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Dodge Sprinter Owners

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
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Introduce yourselves here.


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  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Ken Baker, OKlahoma City, OK, USA (OKC Metro)
    2004 MWC 2500HC WAGON (140", 2500 regular roof, passenger)
    ARCTIC WHITE (white Mercedes grill conversion with all Mercedes emblems)
    Standard CD radio... in-dash speakers only... NEED more SPEAKERS SOON.

    About 20,000 miles, bought NEW in September 2005 from Bob Howard Dodge, OKC/Edmond with about 624 miles on the odometer.

    Had the transmission leak (o-rings), central locking failures, lumbar supports failed (still not fixed, not important, appears to be bad inflator bulbs).

    First oil change on the house by Bob Howard due to trouble getting repairs made. The Sprinter tech left Trans oil dripping off of trans so it appeared to NOT be fixed when I went to pick it up after work. A little cleanup would go a LONG way toward customer satisfaction.

    Second oil change done by me, still expensive for 10 quarts of MOBIL - 1. Oil Filter found at AUTOZONE, on shelf (about $12.00). They also stock the high-dirt conditions air filter under $30. O'Reilly's here appears to stock nothing for Sprinter's yet, but delivery is only 2-3 hours most days (or I can drive 15 minutes to the warehouse and pickup right away).

    Heater knob very coarse control through first winter, now gives much better control starting second Fall of ownership. Also noticed that the vents over the radio allow so much cool air to escape that it hinders the ability of the knob to adjust the air temp through the heater core.

    I get 20 MPG all the time, unless I use both A/C units at the same time, then it is about 18. After hitting my second oil change, 20,000 miles, and/or using Power Service Diesel Treatment (white bottle, red/black letters) I have hit 21 MPG not using either A/C unit much.

    My high point of Sprinter ownership is the handling/driving quality. My low point is probably ride quality of the3 passenger version.

    My low point was the mileage, but HEY! this thing is HUGE and it still gets better mileage than my GMC Safari Mini-Van. I get the same mileage in-town or on-highway, or mixed.

    My wife loves to drive it!!! We just need to get our running boards mounted, they didn't come with the right brackets for a 2004... must fit an earlier Sprinter model with a larger sub-floor weld flange and possibly a wider frame (frame closer to sides of van).

    It is a bit odd that there are so few accessories available in the US market for this fine van... or in Europe either, considering the number that have been made worldwide.

    KenB :shades:
  • Hi,

    Bill Tomko of Raleigh, NC. I have 2 Sprinters, both 2500 series cargo vans--2004 140"wb Tall w/80K miles and a 2006 158"wb tall w/7500 miles. Both are used commercially for delivery vans for our business.

    I'll probably lurk more than post. All-in-all a positive ownership experience (I did buy a second one), dealer is the only shortcoming, but may be getting a newly qualified dealer closer to me :)

    -Bill Tomko, Owner
    H2Only Cleaners
    The Cleaner Alternative For ALL Dry Cleaning Needs
  • Greetings to all.
    Tom Fox, In Michigan. 140 reg top, silver. I agree with ken on the noise issue. I wonder if the company's that make the motor homes out of them have an insulation package! The van and I got off on a rough note. Heat problem, leaking trans.O rings. All on warranty. The van seems to be in its grove now. Runs great. And gets alot of attention. If I had a dollar for every time a trades person asked me how I liked it. I would be in warm climate.

    I read the forum alot to stay up on sprinter things, and at times will sound off on trouble or repairs, and at times blow off some steam. We are all here for the same reason. Sharing thoughts and ideas is knowledge. Tom :)
  • earlwearlw Posts: 8
    Earl Weir Harlingen Tx.
    I have a 2004 Sprinter Van Converted to a motor home in 2005 by Leisure Travel Van in Canada. It use to get 22+ miles to the gallon but for some reason it has dropped to 20+ miles per gallon. Still working on the cost of oil changes. Had to have the Rack and Pinyon replaced because of oil leaks. Like others say it drives and handles well. We have stayed as long as two and a half months traveling in the van. For the most part we like it. Just wish there were more service centers. And not always having to go to a Sprinter dealer.
  • Does anyone know of a diesel fuel additive that would allow me to use the old high sulfur fuel in my 2007 Sprinter. I must make a trip to Guadalajara Mexico but Mexico doesn't yet have the low sulfur fuel. A second question is how much of the old fuel could I use without hurting the 2007 engine?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I will check with other sites as well, but I cannot think of anything that would affect the "engine" due to standard diesel fuels in a vehicle designated for ultra-low-sulphur-diesel (ULSD), such as a 2007 Sprinter.

