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Volvo V50 Brake Problems

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,924
edited March 2014 in Volvo
Work out your V50 brake issues here.

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  • v50mtlv50mtl Posts: 1
    My 2005 V50 2.4i was recently back at Volvo to have the tint redone. I was given a loaner car, a nice S40 2.4i. The brakes on the S40 loaner were much firmer than my v50's - more responsive, had to push less hard, etc. I was jerking the S40 when I first started braking with it because I was used to pushing down harder on my V50. My V50 has 1,000 km on it and the S40 loaner had 9,000 km on it. I even went as far as test driving another V50 to see if there was a difference (this one had 11,000 km) - the other V50's brakes felt the same as mine - less firm, had to push much harder. All 3 cars had the same 16" mags. I much preferred the braking of the S40 and even recalled this difference when originally test driving the S40 a couple of months back.

    I asked Volvo to check my brakes and they did and told me nothing was wrong. I also asked Volvo if there was a difference in the brakes or braking system between the S40 and V50 and they told me that they are the same.

    What gives? Why do the brakes in the S40 seem so much more responsive and sporty? I felt that it completely affected performance and I am even slightly concerned about safety.

    Any thoughts, info or advice to share?

  • Hi, am a new member to this little group. I have been noticing for two months now that the rear brakes of my 2006 V50ti are leaving 3x more black dust on wheels than the front. Most automotive text books say that the front brakes do 75-85% of the stopping work. :confuse: My 15K service data revealed that rear pads are wearing faster than the front. Dealer service rep. says this is normal. Do not trust this to be accurate information. Have no other indications that the rear brakes are binding. Are any of you seeing more brake dust on the rear wheels as compared to the front wheels of your V50?
  • Hey, was just searching for info on V50 brake problems. Have a 2006 V50 with 6K miles on it. Recently noticed an oscillating thump and tool car in to dealer. They told that both rear rotors were completely warped, which he said was odd due to the age of the vehicle and mileage. However, he stated that due to the fact that my car was more than 12 months old it more than likely wouldn't be covered but couldn't defend the repairs as anything beyond replacing a defective part. They said they'd submit it to Volvo but there are no guarantees. Has anyone else run into this type of problem? I'm wondering if faulty parts exist on a number of these cars. Replacing rotors at 6 thousand miles is beyond me.
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