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Saturn Relay Owners: Meet the Members

ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
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  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
    I bought a new Relay 3 with AWD in Oct. Right after the purchase my wife and I traveled from Yakima, WA, to Vermont and New York to visit family.
    I carry a 400lb Powerchair in the back (I had to remove the cargo bins and the rear seats). I have been getting 19.5 MPG combined city/hwy mileage since purchase.
    We have been pleased with the color (white), and have had no maintainence problems at all. I currently have a little over 12,000 miles on the van.
    My only disapointment was learning that the line may be discontinued in the near future.

    Mark A. Delagasse, USN Ret.
    Yakima, WA
    email: [email protected]
  • notsatnotsat Member Posts: 2
    Wanted to know if anyone else was having issues with the new Relay's fuel tank design? I purchased this vehicle and found that if I have a third of a tank of gas and park on an incline that I can not warm the car because the tank is long and narrow and the fuel is pushed to the front and doesn't register as having fuel. It apparently burns fuel out of the fuel pump and then "dies". It requires that I then push it into the street on flat ground.
  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
    I have not had this problem. But, I do have a question. If you park your car backwards does the problem still exist?
  • notsatnotsat Member Posts: 2
    I haven't parked backwards on the incline
  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    Years ago, I introduced myself around the Ford Windstar group. In 2002 I introduced myself around the Chrysler PT Cruiser group. As of the end of July, it's time for me to introduce myself to the Saturn Relay group. The end of July we took delivery of a 2005 Polar blue Relay 3. Our two boys were getting bigger and the PT Cruiser was getting cramped. We needed to get a larger vehicle as our trips are now longer and two adolescent boys in close proximity can be hard on my hairline. My older brother, a longtime Saturn owner, lured us to the Saturn Family as a result of a Saturn Club outing where we saw and fell in love with our first Relay.

