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Has anyone had problems with a static and ticking noise as you turn up the volume on your Armada radio control when the AUX input is selected? I took it to the dealer, they replaced the radio and the same thing is happening. We checked other Armadas in the lot and they also made the same noise.


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    I think it is normal. Recently during the test drive I noticed this "static" after testing AUX. It was OK to me, because I think if you select the AUX it expects some input,
    which could be a "static". I bought my LE 4x4 :)
    I would not touch my audio system just for this problem.

    Another note for the HOST-Steve.(BTW, How is your Quest:) )
    I guess having a general discussion was much better way instead of specific discussions. Sometimes you want to just click a link and read all instead of per topic. And other times if you want to discuss something, you may not exactly know which group it should belong to. Creating way too many groups also is not good idea. Hence I think it was good to have one "general" group per car. As I am noticing also, many of discussions are fading down due to this restriction.
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    Glad you asked! Try this: Nissan Armada: News and Views

    If you hurry, you get to be first! :)

    tidester, host
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    The Quest is, ahem, a bit overdue for regular maintenance at 113,000 miles. I wish my balky hot tub, washer, water heater, roof shingles and scanner would all work so well. ;)

    Play with the Tracking feature; it'll let you keep up with Armada posts and discussions that interest you pretty painlessly.
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    The sound I'm hearing isn't normal by any stretch. The louder I turn it up, the louder the ticking, sounds like a clock and can be heard over the music of my IPod sometimes. The volume knob also creates static when turned, and this too was the case on the two other Armadas we checked out in the lot. The dealer is going to be looking into this further.
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    Please keep updating about what the dealer would do.
    I heard some static today while my Radar Dedector caught
    a "laser alert" and I was playing MP3 CD in dash, not AUX.
    In any case, if you select the AUX with no signal going as input, then I think having some static is OK, I mean if you don't have static problem when you have real AUX signal input, then it is better not to mess with your system. Just be happy and enjoy your Bose 10 speakers with Sub.
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    Dear HOST, Thanks for opening a new discussion group.

    I hope that would become a "general" place to discuss Armada and in that case there no difference between the one which is now "read only". It is my impression that creating specific groups for every specific item is not usefull. Usually when I need something specific then I do "search", otherwise I just enjoy reading them all. Anyway, I may be wrong, but this is my own impression after using this great forums for almost 10 years I guess :)

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    Thanks Steve,

    I thought I will continue on this topic by moving to Quest/Viliger group, but alas it is now "read only". I have a 97 Quest (and I think you had one before the last) with 100+K on the clock and runs like a dream. I have done regular engine/transmission services and I always used mobile-1 for both. Now since it is approaching 105K, I need to think about timing belt service, hence my question: did you do your timing belt before hitting 113K? I have been told it may run much longer if not pushed hard, i.e. towing, to much load, or even very hard acceleration. What do you think?

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    Still on the original timing belt on my '99 (unlike most Nissan engines, mine's not an interference one, so there's a bit less risk of damaging stuff if it breaks) and no real plans to change it, but I do want to replace the original plugs this winter.

    Guess it boils down to whether you mind being stranded somewhere if the belt breaks or something else goes flooey. I figure a nice Armada owner will come along and give me a push to the shoulder when I do break down. :shades:
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    None on my 04. I have a carputer that I play DVDs and MP3s from to the Aux input.

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    This is pretty late, by the dates, but I'll put in my two cents worth... Same issues with the static on aux. In my case when I plug in my mp3 player I had to adjust the volume on the player to close to max and reduce the volume of the actual stereo to get decent sound without static- almost feedback type- interference. I called the company of the player (Creative) and Nissan, nobody had an answer as to why I had to jack the volume up so high on the player. I suspect it almost should have an inline amp, if there were such an animal. Sigh - now the 07's have the musicbox feature.. I'm SOOOO jealous!
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    My 2-year old put some coins in the CD slot of my 2006 Armada LE a while ago. I realized what had happened when I tried and failed to play a CD, then to eject one. During the process of trying to get it to clear itself (optimistic, I know) it beeped several times and quit displaying CD functions. Since then, all it does when I hit any CD related buttons is beep twice.

    So yesterday I took out the CD changer, pulled three pennies out of it, and put it back in. When I connected the power, the changer made some healthy mechanical sounds, and I thought it wsa fixed.

    Trouble is, the CD functions are still "locked out". I assume this is a software thing meant to keep fools like me from continuing to tinker with a broken changer. Anyone know how I might re-enable the CD changer now that I think I've fixed it?
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    You may have shorted something out internally when the pennies were in there? Just a thought.

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    2006 Armada 10k miles, while playing an mp3 cd the radio froze. I shutdown the engine, turn it back on and after the radio will not power on, not a fuse problem, there was power.

    Took it to the dealer and had it replaced (still under warranty)
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    Anyone have any insight into how and when ipod integration will be available for my 08 Armada LE. I have satelite and navigation and right now I am using the AUX input but would like to use on screen controls.

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