    What will probably be affected is the particulate/emissions reducing catalytic convertor. This would take some time to build up an appreciable amount of Sulphur equating to a blockage or reduction of effective catalytic action. Altered-Sprinter (Altered-3) might have some of the actual specs on time to failure (reduction of emissions control effectiveness) with various fuels.

    Any fuel additive would only dilute or possibly bind sulphur in the fuel... the burned fuel residue would still have the sulphur compounds present in it. Remember that the LSD fuel is NOT sulphur-free (it is merely Sulphur-reduced) and so it would also gradually damage something in the engine that is also affected by regular or LSD (low sulphur) fuels.

    I am betting that the sulphur in fuels interferes with the BluTec (urea injection) process, and will be bad for those systems (make them ineffective). The Sprinters in the US market will not have the BluTec system for a another year or two (probably longer).

    Being a fan of British literature I think I just completed and entire piece while spelling Sulfur as "Sulphur"... Thanks, C.S. Lewis... you made a geek(or anglophile) of me whether, or not, I wished to be one.

    KenB :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Also go here:

    and here (U.S. EPA):

    and here, special oils required for ULSD (2007 and beyond) engines (API classification - CJ-4):

    and follow the links there... lots of them to U.S. EPA stuff on diesel...

    Like me, you will find that since 2005 diesel in the US has had to meet lubricity requirements to minimize wear in pumps and injectors...

    Did you know that, I didn't yet.

    Haven't found how long it takes for the sulphur to build up to unacceptable levels. this is probably a mystery or an SEP to the manufacturers and such testers/agencies.


    SEP = somebody else's problem :blush:

    Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) require ULSD or they may clog more quickly. they regenerate when you run them at a set exhaust temp, such as running down the road at cruising speed. they tend to clog more quickly in stop and go traffic and especially if you sit and idle for long periods then run flat out (repeat cycle, etc.).

    You will have to have spec for periodically cleaning out the DPF (looks like a muffler and weighs more than one). The DPF may be in place of a regular muffler. Still no spec on how much LSD before it clogs (should use ULSD as required).
  • Thanks so much for your reply and the links you suggested. One can't have to much information.

    Besides problems that might occur in using high sulfur fuel in a 07 engine, I'm concerned about any warranty issues. Dodge might say I voided the warranty not using the recommended fuel.

    I have read that Stanadyne fuel additive pays for it self in better gas mileage and less wear, it is also supposed to add horsepower. I've read that Stanadyne is a industry leader in this area. Check out this web site.
  • jmatticejmattice Posts: 2
    Jack Mattice here. We bought our Sprinter (Pleasure Way 158wb high-roof Class B motor home) this last March. Only 1,000 miles on it so far, but looking forward to another 400,000, probably mostly by the kids and grandkids. So far no problems.

    I am stunned that such a technologically-advanced vehicle would have no steering wheel tilt. :surprise:

    I assume that I should run max air pressure in all four tires (80 psi)?

