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Lost and Confussed....

JhubbleJhubble Member Posts: 1
edited August 2020 in Jeep
I am not a machanic nor do I have the funds to take my jeep to one. That being said...I am seeking advice for those smarter and wiser than I. Anyways. I bought a 2002 jeep liberty with 150,000 miles on it. ran great for a month then all the sudden it wouldnt start unless I held the gas peddle down all the way. By the sounds of it then it had a miss. well I changed all the spark plugs. no fix. got it home and had the check engine light tested and said injector 5. so took it out cleaned it, tested it, and put it back it. still same problem. so went and had the check engine light tested again and this time it was injector 6. well same thing again. cleaned tested and reinstalled. still same problem. test the light again. this time was injector 1, and cylinder misfire. well that time I was fed up and replaced all the injectors and the fuel rail. and all the coil packs. still same problem. (the problem as described befor is it sounds rough and wont stay running. it will Idle now but when ur in gear and stop at a stop sign will die.) so I go and have the check ingine light checked again ( o riley really knows me by face mask and voice by now...lol) now it is the 02 sensor on the downstream catalytic converter on the passenger side. well I replaced that and was advised to put a hole thru the catalytic filter. well....still same problem exists. now when I check the check engine light it gives me these codes: P0161, P0123, P1281, P0442, and P0455. I feel like I am missing something here. Please help.......
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