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Volvo XC70 Tire/Wheel Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,487
edited August 2014 in Volvo
Post your questions regarding tire and wheel issues on the XC70 here.

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  • I have 39000 miles on my 2005 XC 70 and the pirelli STR tires won't pass inspection. I have been given the choice of Pirelli scorpion STR 98V or firestone Affinity LH30 98H.

    any thoughts or advice??
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,487
    Using TireRack prices, there's a decent price difference. $81 for the Firestone, $113 for the Pirelli. And looking at the rating people give each tire on Tire Rack:
    Looks like folks score the Pirelli a touch better intheWet and Dry performance ratings, while the Firestones have a slight edge in Winter and Comfort/Treadwear. If youlook at the number of people submitting survey results for each tire and the total miles reported in the surveys, the Firestone folks were reporting with an average of about 17,600 miles and the Pirelli users about 15,900 so I'm thinking you may get a few more mile out of the Firestones, although a lot of that is going to depend on driving conditions/styles. Sounds like you got decent mileage out of your last set. Looks like a close call with the biggest difference being price. Hope this helps a bit!

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    PF_Flyer's 2014 Versa Note Long Term Blog
    How To Start Your Own Long Term Blog

  • My 2003 xc cross country develops a mild vibration at 32 to 35 miles an hr. It disapates and the care drive great. Even at high speeds it drives smooth as silk. If however I start off driving up hill the vibration gets more pronounced.

    I am assuming its related to the transfer case which is notorious for this model.

    Questions-how do I determine what is causing this?

    If it is the transfer case should I attempt to buy a use one from the dismantler?

    Signed, frustrated and about to cry... thanks
  • I have a 2005 XC70 with about 38,000 miles. When I had the car inspected in NY in December, the garage guy claimed I needed four new tires (as well as front brakes and rotors) because the tread on the edges of the tires was low, while the tread in the center (majority) of the tires was OK.
    Does anyone have any info on whether the tires need to be replaced if worn on the very edges? [they seem to get fine traction].
    Also, how long do brakes normally last?
  • So I have to buy new rotors and I keep seeing these two sizes
    285mm and 305mm. what is the difference. I just need stock rotors for a 2001 xc70. I need answers asap. thank you
  • It sounds like your tires wore like that from the tires being under inflated. bald on the sides and tread in the center. you should only need new rotors if a deep grove was dug in the surface of the rotor from use with worn out break pads.
  • I have 30000 miles on my 2005 xc70. Just took the car to the dealer for 30000 miles services. they said that my original tire will not pass the inspection in NY. Would any one make a comment about it? Is it possible? We use a car only driving our kids to school and shopping. I find it hard to believe that all tires are bad. I am looking to replace with Goodyear Assurance Triple Tred. Any tips on this tire. I know that it's handle well on snow and ice. Thank you for share any info.

    Albany, NY
  • califjohn1califjohn1 Posts: 11
    My daughter has an XC70 with 100K miles and has replaced her tires twice. Now the right front is worn nearly to the wearbars and the tire shop and Volvo mechanic (different shops) tell her she needs to replace all four at once or it will screw up the 4 wheel drive system. I find this hard to believe. I can understand replacing both front tires, but seen no need for the good rear tires to be replaced also. Is this a routine thing with the XC Volvos, my other daughter has a new XC90, that I should know about? :confuse:
  • I bought my XC70 two years ago and have about 35000 miles on them. I thought they were slipping since the day I drove the car. I thought pirelli tires were supposed to be the best but I am seriously in doubt of that since this experience with them. I am looking to buy new tires but it seems to be whatever you prefer. I really dont want to waste my money on something and I wish I could try them out before I buy them but apparently that is not the case. I also know that the tires in the rear wear out faster than the front because of the angle that the tires sit in the back.
  • I love my Pirelli Scorpions, but they seem to wear out more quickly than some tires. Given the price, that is not something I like.

  • I've been told the same thing, and that it's recommended on all 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. However, I HAVE put two new tires instead of four on, and some people I respect told me that it probably won't do much harm, since I don't switch the the all wheel drive on that often.

  • NixcarNixcar Posts: 4
    Need new tiresfor 2007 Volvo XC70. Live in a southern state so not as concerned about snow issues, just need good all-season tires. Been recommended Yokohama AVid TRZ. Need help--don't want to put the Pirelli Scorpions on again, as they only have 30,000 miles on them and already need replacing. NEED some suggestions???? Thanks!
  • I have a 2005 XC-70, I am now on my 3rd set of Pirelli STR's. I can add only this to everyone wanting to switch to a different tire, the firestone LH30 98H is not the same speed rating. This will most likely not be an issue when driving in your neighborhood, but can become a big issue when driving on the highway in faulty weather. V rated tires have a thicker sidewall than the H rated tire the thinner sidewall and respond differently when cornering. Also changing to lower speed rated tire will have a adverse effect on how the Tracs or DTSC system responds.
    I can hear the lawsuit now, you get in an accident and the otherside says the car would have responded better if it had the correctly engineered tires installed. As far as mileage is concerned, V rated tires because of their traction will wear faster than H rated tires and this is more pronounced in the Pirelli because if it's semi-aggressive design. Unfortunately the only tire available in the US that meets the manufacturers specification is the Pirelli.
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