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ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
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  • there are no messages displayed in "meet the members"
    are we all ashamed of our choice?
    well, i bought my mistake 2 weeks ago so i'm probably the newest.
    i've driven minivans since the first rolled off the lots in the 80s.
    this is a beautiful vehicle. and the price was exceptional. but looks like i got one of the 'clunkers' with the spool valve(?) problem. :mad:
    what is the percent of occurance for this particular goof up?
  • hi all, i purchased a 2001 pontiac montana about three years ago. it now has about 39,000 miles on the odometer and it has been a good unit. I did have the intake manifold gasket replaced and the air conditioner condensor. it has been great on the few long trips we have taken and my wife loves it as her daily driver. ;)
  • writerwriter Posts: 121
    I have just bought a 2003 short Montana this past week. I did about a week's worth of research, which is not as much as I would have liked. I will post some details and comments in the "reviews" topic later.
  • Hello my friends,

    I just purchased a previously abused 1999 Montana with 128k miles for what I think is a good deal. The brakes need overhauling but the power train and body seem to be in excellent condition. The only other issue of any consequence is that the driver's side window has jumped the track and I will need to remove the door panel to see what I can do about that. Oh, and the shocks (or struts) could probably use replacement as well. Anyway, I'm really giddy about my new ride.

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