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2019 QX50 ProPilot/ProASSIST sudden stop issues?

zzazzleszzazzles Member Posts: 2
edited August 2020 in INFINITI
I'm considering buying a used 2019 QX50 Essential with ProASSIST package. My main hesitation now is that the car seems to have a whole bunch of 1- and 2-star reviews right here on Edmunds specifically with the ProASSIST package. The reviews claim that the car would hard-brake (from 30 or 40MPH) even though no car is in front of it. That sounded pretty scary to me, and is really the only hesitation I have with the car.

Has anyone here experienced those problems?


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    Ahmadski03Ahmadski03 Member Posts: 11
    INFINITI had issues with its safety features on its 2018 and up models to include the QX80 and the QX50. Those issues are very serious and can be extremely dangerous as you can only imagine! They are definitely amazing cars but not with those serious safety features issues.

    Good luck ~
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