Volvo V50 Electrical/Lighting Issues

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Use this discussion to chase down those electrical and lighting gremlims that you might have.


  • tesshtessh Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 V50 that is about 2 weeks old. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it on it makes a short funny noise. It does the same thing when I turn it off. It starts up smoothly in spite of the short little noise. Is this normal? I can't remember if it did this from the get-go. This may be completely normal but I am not sure. I see the dealer next week but am looking for some input beforehand.
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    Probably the famed "barking dogs" in the's your HVAC servos can head over to swedespeed forums and search for it..there have been quite a few discussions about it...Vovlo says it is normal...side note: my 10 month old V50 T5 AWD w/11k on it is getting a new transmission..yep..current one died....just a heads up to those thinking about buying one of these cars...mine has been back to the dealer well over a dozen times in 10 months..everything from minor(stereo freezing) to major(new power steering pump at 3K) problems.....good luck. :lemon:
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    This is my first time posting here and I hope this forum can help.
    I purchased my Volvo V50 in Dec'04 and after the first 10 months it has been giving fuel trouble. I am unable to fill more than a gallon of gas at a time. The pump always triggers off and I need to start it again. It has been in the shop 6 times now for a cummalative 35 days. Since its last visit I have been able to fill gas, but it still qualifies as a Lemon under Washington Lemon Law. (30+ cummalative days during warantee period whether problem was fixed or not) However the problem could come up again as it has happened before with a 6 month gap.
    So when I approached the Volvo customer care, I was initially brushed off, but later when I said I was going to the Attorney General they got serious. The dealership made an offer to replace the car but they wanted me to pay difference in invoice price, taxes, license fees etc on the new car which shouldn't be the case. Then I was very politely threatened that even if I went to the Attorney General it wouldn't qualify as a Lemon because the car was in shop for only 25 days. They claim that I never picked up the car when it was ready. (That is a complete lie). I can't believe they are stooping to such low levels. I have all the paper work that says that the car was in for 35 days.
    I am going to now file with the Attorney General for a repurchase because I don't want to deal with such unprofessional people ever again.
    I wanted to know if anyone has had similar problems with the car and whether there is something I need to prepare myself for the Attorney General, if the manufacturer tries to pull some stunt.
    Thanks a lot.
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    so .... the car is fine now ... but you want to return it ... hmmmmm....

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  • volvo_troublevolvo_trouble Member Posts: 5
    As of right now the car is fine. But like I said, it was fine for 6 months in between too and the problem reoccurred.
    If I wait for another 6 months, then I loose the chance to file as a lemon. And it would eventually fall out of warantee where the expense for these repairs is going to be really high.
    The repairs they have done so far include replacing the entire fuel tank twice.
    And as per Washington Lemon Law, if the car has been in the shop for more than 30 days for one or more problems, it qualifies as a Lemon whether the problem is fixed or not.
    Do you think I should not file at all?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 31,015
    well, that's a good point about the 6 months in between.

    If you really want to be rid of the car, you certainly can try. If you have the paperwork that shows your car meets the criteria, I don't see how you wouldn't win.

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  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    And as per Washington Lemon Law, if the car has been in the shop for more than 30 days for one or more problems, it qualifies as a Lemon whether the problem is fixed or not.

    I don't see where it says that even if the vehicle is now fixed and working that it qualifies as a lemon.

    Don't forget that if you do win in arbitration, you will be subject to what WA state calls offset for use - if they buy back or replace the car, they can deduct for the mileage. You may be better off taking the offer they presented.

    In any case, good luck.
  • volvo_troublevolvo_trouble Member Posts: 5
    In that very sentence it says that in the end.
    The mileage on my car is very low (13,000 miles) for the 2 years I have had it and the offset of use comes to less than $3000. This is all I am supposed to pay in case of a replacement (I checked with the attorney general help line). The dealership wants me to pay this + difference in invoice prices of my car and the new car they are giving + taxes + licensing etc... summing up to ~$6000.
    And because of their polite threats, I don't want to deal with Volvo ever again and don't want to own one. So I figured I should ask for repurchase. It is their threats which are making me angry and annoyed. They claim I use to leave my car in the shop and not come in to pick it up and hence it has amounted to 35 days. This is absolutely untrue and a way for them to push to get a new Volvo by paying $6000 rather than going through arbitration. In addition to the $6000 I will also take a hit in the 3.9% interest rate that I have on the remaining loan.
    Thanks for your good wishes. I need them.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    In that very sentence it says that in the end.

    That's your sentence - where in the WA state site does it say that?
  • volvo_troublevolvo_trouble Member Posts: 5
    Here is the link to the Washingotn Lemon law brochure. On the second page, see point 3 for the conditions for a lemon.
    If I am not understanding it right let me know.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    I was referring to the part where you wrote "fixed or not".

    You were referring to the days.
  • volvo_troublevolvo_trouble Member Posts: 5
    I have copied and pasted the Point 3 from the webpage. See in bold. That hasn't been added by me but is actually in the brochure.
    3. A vehicle has been out-of-service for
    diagnosis or repair of one or more nonconformities
    or serious safety defects (whether
    or not repaired)
    for a cumulative total of 30*
    calendar days, with at least 15* of those days
    occurring during the “warranty period.”
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    I then retract - I read right over that at least a dozen times.

    I guess I was looking for the word fixed and subconciously skipped repaired.

    In any case, good luck.
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    Is the problem is flow of fuel into the tank backing up and tripping the pump nozzle? That certainly would have me shaking my head that a $30K new car built by as experienced a brand as Volvo can't design a gas tank to displace air without vomiting gas back up the filler spout as the tank fills up.

    Here I thought I found a super duper fit for my needs in the V50. I've been internet browsing for quite a while now searching for a newish vehicle and, on paper anyways, thought I found my next new car. My last Volvo was a 79 244DL that I drove for 13 years.

    I assume since your dealer changed the fuel tank twice, they tried filling the tank and didn't try to buffalo you with "Unable to reproduce problem."

    So, does anyone else here have a similar problem with their V50?
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    Look like defroster stripes to me, and seem perfect to clear out an area to let me see what would otherwise be a blind spot, but I was told they're an antenna. If that's the case, where is this antenna on other vehicles?
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    I have a 05 V50T5 AWD and the low beam headlights drop off after 25ft in front of my car. Nighttime driving is dangerous. I have had it in the shop numerous times and they claim there is nothing wrong. I am going to the NTSB with this and want them to determine if it is safe or not. The dealership says everyone has the same problem with the car driving at night. I have several complaints in with Volvo and they continue to send me back to the dealership. Is there anyone else with this problem and has anyone resolved it? :mad:
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