Odometer defaults to Kilometers not MPH

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Last year I bought an 2015 F150 Platinum 4WD SuperCrew in California that was initially purchased in Canada. When it transferred to the US it was converted with a MPH speedometer gauge and mileage seems US standards. The digital speedometer always defaults to KMH after the vehicle is shut off. I tried changing settings in the advanced settings on the dash, but it always defaults back to KMH. Anybody know how a dealership can fix this? I took it to my local Ford dealer, and they couldn’t figure it out.


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    "IF" it can be done it would need to have a reflash done, blank path, and the as built data probably entered manually. What that means is Ford's flash programming system by default pulls specific data from the existing module before it is replaced and then puts that data back into the new module. This "As Built" data tells the cluster which measuring system is the default one (among other things). The as built data can be retrieved by the VIN on the Ford Flash programming site and right now if a technician would go to motorcraftservice.com the data that can be pulled for your VIN will probably still have the Canadian set-up information too which would explain why the dealer tech wasn't able to change it's setup. Ford would have to change that data on the website to have it loaded to your instrument cluster. The other option would require a technician who knows exactly which batch of as built information needs changed and what the change is supposed to be. The tough part there is there is little incentive for anyone to study and learn what that would be.
  • Thank you for this information. I will take it to my local dealer to see if they could make the change as you stated. Thanks again.
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