Premature Nissan CVT Transmission Failures: Ripping Off Customers for Years

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Nissan is one of the most crooked companies in the world. Many people do not know that they have been committing criminal business practices for ten years now by fooling consumers with their fancy CVT transmissions that have prematurely failed on tens of thousands of Versas, Sentras, Rogues and other models, and it is a disgrace that they have been allowed to get away with this kind of egregious behavior for so long. A class action lawsuit was filed against Nissan, but many car owners never received the details of the lawsuit until it was almost in settlement which settled in March 2020. Sadly this court in Tennessee and all the crooked lawyers attached to this class action lawsuit really received all the benefits of the settlement but tens of thousands of Nissan owners were left out in the cold because they sneakingly increased the warranty to a random 84,000 miles when many many transmissions have failed after that mileage but still very prematurely. I am one of those victims and had I known about the crookedness of this disgusting company I would have never purchased my 2015 Sentra from Hertz. My transmission started showing failure issues at approximately 70,000 miles, but it finally totally failed at 99,000 miles. I only found out about the class action lawsuit because of the research I was doing online and taking the car to a repair service to find out it had failed. I petitioned the court and objected to the settlement, but because there were only a few of us who objected, the judge denied the objection. I am not done with this, but because of the pandemic, I am not able to reach the news media investigative teams to report this crookery. It is an unconscionable act that Nissan has duped 100s of thousands of customers the last ten years. I intend on writing to the newspapers to further expose these crooks. They do not deserve being in business, and if people knew how the company was run and their ex ceo is an international fugitive, people maybe would stop buying their cars. Adding insult to injury I just received a disgusting piece of mail that Nissan has been forced to send to Nissan owners extending this f'ing warranty only because they were mandated to do so. What about the other 100s of thousands of customers who already got screwed? And furthermore, they have made it so repair services can't rebuild them, they have to purchase an already rebuilt transmission probably from a company that is connected to them. The cost is prohibitive for most of us, a whopping $4,000. My poor car has been sitting outside unable to be driven for seven months now and furthermore these cars will have no resale value due to the criminal business practices of Nissan. Couldn't get any worse than this!
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