Proud to be American truck owners.

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I'm creating this topic to post and chat about all
american trucks please no foreign truck owners
need to read.
Whats the best gas milage anybody has gotten in
there fullsize or compact truck.I've gotten 23
highway in my F250 Light duty.


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    8k miles and 19 is the best I have gotten on about a 400 mile trip, but that was while it had less than 2k miles on it and I varied the speed a lot. Havn't gone on an all highway trip since then. Combined city/highway best - 18 mpg.

    I am pretty sure I could hit 20 on another all highway trip.

    F150 4X4, Ext Cab, 5.4l, 3:55, all available equipment, no mods.
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    I'vegot the same truck except mine is the f250 light duty with the 3.73 gears,I opened up the airflow and added exhaust and superchip and the gas milage has increased, well worth the money,sounds meaner and is a bit quicker.

    Keep On Trucking,
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    With my 98 Ram I got 22 on a recent trip to Canada I drove 500 miles and averaged about 60mph and that included a stop for gas,another stop for road construction and 2 bathroom breaks.I did find out some interesting things about my truck on the trip.1)a Dodge truck will not let you set the cruise control over 85 mph.2)A Dodge truck with the 24v cummins will go 110mph very easily.3)Dodge limits the speed of thier truck to 110mph.and4)My truck gets the same gas milage at 85mph as it does at 60 mph.
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    I haven't done anything but mixed driving (70% highway @ 70 mph - 20 minute commute each way) so far averaging 15.5 mpg. Just had a Eurolid II cover put on and will see if this first full tank shows any improvement.

    BTW, when I saw the title, English sometimes being less than clear in usage, I was not entirely sure if this was for American's who own trucks or for anyone (American or otherwise) who owns an American brand truck....
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    The Tacoma is a great American made truck.

    BTW Barlitz I see you in the Ranger vs. Tacoma topic and as I see it is free speech to post in any topic.
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    Tacoma, american made but 90% foreign parts thats not american
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    The topic was created for people who own American made trucks and enjoy them.It is impossible to go into any Ranger or Chevy or Dodge topic without any foreign truck owner harrassing about american made quality,So let them talk to themselves about there trucks and we can all talk about our trucks without any hassles.Nothing against them but I'm sick of reading the same crap over and over.
    I just ordered the smittybilt bumper guard and Hella black optic lights for the front of my truck anybody have any of these itmes on there trucks.BTW I saw a disturbing site today I was crossing the street and I saw a young kid running to a cop on a detail behind the kid running was someone chasing him on a bike he had a gun and was going to shoot him,when the bikerider saw the cop and turned left and came within 15' of me he had his shirt pulled up over his head so no one could see him,It all happened quick and I didn't even realize what had happened to it was all over a couple minutes later 4 cruisers were there,don't know if they caught the kid.Its a crazy world out there and it makes you think.
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    But it all would have seem wonderful, if you'd have been sitting in a Tundra! ;-)

    Tongue-in-cheekily from a happy F-150 owner....
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    At what RPM are you turning at 110 MPH?
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I knew the diesels got better "diesel" mileage than gas trucks, but I didn't realize it was that good. I like Dodge's diesels.
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I plan on making some of the same mods. I know the Triton Fords take to simple bolt on's really good. I have plans for single in, dual out either Flowmaster or Magnaflow system. Superchip "Flip Chip". Eventually, I am going to put on JBA jet hot coated headers too. Its a money thing more than anything right now. Got the money, but got too many other things I need to buy!!!! We are re-landscaping our house, putting up a fence, etc. etc. etc. on and on. I am sure you know how that is. Wife only "allows" me to get a few things I want at a time!
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    I've got the gibson split rear and it sounds good a nice little hum as you move along, the Flowmaster 40 series has a deeper throaty sound and I have thought about switching mufflers to the flow master 40 series and keeping on the gibson pipes,but everything does get expensive after awhile.The superchip would be my first purchase I paid $225. shipped to my door and immediately felt a difference.First ride out I was chirping tires from 1st to 2nd.Makes a big difference and helps out on gas milage.If you do get a chip make sure its a superchip and not the jet chip.Superchip works throughout the whole powerband while jet only works at higher rpm's.
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    Thanks for the honest response. I plugged it in guessing with 245/70 16.5's and 3.55 gears and a .70 OD and came up with around 3000 rpm. It may have done it easy but there certainly isn't any left.

