Volvo XC70 Real World MPG Numbers

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With fuel prices being whatthey are, we're all concerned about the mileage performance of our vehicles. Let us know how your XC70 is performing "at the pump".


  • heidigreenlawheidigreenlaw Member Posts: 26
    Any idea what I can expect to get for real world mpg on a 2006 XC70 (AWD)?
  • raprap Member Posts: 9
    I was at the dealer for a short period and I noticed that there were slight variations in the MPG estimates seen on the 2006 vs. 2007 XC70 on the stickers.

    Is this because of some new government mandated estimation calculation or some other reason? AFAIK, the engine has not changed for the two different years.

    Can anybody elaborate?

  • mtdogmtdog Member Posts: 7
    We are getting between 23 and 25mpg depending who is behind the steering wheel on our 2006 xc70. Any more questions let me know I am more than willing to answer them.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    Looking at the vehicle specs pages here on Edmunds, the 2007 is actually a touch lighter than the 2006 version, so I'm not sure what physically would be causing the difference in mileage estimates. Could be slight changes in the EPA testing procedure too.
  • wileylwileyl Member Posts: 2
    I was thinking about buying one second hand, but a friend who has the exact same model and year told me she is only getting 15MPG in-city and 19MPG on the highway. Is her volvo's performance typical or way below average? thanks
  • yankeefan2yankeefan2 Member Posts: 53
    I own a 2000 Volvo 70XC. I have owed my XC for 8 Yrs and I Avg 21.5 all around Driving, and 25 to 26 mpg on the Highway. It also depends on what kind of gas you get. I live on the coast were our gas is 10% ethanol. When I go to upstate NY were they use something different in the gas I get 26 to 27 mpg. Hope that helps. Happy Driving :shades:
  • volvochickvolvochick Member Posts: 1
    I lived in Germany 3 yrs and drove my 2004 XC70 all over on the autobahns in GE and other countries. At 100mph, I would get about 15mpg. At 80mph, I would get about 17mpg instantaneous on the flat, even loaded down with gear and people. The gas I used over there was 98 octane (super). Now back in the US, I've been experimenting with octane ratings and MPG. On roadtrips into the mountains I got 25mpg on average from mid-grade. Around OKC, I drive a mix of city streets and freeway and get at least 21mpg using mid-grade. I have not noticed any improvement at higher octane. I'm pretty happy with that. The only problems I've ever had with it are lightbulbs going out and the dealership refusing me service because I complained to corporate HQ in California about how they treated me when I shipped it back through Volvo home ship. I would buy this car again.
  • rckptrckpt Member Posts: 3
    I have a 5 month old 2007 XC with about 5500 miles on it.
    My mileage seems to be worsening. I drive 50% at 65-70 on the highway and 50% around town in the North East. My average mileage is about 19 MPG. I believe that my mileage was closer to 21 MPG during months one and two. Any ideas as how to improve it? Will it get better over time.
  • nibsnibs Member Posts: 65
    Coming from a full size 4x4 to the XC, I don't think the fuel economy is too bad. I think there are a lot of smaller, lighter cars on the road with 4 speed transmissions that are using more gas than I do in the XC. I put approx 600Kms a week on mine. The XC is also a very heavy car so making comparisons with other vehicles would be difficult. jmo.
  • sven5sven5 Member Posts: 2
    We just returned from a 3000+ mile trip to California and averaged about 28 mpg overall with our 2007 xc70. This is based on setting the cruise at 70 where the limit was 70 or above. Dropping a bit below 70 mph we get about 29. Around town in November in northern Washington we are getting around 22-23 mpg. However, this is based on minimizing aggressive driving/acceleration despite being tempted as it has plenty of power.
  • kmausskmauss Member Posts: 72
    Hi there. I too am contemplating purchasing a several year old XC70. I'm hearing conflicting info about gas though -- I've been told because they are a turbo, you should only ever use premium gas. The local dealer told me that's not necessary, you can use regular 87 octane all the time. Both people who gave me opposite info seemed to know what they were talking about - one was an owner, one was a dealer. Did fuel requirements change over the years? I'm afraid if the answer is you MUST put premium gas in them, I'm going to have to pass. Can't afford that on my salary....

  • hanafihanafi Member Posts: 4
    I'm driving a 2004 XC70 with 120,000 miles. I've experimented with different grades & brands of fuel. It might get slightly better mpg with mid to premium grades, but the cost doesn't justify that minimal increase. Depending on variations of stop & go vs freeway driving, I'm consistently at 19 - 20 mpg around town with any regular gas. If I'm really careful on the road, but still maintain 70+ MPH, I can get 30 mpg. Usually it's more like 28-29, which is pretty good for a HEAVY full sized vehicle (IMHO).
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    From the computer in the car:

    Avg. speed: 35mph
    Avg. MPG: 24.6mpg
    Miles: A very long time-several years of real world driving. 110,000 total miles since new.
    Fuel: ALWAYS burning 93 octane gasoline. Unfortunately tainted with the mandated amount of ethanol.
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