    Looking forward to learning more here.
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
    Oh "NO" only 57psi in your front tires.Read instruction in your manual,or step up on driver side.
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  • cornjoliocornjolio Posts: 5
    My name is Joel and I bought a 04 sprinter 3500 truck chassis with a harbor utillity body. I have have a few problems but I am still happy at 56k miles. I use it for work and play. The turning radius is the bomb. Service at the dealership is a horror. Truck is great. I have the extra wide mirrors if anybody wants to trade me for the regular ones let me know. thanks. Joel
  • sppspp Posts: 13
    The dealerships are independently owned and operated!!##@XX ???? The mantra of the impotent Chrysler group. I'm curious if anyone has had similar problems both with their Sprinter, their dealerships service dept. arrogance, incompetance and Chrysler customer service ( or lack of it) uselessness. To list some of my problems:
    Replace: cargo area dome light(s), horn, radio, door latch (door would bounce open when trying to close, rear door dome light switch. These alone have been far more than any problems I've had with the aprox. 15 vehicles I've owned over the last 30yrs.
    There's more. After having my Sprinter serviced at 20k, by my selling dealership, Lee Dodge of Commack, New York, at 21k my transmission broke down and I needed to be towed. They would only tow me to the nearest dealership, Westbury Jeep. Three days later Thursday I got the truck back. Friday I brought it back to Westbury Jeep And said I felt the truck was hesitating and had a power issue. They test drove it and said "they could not duplicate the problem" On Monday, there is an explosion, not exagerating, from the engine compartment. I have to get towed back to Westbury Jeep for the second time in a week. This time it is a problem with the turbo booster. I am beyond frustration at this point, especially after the dealership not properly diagnosing the problem correctly the previous Friday. In fact they were rude and acted as if they were doing me a favor repairing a vehicle still under warranty. 3 weeks later I'm 150 miles from home starting a camping weekend with my fishing club. I pull into a supermarket to get some snacks and go back to the truck and start it up and it does not move!!! I have to be towed for the third time in a month. I call roadside assistance and they tell me they can not find a participating tow company in my area, Winstead Ct., at 9:30pm on a Friday night. At this point I lost it and demanded they get me towed to the nearest Dodge dealership and get me running. 2 1/2hrs later they get me towed to Crowley Dodge in Bristol CT. 36 miles to the southeast of my location. I slept in the truck in the dealership lot. The next morning a service rep. wakes me and gets my truck looked at asap. My complements to Crowley Dodge's pleasentness and politeness, for the first time from a Dodge affiliate. They diagnosed the problem as my linkage coming apart as it was not properly reassembled by the Westbury jeep tech. when they repaired my transmission. At this point I just drove home and gave up on my weekend from frustration and exhaustion. Just this past week, Nov 07, I needed to bring my truck back to Lee Dodge to have my door latch repaired, my linkage replaced, as Crowley Dodge just did a temporary fix on it to get me back on the road. Also to diagnose a problem with my Dashboard outside temperature digital thermometer. They fixed my door and linkage, but did not fix my thermometer and while taking apart my dash they broke the central locking system of my truck and left my instrument panel molding misaligned and protruding from the rest of the dash. When I called the service manager the next morning and demanded an immediate appointment for them to fix my locking system, that they had just broken and to fix my dash the service manager was rude and told me not to bring my truck back to his shop. I asked to speak with the general mgr. He had the same attitude. I currently have an appointment with another dealership to have the remaining problems repaired 3 weeks from now! I also have an additional problem. It seems that at low speed and when slowing down the truck it has developed a rumbling noise like I'm running on a shoulder. During all of this The Chrysler Group has been a non-entity, invisable and not worthy of the concept of customer service. This post is not only to get other owners feedback but also to put together my thoughts as I'm considering court action against my dealership and Chrysler.

    Thanks for reading,
    SPP :mad: :cry: :sick:
  • Don't put it up with it. Damage your property then tell
    you not to come back. I think not. Liability for loss
    of use is real. Try banging up a rental car and see what
    they think about not having it available to rent out.

    I have learned never to trust them with multiple problems.
    Don't be afraid to confirm your dealings in writing.

    2006 2500 Conversion
  • malexandmalexand Posts: 3
    I own and drive mid '80 MB's (7) and I am totally impressed be my Sprinter. 8500 miles and the only problem was a rattle that turned out to be the tool kit. There is nothing being built in this country that can even come close to it.
  • gld2gld2 Posts: 1
    Is there a group in California of owners of Sprinter van conversions used for RVing?
  • signetsignet Posts: 7
    i have a 2004 sprinter 3500 w/ the dinky 15" wheels. i noticed the '07 and 08 have all 16" wheels. i have measured them and the bolt pattern seems to be the same..has anyone tried this..the 16" tires are so much less expensive ( i have the 195/15 d rated tires..could not find except @ dealer and cost 145 each. much appreciated if any info..btw.. sprinter has been the best thing for construction guys since water coolers!! hauls anything and well, comfortable, nimble, and fuel savings makes 1/2 of my payment!!
  • tullimantulliman Posts: 2
    I am an owner of a new 2008 Passenger Sprinter. Where do we go to buy accessories and options?? We would love to install the automatic sliding door, but who has one?? There is nor local Dodge dealer in my area that services Sprinters,

  • Researched this van extensively before picking it as my "dream van"...I am a touring musician and it seemed perfect for my needs. Found one that barely fit into my tiny was a huge risk for my huge dream. Got an 07 Gulfstream Vista Cruiser, 2500 Mercedes Benz 2.7 diesel engine with a few over 10,000 miles on it. I was so very happy! I loved, loved, loved it! I put the key in...drove it 2000 miles, and then the nightmare began.

