Volvo V50 Tire/Wheel Questions

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  • redwagon2redwagon2 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2005 V50 AWD and after owning it a week feel like it has kind of a choppy ride over rough pavement and expansion joints. Is there so easy fix for this? Higher profile tires? Softer shock absorbers? Thanks.
  • 10scoachrick10scoachrick Member Posts: 74
    Switching our C70 from 17" to 16" wheels/tires made a dramatic difference in comfort/noise over rough pavement. Air is a great shock absorber, it would seem. Good luck!
  • redwagon2redwagon2 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advise. I took the car to the dealer and they were able to swap out my 17 inch wheels for the standard 16 inch. It made a huge difference in ride comfort. There was a slight compromise in cornering but the softer ride makes it worth it.
  • v50houndv50hound Member Posts: 5
    I have a V50 AWD T5. You did not say if yours was a T5. The T5 has a slightly firmer ride (different suspension and 17 inch wheels) than a non-T5. I do not find it objectionable, mainly because the tires are not low profile. I have another car (Saab Viggen) with 17 inch wheels and the tires have a much lower profile and that has a firm ride. You probably paid more for the 17 inch wheels and I hope they just traded the 16 inch wheels (someone got a deal) for your 17 inchers (someone got a deal). I guess the tires on your 17" wheels are the same as the T5's but the ride is good, though you do "feel" bumps etc. Going to the 16" probably was the best bet for a "cushy" ride.
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