    We are very pleased with the car, albeit still in our honeymoon period. We have had opportunity to take it on two 5+hour trips and will be taking another tomorrow. The Relay is ideal for our purpose. The Relay 3 is very plush and very comfortable, the boys love the dual captains chairs, they find them to be very comfortable, and I love the flexibility of the interior. The first time we tried out the DVD player a miracle happened, dead silence from the rear seat. No "he poked me.." "Mommmmmm, he's looking at me.." I look in the mirror and see two earphone clad heads watching the movie. We can even pull up Willie's place on the XM tuner without them complaining. As much as I hated to give up the PT Cruiser, I love my Relay.
  • chelle26chelle26 Member Posts: 8
    The 2005 Saturn Relay might be a good choice for anyone who needs to comfortably carry seven passengers, but prefers the look of an SUV. The base Relay has standard 17-inch steel wheels with a composite center bolt-on disc, with a six-spoke design and the Saturn emblem in the middle.
    *Front overhead console and overhead rail system, *rear convenience center/cargo system, *foldable, removable second and third row seats, *three-spoke steering wheel, saturn body kit and rear HVAC controls.
  • desperatemom1desperatemom1 Member Posts: 6
    I am interested in a 2007-2008 Relay does anyone have any comments, complaints etc... Looks like a great car and sounds like a good deal we were going for the Sienna or Odysset too expensive had a Venture last 4 years lease is up and we want a new van The venture was great no problems look was so so. Thanks
  • badsaturnbadsaturn Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Saturn Relay FWD. It is a piece of junk!!!! I've tried to work with Saturn to get me out of the luck, all they do is offer an extended warranty. The van has been in the shop at least 10 times since we purchased it. Nothing major, just a bunch of annoying problems including: brake issues, sliding door problems and other numerous problems. They never have the parts in stock so it requires a return visit to the dealership. It has been one hassle after another! Do yourself a favor and AVOID the Saturn Relay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • badrelaybadrelay Member Posts: 3
    RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. MY FAMILY ALMOST DIED IN A 2005 RELAY 3AWD LAST NIGHT. see my reply #2800. I've had nothing but problems with this car, water leaks, power doors mysteriously opening, brakes resurfaced, new tires after only 20,000 or so miles, and most recently a number of attempts to fix the transmission. this most recent one completely froze up with the whole family in the car, while driving 35mph. went for a spin and ended in the opposite lane facint oncoming traffic. Car was completely immobile in the middle of the road. OnStar Roadside Assistance quoted a 1hr+ wait for a towtruck, which the police officer wasn't going for, so now I'm driving an Aura loaner, have a $200 towing bill and as far as I can tell GM wants to "fix" the problem and put us back in this car....THEY ARE CRAZY IF THEY THINK THAT'S HAPPENING.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    2007 was the last year for the Relay, The Outlook would be the only 7+ passenger vehicle available now. If you are looking for a minivan, you will need to turn somewhere other than GM as they have discontinued minivan production. The Outlook is supposed to be a very nice vehicle, albeit pricey.
  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
    I am still driving the 2006 Relay 3 I bought last year, have 27,000 miles on it and have had no problems. Saying to not buy an entire line of cars just because of one bad one is a little harsh.
    If you have a bad car, take it to a new car show room and trade it in.
    Try Chevy???
    Best of luck.
  • badrelaybadrelay Member Posts: 3
    maybe so, tried taking it to other dealerships to get out of it, it's hard when it's been in the shop and is undriveable. also the fact that it's been discontinued doesn't help. No one would even talk to us about it. Saturn has made an offer to buy it back, after I lawyered up, although I still feel as though I'm getting thrown under the bus, but we're taking it and going elsewhere. I do realize I could have similar problems with any car I buy, but I'm sticking with my opinion- the relay was a junk car and I think the outlook is overpriced. I definitely don't think I got the quality of service I came to expect from saturn, at least this time around....maybe it was the dealership, maybe I'm bitter and jaded now, either way it is what it is, they lost a customer and I won't be coming back.
  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
    Thats too bad that you had this experience. Maybe my van was a fluke, but my 2006 Relay 3 has not had a problem. 24,000 miles and all I have had to do is change the oil. The week I bought it the wife and I went from Washington to Vermont to visit her mom. The only problem on the trip was when the wife rearended a car at a toll booth, and that was just a tap (thank God).
    Well, the best of luck to you. And we all don't have to worry about Relays in the future as they are no longer being made.
  • badsaturnbadsaturn Member Posts: 4
    I have had similar experiences with our 2005 Relay. Saturn has not stepped up to help. I've expressed my displeasure with them and have informed them that they have lost a customer. They were like so what big deal. I was condsidering an Outlook, but too many problems and poor customer service have made me rethink my belief in the Saturn brand. They just don't get cost tremendous amounts to advertise and attract new customers......but they are unwilling to satisfy the customers they already have. Good bye Saturn!
  • kareneockareneoc Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Relay and have had nothing but problems. It has been in the shop multiple times for brakes, an axle, a wheel bearing, broken door handle 2 times, arm rest broken and now the transmission. they are taking apart my whole transmission and have admitted they have no idea what's wrong with the vehicle. I have a case open with a customer service case manager and do not want my car back. I have 6 kids 5 of which are in the car regularly and I feel it is unsafe!! Let me know what the outcome was if anyone has had a similar problem
  • kareneockareneoc Member Posts: 4
    what ended up happening with your Relay. We are having similar issues and now have it in the shop for weeks due to a transmission issue. WE do not want the car back. Help!
  • kareneockareneoc Member Posts: 4
    I have had this problem mulitple times. My driveway is slanted downward and I have to keep the tank over 1/2 full at all times otherwise when I start the car it is on E and a couple times wouldn't start at all. I have to wait until I am on level ground for the fuel gauge to register that I have gas in the tank!
  • lopez2lopez2 Member Posts: 2
    hello,new here,my wife 06 relay is drivingme crazy,abs and traction control ligts on and now check engine ligth and the gas gauge is going crazy
  • gwen7gwen7 Member Posts: 1
    I have this problem with my ' 07 Relay. It drives me nuts! I have to be extra careful to make sure I keep the vehicle on full or at least a half tank at all times. I have ran out of gas a couple of times due to this problem. Driving at downward incline for long periods of time at the just the right level of fuel or parking on a downward incline. My driveway is slanted and I have made it a habit to park with the rear of the vehicle facing down on the incline this does help. One time I was in line at my daughter's school--the drive is at an deep incline and my Relay went dead and would not restart. Of course, everyone thought I was a big dummy that ran out of gas. :mad:
  • fedup68fedup68 Member Posts: 1
    Hello Fellow Saturn Relay Owners! I wanted to share my complete and total frustration with my 05 Saturn Relay which I have had nothing but problems with since the time we bought it. Aside from minor things like moulding falling off (within the first week of ownership) and passenger doors not closing properly, heated seats going out twice, radio needing replacing, engine not starting correctly, I have had a host of other complaints about this van. Most recently, several times within the last 2 months I have been driving down the highway and all of a sudden the tack flops to zero and I lose all acceleration power and my power steering goes out! The dealer claims they can't recreate the problem so they can't fix it! Then they replaced the crank and said it was related to the problem (somehow). My gut told me this was not the solution to the problem but more of a way for them to shut me up and get out of their hair. When the car came home after a month of going back and forth with the dealer, I refuse to drive it with my kids in the car, or alone for that matter. When my husband drove it last weekend it happened again on the highway. To make a long story short, I demanded from the General Manager that a GM inspector come out and access the problem since the dealer service department "exhausted all of their options" and didn't know how to fix it. They refused to comply with this request stating my car was out of warranty. So what! I now have a case open with Saturn, and am awaiting the outcome of this. I am furious with the poor attitude and service I have received from the dealership (east bay, CA) on this issue and the runaround they have given me. Has anyone ever experienced a problem such as this with their Saturn or GM made car or van? If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this most serious situation, please let me know. This is our third Saturn and I definately would not ever buy one of these death traps again.
  • kareneockareneoc Member Posts: 4
    I'm sorry to say this, but you probably will not get anywhere with your issues. I have brought my case as far as arbitration and have gotten nothing. I have had major issues with my 05 Relay since I bought it. It was turned in from a previous owner within a few thousand miles for similar issues, but that was hidden from me when they sold it, they told me she said the car was too big.. I was able to contact her (found her name in the car and she told me the truth) She sent me all her files of complaints/service and I added my own case history and as long as they keep making repairs on it you will have no case. I have had the transmisison rebuilt once, and then a complete new transmission put in, the axel and bearings completely replaced, brakes system redone, and still to this day the ABS light comes on and they say they can't duplicate it when I take it in. Among the major issues, I have had minor things constantly happening as well. I have had the same armrest completely replaced two times, molding on the door replaced, molding inside the car replaced. They know me well at the dealership and they do not like to see me for sure. I have also had issues with getting a loaner car and my car was in the shop for over 30 days although they got around the lemon law because of weekends and a holiday. I wish you well but I have gotten nothing and spent lots of my time copying paperwork and sending it to their lawyer, my lawyer etc. My best advice is to get rid of the car and cut your losses. Sad to say there is no justice!
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