Lexus LX 470 strange sounds

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It's almost Halloween and time to figure out what those strange sounds are.


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    Today while driving this piercing, high pitched, tone started inside the vehicle. This lasted about an hour until I got home. I made several stops but the tone always came back when I turned the ingition to the start position. This happened once before about a year ago and the sound stopped after about an hour. It is very, very loud and piercing and distracting. No lights flash on come on etc.

    Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

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    Have you figured anything out on this. I had the exact same trouble yesterday (8/28/2006); I disconnected the battery last night in an attempt to "reset" the system. But, not sure if it helped or if it's part of a bigger proboem.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaMember Posts: 8,242
    Sorry I did not answer sooner. I just don't check this board that often. I had to have the junction box replaced. Supposed to be about a $900. item incl. labor but Lexus did it for free. I was out of warranty by about 3 months. I did not think of "re-booting" like you did. I hope it works for you.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

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    Did disconnecting your battery work for you?

    Mine just starting doing this same exact tone yesterday.

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    Yesterday, the Loud high pitched tone sounding started in my vehicle and will not stop. I haven't tried disconnecting the battery yet, but I did call the dealership, who told me the junction box need replacing at the tune of $1200!!!
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    Sorry I am late reading this post.
    I had a similar sound , only when i was going over 30 mph.
    One time when a friend was riding me with he also heard a loud noise, he said pull over I know how to fix it .
    The roof rack has small turn wheels to tighten the bars but were loose and both horizontal bars were make a hell of a sound, once we squeeze them tight loud sound was gone.
    I hope I was of some help.
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    I am consdering purchasing a 2004 GX470. It seems from the posting that there propblems with this truck and that is problematic. I would not have expected that from a car

    Can anyone give me some insite
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    I Get this Vibrating noise when at a light or stop sign, with Gear in 'Drive'.
    Noise goes away when i shift to P....idle is then normal
    I have checked for loose objects in Truck, loose shoulder belts, etc,..and NO Luck.
    JUST Bought the LX Last week as a CPO Too!.

    Any ideas?
  • funko1funko1 Member Posts: 3
    Truck came with 2 month old DUNLOP AT23 TIRES.
    According to the CPO Report, the tires were installed in 12/2007.
    At purchase on 2/26, i am seeing outer treadwear already,..and Truck feels Floppy even in 'sport' mode.
    Is this normal with these tires, and can i get the dealer to replace these with say Michelin LTX?.
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    Could be a loose baffle in the muffler or Cat system - or two hundred other things - but check that out.
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    It is a known issue with Lexus that there is an annoying vibrating noise in all LX470s. However they will not do anything about it because they have determined it is "normal" noise found in all LX470s. I have been fighting with them for the past year because this is happening in my 2007 LX470. My noise occurs at idle and when I drive. Unfortunately the noise doesn't happen all the time. They have tried to fix it. I have told them the noise is still there, but they won't even take the car back to test drive it. And keeps telling me the noise is normal. I'm curious to see if others have had this problem.
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    i have a 2007 GX470 and i just took it to my lexus dealer for the weird noise and odd thumping at a stoplight or stop sign. Apparently they told me that there was a maintenance bulletin on this particular problem. they kept my car for 4-5 days and gave me a loaner while they waited for the part and fixed it. it was all under warranty.

    also, i find it odd, but my GX470 appears to be off balance (i.e. the right side of the car appears to be higher than the left when looking at it from the back). Am i crazy? the dealer says that it is within manufacturer specification, blah, blah, blah. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

  • funko1funko1 Member Posts: 3
    They keep telling me this is 'NORMAL' LX470 Noise as well, and i am baffled.
    It stinks because this happens intermittently, and on occasion, 'idle' is smooth when i take it to Service, so they have nothing to diagnose.
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    Unfortunately you are probably stuck with your 2004 Lexus. I on the other
    hand was protected under the Lemon Law and they repurchased it. I took a
    loss because I decided not to go to court and fight them on it. They are
    sending my vehicle to an auction and I feel bad for the poor soul who is
    going to get it at the auction. Lexus is aware of this noise in the LX470.
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    I had the same problem with my GX 470. It sounded like a rattle. I took it to the dealer and they discovered there were loose wires in the dash. They went in the dash and tied everything up and I haven't heard the noise since. Have them check behind the glove box in the dash.
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    My Gx 470 is a 2008 and have 40k miles. I make a thumping noise after you make a complete stop at the light or sometime it make the thumping noise after you let the brake go and it does not does it all the time, I took it to the dealer and they said they known about the problem and nothing that they can do about it because it is a design problem and this is a big dealer in Houston. Is anyone out there have the answer?
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    What did lexus do to fix the thumping noise?
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    I realize that this reply is being added 18 months since the thumping question was asked, but this answer may help others with what is known as "the GX470 Clunk".

    Lexus issued a TSIB (Technical Service Information Bulletin) about the Clunk a long time ago--at least several years ago--and covers 2003-2008 models. The TSIB was updated to include some 2008 models in September, 2008--those with VINs less than JTJBT20X*80170241. The TSIB is # L-SB-0116-08.

    Essentially, this TSIB authorizes Lexus dealers to replace the driveshaft with a new version of the driveshaft that does NOT clunk. The replacement will be done for free if your GX is still under the factory drivetrain warranty, which is 72 months or 70,000 miles. So, if your GX qualifies, call your Lexus dealer and get the free replacement driveshaft.

    Our 2008 clunked a bit--not all the time--and we had ours done last week. Now there's no clunk at all!

    If your GX is out of warranty, the clunk can be mitigated somewhat by greasing the zerts on the driveshart every couple of months--the grease seems to take up some of the "slop" in the driveshaft splines. Or, you can buy the new driveshaft for around $600 or so and have it installed or DIY. It's about a 20 minute job.
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    Thank you for your post. This is great tip. I just purchased a used 2004 GX470 with 102K miles with this clunky noise. I took to a mechanic and he said that all GX470 have or will have this issue. He suggested replacing bushings but he said it was not worth the effort. Where would one buy or ensures is buying the new driveshaft ? would this be a job one can do at home and if not, what is a reasonable fee to pay ?
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