my 2007 VW New Beetle is giving me nightmares.I LOVE my car but something is slowly draining the ba

nanzzz47nanzzz47 Member Posts: 1
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battery and I never know if it is going to start. Two good mechanics have checked it over and can't find the problem.Anyone else had this problem or any ideas appreciated. Thanks


  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,705
    How much time elapses during "slowly?" How far do you drive it when you drive it, and how long does it sit between uses?

    If this is not a daily occurrence, the best solution might simply be to install a trickle-charger on it and run the plug out through the grille. That way, you just plug it in, say, every Friday evening, and this way you can make sure it is always in top shape.
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    This happened to me as well. Diagnosed as the Comfort Control Module by the VW dealership, although it didn't sound like there were certain. Quoted me $1200 so I haven't fixed it yet anyway.
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