    A buddy claims the new powerstrokes do like 130 MPH and I laughed at him given the diesel redline and common truck gearing. I should show him your post.
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    "I don't care if a toy is 100% american parts and
    made here...the big profits go "see ya!!"..."

    I don't see any of the big three giving money to American citizens so why would anyone care where the profits go? Especially when a foreign company is adding factories in THIS country while American companies go elsewhere for labor.

    BTW I buy American trucks but that profit comment is getting old/ignorant.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    how about this....the profit goes "see ya's"


    - Tim
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    Let's see. Chevy opens a plant in Mexico, I lose my job building American cars/trucks and get a job at the Toy/BMW/Kawasaki.....factory so I can pay my mortgage and feed my family but I'm taking away the profits of the American company who farmed the labor elsewhere costing an American worker his job. Damn! If there has ever been a reason to buy American, that's it!!!! Let's protect the profits of the American car companies!!!

    I agree with the towing, hauling, size, value superiority of the American trucks. I could give a rat's [non-permissible content removed] where the profits go. Unless I was a Big Three executive around bonus time.
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    LOL! Shouldn't you stay unemployed??

    This is why you all should buy Ford! Only made in USA and Canada!(51st state--sorry Andy)

    Makes you wonder who brings these kids into this world, eh?

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Now you're getting it!

    - Tim
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    only gets it when everyone else sees it the same
    way as he does. i guess we should have another
    topic to make him happy.

    "I'm proud to be a [non-permissible content removed] Mini-truck owner" how'd
    that be mod. you moron.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    i take that back, but how did a xenophobe like
    yourself come to own such a beautiful truck like
    the f-250?
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    Since you are the self appointed know it all and purveyor of such intelligent vocabulary as "Lurd" and "Xenophobe" please explain it to me.

    If a Foreign co. buys the land HERE, pays taxes HERE and employs workers HERE. A domestic company farms labor to a different country costing American workers, builds new factories elsewhere. Why are we worried about the domestic companies profits? I understand all the pros and cons of American v. Foreign as it relates to the product. I don't get this profit thing.

    BTW red, "[non-permissible content removed]" is a racist term showing your true colors and lack of intelligence.
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    There was an article in the Boston Globe today on how Japan ignores the worlds replies into whaling ,it seems japan is the only country that still whale hunts and even hunts endangered whales.Maybe it has something to do with quality.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    barlitz, what does that have to do with trucks...or anything else, except Greenpeace, for that matter.


    Glad to see that you read your history books...
    I was always curious about that fact where manufacturers like GM go to foreign countries to save money and get away from the unions. Do we still consider these corporations U.S. or a global conglomerate. And by buying trucks and cars made in Mexico, are we truly supporting the UAW and the American people? Seems to me, the best way to check is the door panel which tells you where the trucks are made. I for one will never, ever, ever, buy a truck made in Ft. Wayne, Indiana as long as I live. My '00 Silverado came from there and really, they could have it back...

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    "I was always curious about that fact where
    manufacturers like GM go to foreign countries to
    save money and get away from the unions."

    I don't care where the profits go really either. I have worked union at more than one job before. In my experiences, it just allowed workers doing the same job stick me with more work than my share and made me pull the load while others called in sick 2-3 days each month, etc. I have no loyalty to unions. They had their place at one time, but really only protect jobs that shouldn't always be protected. Don't get me wrong. I think their are some really hard working people working in union jobs that deserve some job security that a union provides, but they bare the work responsibilities of many that aren't and continue get away with it.

