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Chevy Silverado - Continued XV



  • dumanduman Posts: 53
    i pulled a real f150 move..........i was cleaning the outside winows and using rain-x(great stuff btw)and lost track of the towels i was using. uesd a towel with rain-x on the inside windshield and caught myself when i saw the streaks!!! now i have a rain-x coating on 1 little part of the widshield on the inside......long story short, does anybody know what will remove rain-x?? must be a solvent of some sort. most winshield cleaners i used just bead up and wont remove. help please!!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Did you try a windshield cleaner with ammonia? My dad has this industrial window cleaner he brings home from work and it works great for anything.

    Try calling rainx and asking a technition there.

  • xringxring Posts: 129
    Use a big enough chain and you won't have to worry about breakage. Pull from the rear, the pull will place more weight on the tires to help keep them from spinning - you don't see farmers towing implements with the front of the tractor do ya? Be sure the stump is as loose as you can get it, dig and cut the whatever roots you can. You may have to pull it and then release it, dig and cut somemore, several times before it comes free. Have done this with my 1/2 ton Suburban and had no problems as long as you take it easy and use common sense. Be carefull and don't work your tranny too hard.

    One trick I've heard of to dampen the effects of a broken chain recoil is to place a heavy blanket or coat over the chain - if it breaks, the blanket will help dampen the movement of the chain.

    Good luck.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    will work. May also leave a residue but will clean up with windex. Could try rubbing alcohol or dawn dishwashing detergent.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    just use a chemical stump remover. Drill holes, dump powder, leave for a week, and pull out by hand as the stump will be all dried $.02.

    Oh, you should be able to find the stump remover in the lawn and garden section at Menards...LOL

  • dumanduman Posts: 53
    lol, but towing farm equipment aint the same as pulling stumps. i have some expierence here(raised on a south TEXAS ranch) and there are many reasons to pull from the front(when using a p/u truck): you can see what your doing, the weight on the front end helps stop wheel spin(especially 4x4), gear ratio is acceptable in reverse, more aggressive attack angle afa direction of pull...
    and as far as towin equipment with the front of a tractor......tractors have adapters for "tractor weights" on the front end so they can pull from the rear, keeping the front end down for steering. and actually you have a better chance of "the pull putting more wight on the tires" if you use the shortest chain possible, increasing the angle of attack.
    the blanket is a GREAT idea if you only have a chain!!
  • dumanduman Posts: 53
    for the help re: rian-x removal!!
    acetone huh? sounds good! is there a coating on the inside of the window that could be damaged by this??? thank gooness i statrted on the widshield instead of the side windows(window tint there!!)
    i really dont know why i was using rain-x in the first place........havent seen any rain in about 70 days!!!!!!
  • xringxring Posts: 129
    What does "lol" mean?

  • dumanduman Posts: 53
    it could mean almost anything depending on who used it...the standard meaning is"lots of love".

    i used it in my post to say "i dont mean any disrespect and im not trying to be an a**hole, but..."
  • Laugh out loud
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    I just thought you were laughing a lot, and here I find out that you really love everyone...

    (now what do I say to close instead of lol? - ha ha, I guess)
  • dumanduman Posts: 53
    and i always thought "ROFLMAO"....was laughing!!! who knows!?!? i guess everybody has their own anacronyms!! either way we all know that there is nothing but love for all (cept f150 and maybe babs...roflmao!!!)
    lol, roflmao, nbl, ffl, xyz......yada yada yada!
  • wight1wight1 Posts: 218
    Any of you guys with a 2500 and 4L80 automatic done your own transmission fluid change, or watched it getting done by a service tech? The exhaust pipe heat shield/pipe support hanger has to be removed in order to drop the pan, which looks like it would take a contorsionist to do. 2 small bolts up on top of the shield/hanger bracket look pretty tough to get at with the exhaust pipes in the way.

    Also, the tranny shift cable on the driver's side looks like it might have to be disconnected to get at the 2 pan bolts underneath it.

    Anybody tried this yet or seen it done?
  • xringxring Posts: 129
    Not yet - but wouldn't it be nice if the manufacturers would put a drain plug and an external filter on the tranny? Would make service much simpler.

  • I'm glad for you, cause my order is still on hold pending the two tone paint scheme. GM has accepted my order for a Black\Pewter reg cab Z71 LS, but they don't know when they are going to produce it.
    I know there is someone else who post here with the same problem as me, so I'll keep my chin up, misery likes company!!

  • Hey Obyone, I read somewhere in this thread you have the Airaid and were thinking about moving to K&N GenII. If so, why? I'm considering both and would like your input on the Airaid. Either option is about $250 and I'd like to know it's going to work.

    BTW, whenever winching a vehicle or pulling a stump, always put a blanket or something over the cable or chain. The chain is heavy enough it probably won't whip like the cable, but if you've ever seen a winch cable snap, it's a scary thing.
  • When I picked up my new 1-color truck, I asked the salesguy about the delay on the 2-tone paint. He said the reason was that the 2-tone takes alot more resources so they're clearing out the backlog of 1-color trucks rather than delay them waiting for the two tones to get done.