    In the past 20,000 miles, I have replaced (due to large malfunctions, not normal wear):

    The auxiliary battery (5 times)
    The alternator
    The engine battery (2 times)
    The rear hub/axle
    The interior exhaust fan
    The belt tensioner

    And currently, I am stranded AGAIN with a major power loss that seems to be due to a very faulty turbo resonator, but the techs are saying they'll "replace the minor issues first to weed out the problems". The techs aren't "techs." The parts are expensive and extremely hard to find (my minimum wait time for parts in a major city hub has been 3 days, paying for hotel all the while). If you go used, you void most warranties...which is where I have found myself.

    In addition, my power locks don't work. The headlights constantly have power surges and blow out. The SMS code for the airbags pops on for days at a time. The CD player has been out of commission for weeks after some electrical surge happened from merely starting the vehicle, but it does make the "spitting out a cd" noise for no reason for hours at a time.

    This vehicle is amazing, in theory. But when you pay tons of money for a vehicle that is supposed to be quality and get something that runs worse than a geo, well...get yourself a nice SUV and a towable.

    I got this vehicle to save myself from being in hotels constantly while on the road for months at a time. However, I have calculated my expenses, and I could have been in nicer hotels more of the time and still saved over getting this death trap (drops to 35mph with no warning at highway speeds...nice adrenaline rush!) Buying the Sprinter was one of the worst choices I have ever made...and I will never buy another Dodge product. :cry: :lemon:

  • I'm Roy,

    20 plus years with FedEx Express as an ASE Master certified Technician. I have 30 Sprinters in my fleet from 2002 to 2006 how can I help you guys out?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Welcome aboard! I'm sure the Sprinter owners will be very pleased to see you. :shades:

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  • Hi everyone, I just bought my (first) sprinter, a 2002 Freightliner Sprinter SHC 2500 with 315,000 miles on it. It needed an egr valve, and now it runs great. I live in Saline, Michigan, and I need some parts, and someone to help me work on it.

    Sprinterguru, where are you located?
  • Hello, I have the same question, we are in Half Moon Bay south of SF. I have also
    a classic GMC motorhome for sale and the GMC groups are many, we enjoyed
    all the gatherings with them and now we have a 2003, 2500 Sprinter converted to
    a nice mini RV plus I an converting a 2008 for the future. I will like to find/start
    a group of RV owners in California so please let us know if you find more people.
    Karen Anderson/German Saucedo
  • Please advise how to change the IDLE RPMs in this van. Presently the idle is
    running below 500 RPMs I would like to increase it to 800 RPMs. Thanks
  • I want to change from the 15" steel wheels to 16" steel to increase my tire options. Do you know what and where I need to go to? Is there a stock wheel that fits properly and does not create clearance problems? :confuse:
  • i have measured the new factory 16" wheels on the 3500 and they measure the same as the 15". they are the same in ofset and the bolt pattern. i have not been able to get my hands on a new wheel to try ( the local dealerm where i had several friends went under) but they should fit. when checking with the parts dept. they got about as much sense as a bag o' rocks!!! can't tell you w/o a part # or the serial # of the truck oyu want to try!! good luck!! they do sell aftermarket aluminum wheels, seen some on camper vans.
  • I am the Sprinter Manager for a Mercedes dealership. We had the same problem with the batteries and losing power on the highway with our parts delivery van. The loss of acceleration is a small valve on the R/S of the engine. I am at home right now and will look at my notes Monday and get back to you on the part number and name. The battery sounds like you are losing power due to a drain that occurs when the van is off. A gulfstream more that likely has many AUX uses of power and one or more of these is drawing down on the electrical system. :sick: A weak battery will then kill the alternator. A good electrical tech can find the problem pretty quick.
    Rick Castleberry
  • I bought a 2008 Sprinter 2500 with 3.0 diesel engine. It will go as high as 80mph. I have found this to be sometimes dangerous when I try to pass a semi or other long vehicle on 2 lane country road and unexspected opposite traffic shows up. Is there a way to adjust the governor to allow for 10 more mph?
  • sexylady1sexylady1 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    We have a 2007 Sprinter with 450,000 km and the latest issue is under cruise at 105 k/hr it will power down to about 80 K/hr when going up a hill. The van is not loaded heavy, and will pick up power with throttle application. We have changed fuel filter, then ERG and now its getting expensive. The code guys(you can't call them mechanics) say its the regulating valve of the torque converter lockup clutch sticks. Fortunately thats ONLY $2500 to do.
    Any clues out there?
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