Any problems with the H2's fitting in your average garage?

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Hey, this is Stacey and I am bound and DETERMINED to purchase an H2 in the next few months. This is a pretty general question, but do the H2's fit in an average garage? We live about 30-40 miles from any Hummer dealers, so the chances of them letting me "drive it home" to see if it's gonna fit in the garage are pretty slim. Anyone have or heard of any problems with the H2 fitting in a garage? We have a new home with a 2 car garage so I was curious if I'm in the clear? I have had several different heighths given to me. Does anyone have any advice or actual problems with the H2 vs. their garage. Thank you in advance. Stacey


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    My Fit, fits in my garage :).
    boatfloyd :)
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    H2 is approx 6 feet 9 inches tall (w roofrack) and 6 feet 8 inches wide. Length is almost 17 feet with the spare tire whcih should fit in any garage. Mine fit fine in my 7X7 single car garage keeping in mind to fold in the mirrors when I was pulling in, since they are power folding from the drivers door not a big deal.
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    I was thiking about the same thing! I measured my garage and it looks like height wise It will fit if I lower it. And width wise it will fit with the mirrors folded in. Keep in mind that the comlex that I live in was built in 1954. Back then, they didnt have SUV's. Developers and builders didn't take a vehicle this big into consideration. The best thing to do is go to KBB.COM and check out the specifications. Then measure your garage. I'm sure it will fit. Good Luck!!
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