    Of course I'll never vouch for the validity of anything any salesperson says, but there it is....

    In any case, it's worth the wait.
  • wight1wight1 Posts: 218
    Well, Chevy at least gave us the drain plug on the new Rados, and the new Allison tranny will have both the drain plug and the external filter. That will sure be nice.

    By the way, I thought I saw in a post somewhere that you live in San Antone. Is that right? I'm in Houston.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,157
    ..uhhh....when I say it's Laughing Out Loud...

    perhaps yawl have been speading love?....I've been laughing...

    - Tim
  • xringxring Posts: 129
    Nope. Live in Edmond, Oklahoma - thought you live in Arcadia?

  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    I live in Arcadia (well, close anyway. One mile south).
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    and additional information.

    Silverado 2500HD LT 8100 extcab 4x4 SB indigo blu graphite msrp37255-
    gona hafta last a long time-
    local GMC dealer orderd duplicate sierra in case I change my mind I guess-

    maybe by 1st of Jan.!!?? (:(
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    laughing out loud
    lots of love
    lots of luck
    lots of losers
    lots of lurds....I like the last one best....of course it's only my opinion....

  • >Not yet - but wouldn't it be nice if the
    manufacturers would put a drain plug and an
    external filter on the tranny? Would make service
    much simpler.<

    I seem to recall Saturn having that.
  • M1 Synthetic grease color = RED

    LOL = lurds of love
  • jaumen, your original question was," long it
    takes for a truck to go through the assembly line." If memory serves me correctly when I worked at Buick assembly in Flint in '69, it took about 7 hours to actually assemble a vehicle from the time the frame came to the line 'till it was driven off the end. Of course we "spit" them off the end about 1 a minute! With more modern assembly techniques, I am sure it may be less. Now I know that this might not be exactly what you wanted to know, but it is an interesting fact.
    The info you got about order, TPW, build and delivery times is very accurate. Of course Ryan could have driven over to the assembly plant and gotten his faster if they had let him! ha But some of us had to wait the excrutiating pain of a week or more. I even had to go out of town on business the day mine arrived at the dealer. So I rented one at National for the week to appease myself! Hang in there, buddy it will be worth it.

    v75 I had asked some friends of mine in Detroit if Pontiac East assembly held tours. They don't. Bummer. Have heard that during assembly the whole damn truck is turned upside down! Would like to see that!

    Just got back from using my Silverado on a business trip. At $0.33 per mile I won't do that too many more times. But did 1200 miles across NY, PA, Conneticut, and Mass. I am ready to do 1200 more. The seats are more comfortable than a passenger car. As the owners know, and those waiting will find out, when you get in and start driving it is hard to put it away!

    obyone, having been to HI myself, how do find enough space to really enjoy the personal creature comforts of your truck, much less the Denali...oh yeah sorry, I forgot you have been without it for a while. hehe Seriously, how did you make out with the dealer?

    dealers HA! Got 4 free oil changes with deal...took it up for 2nd one before I left...2 HOURS LATER it was done...and he really wants my service business? I'd do it myself, but oil disposal is a problem in this miserable little state with all the "Save The Bay" freaks (DEM) running around! I'll take the UPF-59 to the corner gas station and get it done quicker. May even take my own oil...found source for Royal Purple close at a warehouse.

  • Thanks for the this rate I she should be sitting in my garage by the end of the month...time will tell.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    The truck's back and running pretty good, got a few more quirks to take care of. Denali runs like a champ with the new Michelin LTX M/S 275/70R16. Best part, I got the upgrade for free. Shows you what bitchin the Service Manager will get you.

    I think what I enjoy most about the truck being in the shop is the opportunity to drive Fords and Dodges. You realize the differences in the trucks and can appreciate the 'rado a little bit more. Took the truck up to 115 this past week. Solid as a if I can only convince my service manager that a supercharger shouldn't void the warranty on the engine...

  • ...whaaaawwoooooooooo....
    wah aow...ah..ah..wowwwooo....
    oooh a rock....THE TRUCK
  • pjcavpjcav Posts: 80
    Nope that is me that lives in San Antonio

  • Dean, my experience with Michelins has always been been good. My partner here at work had a vibrating Exploder, after much fooling around, and my telling him to go to the Michelins, his vehicle is now pleasant to ride in...funny thing when we go to lunch, he always wants to ride in my Z71...go figure. The Michelins seem to be "ROUND" whereas many of the others have something that makes them bounce. Glad to here that they have that size as it is the "+1" factor that I can use on my truck.
    gotta go back to work
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    Inevitably, most GM trucks run 265/70R16. Because of this, Michelin USA had a three week backorder on them. I guess they had a run on people upgrading. Funny, cause they had a ton of the 275/70R16 as nobody wanted them. Go figure.

