Toyota Avalon 2000 Climate Control Panel Very Hot

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I just bought a used 2000 Toyota Avalon with 160,000 miles, seemingly in great condition. Just driven it for roughly 500 miles going to college. I just noticed that the climate panel for controlling AC/fan/temp etc. is extremely hot. I turned off the climate controls and the issue seemed to persist. Currently parked taking a break from driving, hoping for it to cool down I guess.

Is this an issue? Anyone experienced this before?

The electric doesn’t work for the sunroof but everything else works fine. A JBL speaker system has also been installed in the past 3 years. That’s the extent of my knowledge. I just took it to a mechanic and they didn’t mention anything about the electronics, though I didn’t think to ask at the time. They said it was in great shape.

Any advice what to do?


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    Use caution, and have it checked out by a knowledgeable mechanic or electrician as soon as possible. The panel shouldn't get so warm as to be "extremely hot," so it is possible that there is a short or excess resistance (maybe someone tapped into a too-small wire for the aftermarket stereo?) causing heat buildup If it gets so warm as to melt the wire sheathing, you could have a serious fire on your hands.
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