Why does my Escape pull to one side?

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Ford Escape 03 XLT with only 38K. Pulls to left. I have had the front end aligned no difference. Crossed front wheels left to right and right to left also didn't help. Seems like there are times when it doesn't pull but not very often. I had a history report on the vehicle which came up with nothing reported. I purchased at 37K from private party. Thanks for the help.


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    Try rotating the tires or balancing them. Maybe one of your boots is going? I have the exact same problem on my van, but it's because I need new tires. :sick:
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    I have the same problem, but only when I slam on the brakes. When I brake slightly, I brake straightly.. but sometimes in traffic I have I brake hard and when I do and brake hard, I brake to the right. Seems like I am skidding to the right. I had everything I could think of checked out.. ABS, Brakes, Ailgnement... any suggestions?
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    I have to hold tight on the steereing wheel holding it to the right or the car will go gradually to the left. Cannot ease my grip on the steering wheel. Wears me out after driving 50 miles. My arms get real tired. Since my first post I have new tires. balanced and front end aligned again. New ceramic break pada. None of those helped even a tiny bit. Car had 37K when I got it now has 41K. Seems to have nothing to do with the brakes. Still trying to get help.
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    Had a similar problem with my previous car (01 Honda Civic). It slowly pulled to the right though. I had all of my wheels replaced, balanced and ailgned. Turns out the two rims on my passenger side wheels were bent. Don't know if you have rims, but maybe the problem is your wheel mounts?
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    did you find any answers to your braking issue. i am dealing with the same thing. thanks
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    > Car had 37K when I got it now has 41K.
    > Seems to have nothing to do with the brakes.

    Have a specialist take a look at the body of the Escape.
    Looks like it has been involved in a rather serious accident that resulted in a (ever so slightly) bent structure.
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    How about my case?

    Just bought the car, brand new, less than a thousand miles run on it and I already have the same problem. If it's a bumpy road, uneven street and even passing each highway section the car pulls to the right.

    Also if I accelerate hard (from full stop) or brake (soft or hard) it also steers to the right...

    I have been to the service center already 5 times... This last one for over a week...

    Will get it back on monday. I will post here the results...

    Regards, Fred.
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