  • xringxring Posts: 129
    Anybody have a rattle in the driver's side door? Only seems to rattle when the sheetmetal is hot - like setting outside all day in 95+ degree heat. Rattle seems to go away when the truck cools down. Is this strange or what. Any ideas?

  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    was installed on my '99 1/2 ton. AMAZING difference, quieter, no clunking over bumps. Can't believe the difference, as thought the old one was okay except when running over big bumps.

    Took about 15 min at the dealer.
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    about work on the inside.

    Was advised that Pontiac plant no longer was giving public tours also.
    "Talk to GM" e-mail response advised to talk to Ft. Wayne and gave name and ph no.
    She advised that they too are operating so 'lean' they had discontinued the public tours --
    --- but she suggested I try to find a friend of someone who worked their and try to arrange a personal tour thru them.
    (She actually gave me the ph no. for the Union Office & said to see if I could get someone their that would be willing to give my wife and I the tour.)
    (She certainly is trying to be very helpful and felt badly that the public tours had been discontinued).
    Anyway - Trying to find someway to make that connection as my wife and would really like to go thru espcially now that we have the HD on order.
    --Went thru Janesville back in '81 when my PU was being built.

    By the way, which plant, Pontiac or Ft. Wayne would be the best to visit if I can get it done?

    Hey!! Thanks for your response---
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Im from indiana. My truck was built at the fort wayne plant. Where are you from? I wouldnt really consider the fort wayne plant because theres not much else around to do. My uncle took a plant tour there about a yr ago (he lived in fort wayne and was an engineer at a local pump company) he said its just a regualr plant nothing special. I wouldnt travel a great distance if i was you. Kinda waste of money and time i guess you can say.

    Also 75V let me know if your gonna go or need help going to the fort wayne plant my salesman that i bought my truck from might be able to give me some info he lives not to far from there im sure he knows people who work there

  • Called GM customer service today and they told me my truck was completed on 9/14. CS said that dealer can now tell me when it will be delievered.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    getting very close. If your close to the plant early next wk is probably when itll arrive. If your furthur from the plant late next wk or early the following wk is a good time frame.

  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Your message came thru so quickly after I posted over noon hr. tryed to post right back and computer here at wk locked-up and had to reboot --

    Home is central Iowa. Work for major control valve manufacture here.
    (side note - was chief investigator for our company on the Ford Rouge Power House Explosiion Detroit year ago)

    We'll be coming home from Vermont Oct. 16 thru Port Huron down thru MI so could make either Pontiac or Ft Wayne but would prefer probably Ft Wayne just cause smaller town area eaiser to get around etc.
    (Also might plan to fly over to Ft W if don't work out on this vacation trip -
    possibly when truck was actually being built - pending on good flying weather etc.)

    So really appreciate any help to make tour thru either facility.

    Thanks in advance --
    75V ([email protected])
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Yea i post quick when im at work i check the postings frequently cause i am on the computer 80% of the day. Flying in to the airport is a good idea wouldnt take but a few hrs to do so. They have anice airport. Last time i was out there the blue angles made an appearance did like a small airshow on a saturday. The next weekend is when the blue angles crashed in a practice and 2 pilots died kinda stuck with me. Ill talk to my salesman buddy and see if he can contact the factory or something. Ill let you know. Email me at [email protected] the possible dates you may be going though ok cause ill forget otherwise. Im not from that area but i do know some people out there i am pretty close to chicago.

  • I live in Kansas, I spoke with the dealer and he gave me the VIN, but could not tell me where it was built.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    You wrote the vin # down right? One of the letters in the VIN specifies the plant it was built at. Theres a website maybe someone knows that specifies what each letter and number means. Your dealer doesnt seem like a bright guy. Call him back and tell him the VIN ( a letter ) specifies where it was built

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Has anyone had their locking rear engage? Labor day weekend i was on wet grass and i hit the gas wheels spun and the rear made a noise (very loud) and i got traction. I know the locker worked but is it supposed to be noisy or is it quiet? Ive had it engage a few times each time i was in wet grass or on a wet road.


  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Your the man thanks for posting that site i didnt have a link to one.

  • Looks like it was built in Ft. Wayne. Is that good or bad? Thanks for the site...the guy that gave me the info from the dealer does not work much with the computer to gather this data.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Mine was built there no problems except a dash rattle very minor

  • Sounds Promising...
  • I don't recall any noise when mine locked, but it was so long ago.

  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    We took our grandson(9) & grandaughter (6) to see them at LaCrosse this spring and Thunder Birds at Daveport July. Great flying, elite of the elite.

    Yeh! Blue's lost two guys in two-seater F-18 landing approach eairly spring. Touch deal, Don't think known why--

    Thanks for e-mail adr also. going to be out of town for week end- try to e-mail late sunday evening when we get back
    thanks - 75v // llb
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