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    It would be nice if things could get rolling again. The problem is this board format does not lend itself to many individual topics. A modern VBB board type would work fine with this new mandated format of no general Vehicle discussions but this format is not good for it.

    It is too difficult to find individual threads.
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    So British Rover,
    Are you kind of agreeing with me that it would be nice to put everything into this discussion like we had with the old one that just went read only?
    I'm trying to get it going again. It seems to have died. But the host wants individual discussions and they don't seem to go well with the LR3, so hopefully, we can populate this discussion and see where it goes.
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    Yeah I agree I was just being overly obtuse about it.

    This forum format does not lend itself well to indvidual topic discussions.
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    Let's try a news & views and if a thread does pop up, we can move it to a specific discussion so it'll be easy to track.
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    Gee Steve, I looked for my All General Topics and couldn't find it - thought I might have been cut off for trying to go around the rules a bit. It doesn't really matter if we call it news and views, people will find it I think. Thanks for giving this one a try.
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    That was a Monday pop test on finding the LR3 Group, and you passed (even if it's Tuesday now). :shades:

    We're trying to avoid "general" lingo so that members will be encouraged to make specific discussions for specific problems or issues that arise. Otherwise we'll be back with a big lumpy discussion with someone responding to a transmission question with a post about turning off a seatbelt chime.
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    Check out the Land Rover LR3: Tire Issues discussion. ;)
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    That is constantly being represented is what I am trying to get brought out to bring in the debate.. 2006.. LR3.. problems are below. ALL the fluff in the world will NOT OVERCOME all the past problems and $$ CONSUMERS spent and the consumers were DUMPED BY FORD/LAND ROVER.. 2004 & 2005 Freelanders CAN NO LONGER GET Motor Parts.. The Escape pricing shows FORD's Focus was on the ESCAPE NOT on bringing the FREELANDER to Market. DID YOU SEE the same type of Advertisements on the FREELANDER ? NO.. nO.. no.. So, the Dump of money that went into the Rovers was to bring the Quality production to the ESCAPE. There was NO major Advertizing going on other than one commercial showing the Freelander driving through the desert. Below is ONE CONSUMERS NIGHT MARE LR3 DUMP BY LAND ROVER.


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    My 2006 LR3: The Cautionary Tale

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    #1 of 16 My 2006 LR3: The Cautionary Tale by sfm Feb 06, 2007 (5:29 am)
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    This is not a flame. It is a recitation of facts. My lease is up in 7 months. I had intended to do a lease to buy--because I run up a lot of mileage; but instead I will give Land Rover of Massapequa back the vehicle and pay the overage. My LR3 sits in the garage and I rent cars to travel on business and to go to the mountains. The saddest part is that once the LR3 was ON the mountain, it was everything a Land Rover should be. However, the following components (read: Big hunks of the vehicle) have been replaced under warranty with not even a sheepish look. Getting towed in is a real pleasure.

    At two weeks: Entire driver airbag assembly needed replacement. Took 8 weeks and a hissy fit to get one. Had a faulty drivers' airbag in the meantime (that's for caring about my safety guys)

    At 7500 miles: air suspension fault leading to highway blowout while waiting for replacement air suspension compressor; Air suspension compressor (and rear tire) replaced.

    At 20000 miles, entire fuel assembly/fuel tank replaced due to "known issue" with fuel entering vapor uptake line.

    At 30000 miles, suspension settings (design flaw for which there is a class action suit in California) causing uneven wear on two rear tires. Without explaining the problem, LR says "Oh get two new tires and put them on the front". This is because, once the problem begins, it is chronic and the front tires, once rotated back, will experience the uneven wear as well.

    I can't get on the road with this vehicle because I no longer have faith that it will get me from NY to VT to MA safely. So I don't. Quality survey's have already rated this vehicle as the bottom-of-the-barrel. And they're right.

    Please be forewarned.

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    Edwards admitted that, "sometimes we talk too much about the NAS [North American specification] 90 Defender and surfer dudes, and not enough about the Red Cross, Zambia or the Australian Outback. We want to get back to our roots, but it would be nice if in doing so, we can also sell it to the Californian surfer dude."

    New Land Rover Defender Targets Third World (Inside Line)

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    "Land Rover's Design Director Gerry McGovern confirmed that the next-generation Land Rover Defender will be sold in the United States. He made the remarks during a design lecture hosted by Land Rover as part of Modernism Week in the desert city 100 miles east of Los Angeles.

    "We will reintroduce the Defender into this market," McGovern said during a question and answer session following a lecture on the influence of Modernism on his design philosophy. A version of the long-running SUV called the Defender 90 was last sold in the U.S. in 1997.

    Expect to see the finished design in the next couple of years, with U.S. sales launching in 2016."

    Next-Generation Land Rover Defender Will Be Sold in the U.S.

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