get up to a 10 ply tire, it all depends upon your driving and needs.
    All Jeep liberty's are built in Toledo, Ohio. The thing that they needed to know was when the CRD was built, so they misled you on that point. You call any DC dealer and ask for the Service dept. Give then your VIN and they can give you the day and month it was made. That's good to know so you can follow if a recall is done again to see if your CRD is in the recall.
    The recalls have been to make your Liberty last longer and safer. We too have had the same EGR air flow valve replaced, could be because of poor fuel, and before the ULSD went into effect it was easy to get.
    These CRD's are a excellent vehicle, but DCX put it into production with some very rough edges, and most likely most seem to be worked out. Give it some more time, with a better caring dealer and you will be pleased.

  • Thank you for your response. My only problem is that we live in North Pole, Alaska. Only one dealer here. Grr.
    I loved the jeep as soon as I got in it. Thank you for your kind response. Do you know how the dealers were notifed of the the noisey brake problem? I probably need something in writing for them to pay attention. :lemon:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    gregordc: I bet you laugh when I say its cold here in Missouri. Last night we got down to 4f. I guess that would be a heat wave for you.
    There has been a good enough posts on this forum about the brakes making noise, so if you call the Customer Care they just might be able to help you. Here in the lower US the number is 1800 992 1997, maybe this works for you there as well. If you did not get the Extended Warranty you just might regret it. I got the max care Service Warranty 5 years 100,000 miles no dect. There is also one other person on the forum that lives in Alaska too. I believe the engine is a sound solid engine, but finding Tecs that know what they are doing is a bit of a sticky wicket old chap. Or young chap if you are. I hope this helps. You might go to the Liberty diesel forum there is where more of the CRD'ers are.

  • fgcmanfgcman Posts: 1
    Enjoy my 2006 Liberty diesel, but at about 30,000 miles the mileage dropped from a consistent 23+MPG to barely 18 MPG for around town/freeway driving. I took in while under warranty and they reflashed the computer and it seemed to work for about 2 tanks of diesel. Then back to the old problem. About the same time, I started having what felt like slipping in the transmission in first gear when the tranny was warm from driving and the car had been sitting for 20-30 minutes. The subsequent diagnoses after the car went another 8,000 miles a bad something that coordinated the engine with the transmission on the engine side. The slipping went away but the poor mileage continues. I've had it in 3 times over the mileage issue in about 12 months and they keep saying they can't find anything wrong. Where did the mileage go. Any ideas?
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    I have a 2005 CRD and my fuel economy has been better than expected. With your fuel economy having taken such a nose dive, let me ask you some questions.

    1. When is the last time you changed the air filter?
    2. When you shift, are you inadvertently dis-engaging the overdrive? Look for a light on the dash.
    3. Have you cleaned the boost pressure sensor?
    4. Have you changed the little filter on the passenger side of the engine that helps with controlling the turbo boost/waste gate?
  • xav8rxav8r Posts: 1
    I'm a new member on this forum with a 2006 Liberty CRD, currently having 35,000 miles on it, and am the second owner. It had Recalls F21, F23, F31, and G03 done before I bought it in October of 2008 with 19,000 miles on it. I bought the car from a Jeep dealer in NH, and I also purchased a Chrysler 7/100 Maximum Care Service Contract from them at the same time. The car now resides mostly in Maine, where everyone knows these cars were never sold new, and I'm having a bit of of trouble finding a dealer here that has techs with much experience with a CRD, although some say they've sent a mech for training on them. Primarily because of the extended service contract, I would prefer to use Jeep dealers for even most normal maintenance work, even though I'm aware that it's not required. I would like to establish a working business relationship with a dealership that can instill confidence that it would be knowledgeable to handle all issues that might arise, especially around the unique characteristics of the CRD.

    I'm not into all the mods I've heard people doing to improve their KJ CRDs.


    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


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