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Hello, I have 4 vehicles in my family and it is getting ridiculous that I have to go change the oil 12 times a year, literally driving me crazy, no pun intended, we all drive high miles so each vehicle needs a change every 4 months so I researched some oils that may last almost a year maybe, I will take 8 months at this point!

I found this synthetic for the Malibu
and they have the same oil available for the other vehicles, an Accord, a Kia Optima, and a Toyota Camry.

or maybe this will save me from living at the mechanic

dunno, any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, we drive 12-14k miles per year.
Thank you for your time.


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    It takes a four hour class just to introduce the changes to motor oil to technicians in the last decade, then it takes a lot of study to stay on top of it. The bottom line is one of the oils you linked is approved for your car (The Malibu) the other is not. The tricky part is that they are all good products but with one of them you have GM saying we tested that product and it meets your car's specifications and the other is the oil manufacturer saying that they meet the specifications. https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos1/index.html

    The oil life monitor in the car doesn't test the oil and know it's true condition. It only measures the conditions that cause the oil to degrade and counts down. It is not a good idea to extend services beyond the manufacturers recommendation's no matter what oil you use. Exceeding the service interval can result in the loss of your warranty/
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