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Hi everyone. Ok, I'm looking at a cover for my
new truck bed (it will be for a 2001 GM Sierra 4wd
4 door!) I am looking for a cover which I can
easily fold up by myself for larger loads (say I
buy some big furniture at the store and need to
take it home - and I'm alone so I don't have anyone
to help me lift a cover off the truck) I heard a
little about this roll-top type cover. My
understanding is it rolls up like a roll top type
desk and lets you open it 1/4 - 1/2 - 3/4 or full.
Does anyone know about this or have one? I would
love more info on your experiences and about how
much it ran you $$ wise.

Also, I live in Chicago with the heavy snows and
winters, I was wondering how these tops did in the
snow and cold weather.

Any input would be great! Thanks


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    no cover....if I dod get would be a roll top type....soft covers suck for snow..hard lids offer too much of a pain when you have to haul tall things or want to get a load of dirt/gravel/sand....and caps just look to wierd for me....

    The one I would get is a Power roll back that has a remote...that is slick...I think...hmmmm....Rich?. got one a while back....$1000 or so?

    - Tim
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    I recently installed a Pace Edwards Roll Top Cover on my truck and really like it. It's easy to operate and provides a secure storage area since I have a locking tailgate latch also. The cover consists of interlocked aluminum slats covered by padded vinyl. It locks at the full closed position and at approximatly the 3/4 closed position (can have additional lock positions added no cost but with a slight shipping delay per my understanding). The cover rolls into a canister at the front of the truck bed that is approximately 9" square. Water is drained outside of the bed via drain tubes. I paid $499 + $40 S&H from . I installed it myself in an afternoon, so I don't have an estimate of what installation costs. Note that this requires drilling into the bed rails, but I wasn't too concerned since I considered this a permanent installation. Per the website they have a clamp on model at a slightly higher cost.

    I have a friend at work with a Roll-N-Lock cover that consists of all aluminum slats (no padded vinyl cover). It is really heavy duty and is supposed to support 250# (the Pace Edwards cover will not support near that weight); however, the cost was around $1100 installed. I have also heard that Roll-N-Lock has a new cover that also has the padded vinyl cover but not sure if it has the same weight rating as the all aluminum model - don't think that it is as heavy duty. I have seen posts indicating that it costs $700-800 on the net.

    All of these covers mentioned are manual operation. Electric models are available but at extra cost. I didn't see a real need for it with the Pace Edwards since it is spring assisted to close and doesn't require much effort to open or close.

    Hope this helps.
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    I got one...its ok.
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    Yes, all your responses help alot. Question #2 for you. I'm looking at getting the Rhino Lining Spray put in, should I get the cover before or after this? Or, can I get the cover put on and the spray liner added after that. Do I need to spray the lining on the bed rail? I'm really leaning towards the Pace Edwards Roll Top (manual is fine for me). I have my dealer getting aprice for me as we speak.
    Soo many many decisions.

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    i have 2000 sierra sle x-cab..thought about exact items and read all posts. went with underail bed liner from california customs $159. spray in liners i did not like because i will be doing general house hold hauling. the plastic liner is durable and can be removed for what ever reason maybe just to inspect bed for rust but i did not glue or screw down bed liner not even the tail gate piece air can get under and dry out rain water this way, california customs suggested not to glue or screw. liner does not move its very secure. going with roll-n-lock with the vinle cover. $725 installed.
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    Thanks. I'm looking at the 2001. Did you get your thru the dealer or after purchase?
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    depending on what you are going to use it for, spray in or carpet type is what most people are using. If you're going to be hauling construction type equipment, I would go with the spray in. I have both on different trucks, yes the drop in is more durable and the spray in gives more protection against rust...of course you could do the spray in then the drop in for added protection. Pace Edwards sells a rail cap made by DeeZee to match the rooltop, hence go with under the rail, except for the part nearest the cab where the rootop will go. There I had it sprayed over as the Pace Edwards unit will sit on it. You could also go with a stainless steel railcap and tailgate cover from PUTCO, as you can see a whole lot of options. check with the local distributor/installer of the Pace Edwards and see which will give you a better price installed, the distributor or the GMC dealer.
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    That's like a double wrap!

    ...I take it you have no kids with that theory?


    - Tim
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    gonna get by that one. Looking back at post #7, I think I've been typing too much and not using the spellchecker...oh well....
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    Don't worry, I understood what you said, I don't use spell checker either.....

    From what I'm getting from responses, sounds like having the top rails rhino lined is not a good idea. So, that's good...that's what I needed to know. I'm only going to be hauling furniture and garden stuff....brick and lanscaping stuff, helping family/friends move...etc. I have the only pickup in the family, so YES, I make friends quickly when something is needed to be moved or picked up.

    Question: If I get the roll top via the dealer, and the spray in liner after that, is that going to be a problem? Anyone live in Il, Western Subs of Chicago who knows of a Pace Edwards dealer/installer?

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240

    (pace edwards)
    to find the dealer closest to you. Or go to their website they have a drop down menu for dealer locator put in your name and all that and i think you email them.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    then the pace edwards...only problem not doing it this way is that you will need to reinstall the pace edwards after you install the lining. If you are good at puzzles, you may be able to do this...
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    Hi all, I just purchased a pace edwards roll-to cover for my 2000 Dakota Club Cab. Just wanted to let you know what I think of it. It is great!!! I really like the way it looks and the way it works. I went with the clamp on style ( don't like drilling holes in by truck). You do get a little bit of water in the bed when it rains but no big deal.
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    Hey. You mentioned you got the clamp on style. I didn't know they came that way. How's that different? (Ok, please excuse my ignorance, I'm first researching these roll tops.)

    Can you see the clamps from the outside?
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    With the regular installation you have to drill holes in the side of your bed rails to secure the rails to. The clamp on added about $50.00 to the total cost. My cost $654.00 installed. You cannot see the clamps from the outside at all. There are two clamps on each rail and one in the box (on each side) that holds the cover when retracted. The clamps slip into a slot in the rails and then you tighten down the screw on the clamp, it wedges the clamps under the lip of the bed rails of the truck. It works good. I have had mine on my truck for about 3 weeks and it hasn't come lose, and I don't think it will. I also have a over the rail spray in liner so that may help a bit also. It does move a bit by the tailgate when traveling but with my sliding rear window closed you can't hear anything. I hope you can get a mental picture of what I explained. I can't remember if there are any pictures on the pace-edwards web-site but I will check and let you know. you can also get a cover for the lock that will keep water out of the lock. I live in Maine and we get snow here so I wanted to make sure that my lock will not freeze up in cold weather. I was able to get my dealer to throw in the lock cover. Give it a shot. Also they make an insulator handle for the cover. My recommendation is buy it. I will be ordering one soon. All of the aluminum parts are black and they do get HOT in the sun. I left my truck in the sun the other day and I almost burnt my hand when I went to open my cover. I'll let you now how much it costs. They also make a power lock for your tailgate. They are redesigning the one for the Dodge Dakota. Pace-edwards was not pleased with the reliability of the lock. Worked about 60 percent of the time. I will buy one when they come out with the redesign. I hope this helps and makes sense. I'll check back if you have any other questions. Take care Bpmanning
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