    Besides, I make much better money and have a much better work environment at both my current jobs, which are both non union.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    that with unions, job performance means nothing. It's all about seniority. So...productivity and work ethics are not considered important. From your post, it seems that you understand this. Just making sure...
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I think that productivity and work ethics are important. I just think that sometimes unions allow workers not to be productive or have good work ethics. I am not saying that all union workers are this way, just that the union allows some to take advantage of a good thing, which makes it harder for those that actually want to do a good job.

    I am all for more job security and better benefits, which unions "used" to do a good job at without allowing people to be lazy. I think now days, people see unions as a way to get paid and be lazy too, at least for some. Makes people less accountable for doing a good job.
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I hope I havn't offended any union workers here. My intention is not to belittle unions or say that union workers are lazy. I have relatives and friends that work union. Some companies have unions but don't really need them because they provide all the job security and benefits without the union.

    I just think unions these days protect the wrong things.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    protect the wrong things, yup. I sure hate my union for making me not pay into a HMO every month and be restricted to the HMO doctors and if it wasnt for that stupid union I could pay for perscriptions and doctor visits and have almost no medical benefits. Damn them.

    OK that was sarcastic as I'm sure everyone can see, but Unions are still needed, look what they did to ups a couple years ago. They fought for higher wages from a multi billion dollar company that doesnt want to reward its hard working employees for making it what it is today. They forced them to give "part time" employees working 40-70 hours a week full time status, pay, and benefits.

    And they fought to keep health benefits. They can be outrageous without insurance, and with a hmo you might as well not have insurance.

    A proud Union employee who drives an American truck, thank you.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    need Unions in the auto industry....everyone I know or have heard of...just plays cards or goes to the bar while on the clock....the whole things of "get x parts done each day" is bull....they get them done in four..get paid for 8...then either go home or slack off for 4 hours...geez..maybe we should either put out twice the parts...or actually....I don't know..maybe make them right??

    Unions were a good thing to protect workers in the early days of Henry Fords abused workers...but now days there is no need for them...get some good workers who are actually proud to do their job and will build good cars...instead of slacling off....

    you can pipe all you know and I know the truth....

    - Tim
  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    But see the other side as well. The proud union workers in South Bend may have been somewhat less than grateful to their union representatives when, in the early 1980s, they "helped" the Bendix Corporation decide to use cheaper labor somewhere else rather than keep the plant open. They were striking for higher wages when the company decided they could save a lot of money (and greatly improve efficiency) by moving production. They did just that.

    Part and parcel of the problem was the job protection that fine union provided to many guys like my acquaintance who would (when the sup. wasn't anywhere near) use a multi-million dollar computer-controlled lathe and company stainless steel blanks to make little doodads for his photography hobby. He was making approximately 5 times the minimum wage at the time. My impression was that he was fairly representative of his coworkers.

    It is that same entitlement mentality without any visible loyalty to the company or its products that brings objections to unions. Past good accomplishments do not justify wrong-headed thinking. My guess is that many other hard-working, right-minded workers lost out because of the union protectionist attitude.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    It has nothing to do with this topic but it has to do with the selfishness of the Japanese Goverment.Like I've posted many times take a look at the trade defecit with the USA.
    Superjim2000,I'm a proud IBEW local 103 Electrician up in Boston.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Funny, sounds like you were describing government workers in your last post...


    Thank you for the explanation

    Former member
    IUEC Local 8
    ILWU Local 142
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    the union has done some good....but here in the motor city...I see and hear wayyyy more than you can imagine about slackers hiding behind the union...and getting paid $50-$90K to do nothing...

    people should be entitled to make a good buck...but come on...actually work for it man!

    - Tim
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    they make very good money for what they do...actually work for it...politicians? No way...

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    more unions slackers than politicians.....

    - Tim
  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    actively waste our money; they do too much. The union-protected slackers actually promote an atmosphere of laziness so that the trait spreads. Lazy workers do not want productive workers around making them look bad. Also, as others have intimated, who wants to keep working hard when others around you are slacking -- especially when those others are pressuring you to slack off too?

