Don't buy Ford. Don't buy Focus. Don't buy 1L.

lil_truckerlil_trucker 29715Posts: 5
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So my car keeps breaking for things that they've recalled on the 2L. 1L never gets included in the recalls. It's nice engine and an excellent manual transmission, but the steering gear is garbage and keep having EVAP system failure. Currently going on two weeks and cannot find the vent purge valve also called a vent "tube" for the OEM part. All dealers showing it's backordered and no aftermarket part. SUCKS to have a new-er car and not be able to use it. Biggest issue is the lack of care or concern from Ford. They are keeping all the parts for their prized 2L customers' recalls even though my engine was the UPGRADE!!!. Putzin around in the ole reliable '08 Kia Sedona which I've never had an issue with. It's a good thing I didn't trade it in. If you buy a Ford, don't buy a car. If you buy a car, keep your old one. I'm through with Ford, forever. Hey GM, how's things?
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