ConnectedDrive not working in Europe on a US spec BMW X1

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We own a BMW X1 2019 (US spec vehicle, bought in the US) which we recently took on a road trip to Europe for the next year or so. We were traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany etc. and noticed that we don't have the full functionality of the ConnectedDrive services. We tried to download the maps for Europe, but it did not work. Nor does our SeriousXM satellite radio. We think this issue might have something to do with a SIM card that is installed inside the car. We tried calling a local BMW dealer for help, but unsuccessfully. Does anyone have any ideas what to do while we are traveling? We have listed the full list of issues that we are experiencing further below. All thoughts are much appreciated & hope we resolve this before we return to the US.

Maps - download problem.
Advanced Real Time Traffic Information - not working in Europe.
Remote Services - not working in Europe.
BMW Connected+ - not working in Europe. Can't locate the car, lock/unlock through the app, send destination from the app to the car, and windows are showing as open even though everything is closed and locked.
Connected Drive Services - not working in Europe.
BMW Assist eCall - not working in Europe.
BMW Teleservice - not working in Europe.
Apple Car Play - very slow experience.
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