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Changes You'd like To See in the Volvo XC70

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,715
edited April 2014 in Volvo
Let Volvo know what you would do to the XC70 to make it even better in your eyes. It might be as simple as some more color options, or as complicated as a major redesign. Whatever it is, this is the place to let us know about your wishlist!

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  • 1. Better tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. More space in the back seat. When you put the infants child seat rear-face in the middle, and pull the handle bar down, it sit against the back of front seats. If I am correct, it should have some space between the front seat and the child bar in case of accident.

    3. Better design on steering wheel and navigator systems. For example, where I am siting in the driver seat, I have a top of steering wheel block the visual of speed gate per hour. Every time I am checking for how fast I am going I have to look under the top of my steering wheel.

    Other than that I love the car(2005)
  • A return of the 3rd row seat.
  • truffles1truffles1 Posts: 20
    Add the 4C chassis to the US market, it already is sold in Europe. The suspensin is floaty. Also, add a T6 version like the S80. These two changes alone for the 2009 model year will help dealers avoid the hundreds of unsold XC70's off the lots.
  • duxyduxy Posts: 1
    In the center console around the stick shift Volvo has placed what I think is a stainless steel piece. Often during the day, depending on where the sun is in the sky I am blinded by the reflection off of the metal console. It is soooo irritating and dangerous. I am hoping they do a recall to replace the shiny surface with something BLACK.
  • ** Improve the milage. 18 MPG combined is low for the class. Low 20's would be acceptible and mid- high-20's would be attractive.

    ** Provide a power outlet or two on the dash. My GPS cord is snaked around the steering column, behind the dash to reach the power outlet in the center console. I had to hardwire my radar detector since there is only one power outlet. If I want to charge my cel I have to use choose GPS/Cel phone or use the rearseat power outlet which invites kicks from the kids.

    ** Add some rubber friction stipes to the trunk carpet. Sliding things in out of the trunk would be easier if it weren't 100% fuzzy carpet that likes to snag on corners and such.

    ** Why is there a headlight on/off if there really isn't an "off" position. If the headlights are always on or auto, just say so and dump the switch.
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