    Employers are no saints; they will all too frequently take advantage of workers. That is why unions can be good: protecting workers from that exploitation. The problem comes when the union protects the workers from being responsible for their work. It is much easier to simply provide blanket protection. That is why unions tend to do that rather than allowing individual worker's to really be held accountable for their actions.

    Some union reps in some unions undoubtedly do the right thing. Sadly, just as is too often the case with management, the union high potentates are generally more interested in reaping whatever benefits they can for themselves rather than working for the greater good of the company as a whole (thus providing for management and workers over the long haul). Our current cultural environment actively promotes the increase of selfishness. Unions are certainly not the only offenders....
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    but there is farrrrr more unions protecting the lazy workers than protecting them from being abused...

    In the early days of Henry Fords empire...workers were treated very badly....they would tell the white guys "we got a black man who is waiting outside to do that job better than you"...and tell the black guys the same thing in couldn't go to the bathroom without a supervisor going with you...the breaks were short..and the work was very abusive and long...the workers were treated very badly...unions came in...and helped the workers get treated fairly......

    today very little of that goes the Mob..err..union...just collects dues and says they keep it all together...uh huh.....if it's the big three or UPS or the Detroit news (which is going fine without the veteran employees) get the union out and some good workers in...(or tell them they can stay...but they will have to work for a buck now)...and yeah it's going to be rough at first...but any job that's new takes time to get used to. Give them time (just like the Mob employees)...and they will fall right into the groove.

    Any time a company goes on strike...and replacements come in...of course they can't jump right into it...and the union says.." need us"/......

    In the words of S.Tyler.......

    "Dream on.....Dream on....Dream on........."

    - Tim
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    i was in the carpenters union for 10 years and
    saw the biggest winers and goof offs, or welfare
    recipients, as they're known, and finally
    realized just why the unions were on their way
    out. all they do is drive the cost of the product

    up so high that the average american can no
    longer afford it. sure we did things one way, the

    right way, but you did'nt become a journeyman
    until you went through the apprentice program
    which made you a good mechanic. but also saw a
    number of apprentices make only because they were

    good kissbutts. so nowadays you have good and bad

    working on union jobs that don't last any longer
    than jobs being built by non-union workers.

    our company is set up on the peace system whereas

    you can make anywhere from 40-75 an hour and
    sometimes more. but it better be done right the
    first time or you fix it on your own time. it's
    been working great, because now we have about 1-3

    percent call backs as compared to 15-20 percent.
    we also have excellent benefits and also ESOP
    which makes everyone a part owner. i know that
    one guy alone can't build a truck, but as teams
    they could sure build a better truck and would
    certainly do a better job if they were set up on
    a similar system. build it right or pay for the
    rework? they'd build it right alright.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    not peace
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I agree.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Laws and standards are in place. This labor force would never settle for yesteryear practices and tehrefore the main purpose for unions is anachronistic and moot. It is time to enjoy pure capitalism as it was meant to be.

  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    Gee, I kind of liked "tehrefore" -- you can make up your own pronunciation for it and all.... ;-)
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    There are slackers where I work, but guess what? Thats managements fault for letting 'em stick around long enough to get in the union.

    As someone said before, unions protect the workers from being exploited and, like my union has done , fought to keep the current health plan. Management wanted to save a few bucks and go with a hmo, it was practically forced on us.

    Our union stepped in and said that there is no way they can alter the contract that was agreed upon ealier. My dues are a small price to pay for the benefits I get from my union.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Those dues are hardly a small price to pay. Do you have a right to vote in your union to which political party or politician it supports? don't?

    Small price to pay for whom?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    and Al Bundy are actually my heros..


    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    sounds like you might have to work if you didn't have them there to "protect you"....

    keep flushing..errr...paying them dues ace....

    - Tim
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    This is an AUTOMOTIVE discussion forum....

    and I'll remind you that the subject of this particular conference is Trucks. Politics, and positions pro or con regarding union membership have no place here. This topic is being "frozen." It will be archived or deleted in the next 10 days or so.

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