Volvo XC70 Engine Problems

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  • trcheyneytrcheyney Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 v70 XC SE. I just had the throttle control replaced under voluntary recall (warranty item 10 years, 100,000) and now it takes 4 or 5 times to start the car after it sits for an hour or more. It cranks but just doesn't run. Is there a crankcase sensor that needs replacing or did volvo dealer mess up when they replaced by throttle control. Theres plenty of fuel pressure, fuel filter changed at 62 k. The car has 64 thousand miles and I love the car. These little problems are really starting to add up. Angle gears (4 wheel system) blew at 35 k and they tried to tell me my tires were 2 different sizes (nice try). Broken cup holders, oil filter cup not tight, back latch lock never works right and they won't replace it without greasing the heck out of it first. My dealer, Hammersley of Roanoke Valley, has just gotten a new service manager so I hope they spend more time replacing things than trying to patch them up. Any suggestions about the starting problem????
  • carssssscarsssss Member Posts: 1
    Oh, I feel your pain. I have the same make, model, and year car (with about the same mileage)and have been to the service dept about 15 times with a similar problem. They've replaced so many things, fuel sensor, alarm sensor ring, keys, not sure what else they will try and swap out. I recommend trading it in as there are so many problesm with this model, your troubles and mine won't end with a new service manager. Mine knows me by sight, which is a scary thing...
    Oh, one more thing. I've found that gassing it up while engaging the car into drive usually will get it to start up and stay running, but it's not very safe. This si why I am trading it in for something more reliable... Good luck!
  • yhwh4meyhwh4me Member Posts: 4
    I plan to sell my 1998 XC70 160K but engn ck comes back on TWO DAYS after every mtc visit. Each year, just before vehicle registration renewal, I must have mtc just to have light reset. What might be the problem? I don't know how to explain this to a perspective buyer.
  • jaybirdsjaybirds Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 XC70 with 30,000 miles on it. When I start the car it idles rough. When I pull up to a stop light the engine idles rough and the check engine light comes on and sometimes blinks. The car runs better after it has been warmed up, however the light stays on. It has been back to the dealer three times. They have changed the ignition coil, spark plugs (they said they were really bad), and then just reset the computer. The car runs good for about a day, then the problems start again. Any ideas? Should we think about trading the car in? Any help is appreciated.
  • rrruschmanrrruschman Member Posts: 1
    We have the same problem and volvo is saying all sorts of repairs that will cost about $1500. Was wondering if they figured out your problem. Thanks
  • xcedxced Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2000 XC 70 used in Feb 2001 with less than 17K mi. It now has over 111K. Maintenance has been pricey over the past six years. One issue that has plague my car is the check engine light. Two years ago, it stayed on almost constantly and my dealer reprogrammed the computer, which cauased the car to run so rough it had to be flat bedded back to the shop. He then replaced the thottle body. Five minutes after I drove away, the check engine light came on again. He then replaced the mass airflow sensor and charged me for the part only, to acknowledge my inconvenience. The car has been running fine. Last year, the dealer informed me that Volvo came up with a software upgrade for the computer, which may have rendered my throttle body repair unnecessary. Volvo refunded the entire cost of the repair at $812.

    Over the past few months, my check engine light has been coming on, when I take a curve or a sharp corner, but lately it is random. Sometimes I can make it go off by refueling the car and turning the gas cap a half dozen times. My state requires an emissions inspection to renew registration. During one of the times the light was not on, I took it to the inspection station and it passed with flying colors. A week later, I took the car to the dealer for its scheduled maintenance and mentioned all the above. The dealer connected the car to the diagnostic machine which gave an error code ECM-4801, Intermittent catalytic converter flow to low. The dealer said that if this code returns the catalytic converter may require replacement at an estimated cost of $1,100. (The dealer's estimates are always on the low side.)

    What is troubling me is that my car passed an emissions test with an allegedly defective cat converter. I hate to pay $1,100 only to have that annoying orange light on my dash display again. I am planning to take the car to an independent repair facility that specializes in Volvo and Saab to get a second opinion.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, are you able to share any thoughts? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  • dqmandqman Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 V70XC and have been having the same problems
    but mine just got alot worse. This car has been a constant source of electrical problems.On a trip last week my oil lite came on again I called the dealer from the road and was told to turn car off and wait 5 minutes then it should be fine I did that then drove a little further check engine lite came on I stopped called the dealer again they said to have it towed in.To make a long story shorter I now need a new motor.I have reached my limit with volvo but thought I should try to trade it, well I received a insultingly low trade value for my car.If any one else has had these problems or know how to get Volvo to listen please advise.
  • yhwh4meyhwh4me Member Posts: 4
    I must admit, the ck engn lt has always been a problem w/my 1998 v70xc--during the annual emissions test. The thrill of owning a volvo, or any other car is long gone. I bought a toyota, and love the carefree maint. but it doesn't feel sturdy like a volvo. I also receive low offers on resale. I may just take the loss and settle for the safest, cheapest car I can get.
  • toddio1toddio1 Member Posts: 9
    I have the 1998 XC70 with constant "Check Engine" light. I decided to keep driving it. I also moved to South Carolina (the car had nothing to do with the move)where there is no emission test or annual inspection. I got so used to the Check Engine light, that I didn't find anything amiss until one morning when I went to the car and found a car sized oil slick under it. Verdict, used engine at the Volvo dealer. $5,000. My other car is a 1987 240 DL, which I will have long after the XC70 is gone. I have been assured by the service manager that the XC70 will last at least another 70K. That would put it at 225K. My next vehicle will be a Toyota. I have always had Volvos (4 240's,
    1 740,1 940 and now this mess. In my book, they quit making the best model (240) in 1993. Everything after that is crap. I always felt I would be driving Volvos the rest of my life, but I was wrong.

    I gather I am not the only person experiencing these problems. One would think that Volvo would do more to foster brand loyalty. Mine is gone.
  • jazzlovr99jazzlovr99 Member Posts: 2
    I purchase a my Volvo new off the lot on 3/2004, since I've had it I have taken it to the Volvo several times for small problems. Well, as off November 2006 and with 39,000 miles, My car started to stall and turned on a turn and the check engine light came on, I took it to Big Dee Volvo where I purchased it and they assured me that they fixed the problem, to make a long story short, I have been in the volvo repair almost every week for the same problem and everytime I go they say that the computer has obtained a code and they fixed. I have Volvo many times and was given an offer of my car value. plus 4000 if I take back to Big Dee Volvo and buy a new Volvo by 4/5/07. The Volvo are running close to 37,000, with tax and titles. I did that yesterday. Big Dee Volvo offered me 9,000 for my car, which only has 43,000 miles and is in mint condition.
    I don't know what to do? Should I take the offer or continue going to Big Dee Volvo every week for the same problem? I am a visiting Nurse and need my car to care for my patients.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

    Ps My car is already paid for.

    Stressed out nurse
  • jazzlovr99jazzlovr99 Member Posts: 2
    I purchase a my Volvo new off the lot on 3/2004, since I've had it I have taken it to the Volvo several times for small problems. Well, as off November 2006 and with 39,000 miles, My car started to stall on a turn and the check engine light came on, I took it to Big Dee Volvo where I purchased it and they assured me that they fixed the problem, to make a long story short, I have been in the volvo repair almost every week for the same problem and everytime I go they say that the cars computer has registered a code and according to the code they are able to pinpoint the problem and fix it. I have called Volvo corp. many times and was given an offer for the value of my car, plus 4000 if I take back to Big Dee Volvo and buy a new Volvo by 4/5/07. The Volvos are running close to 37,000, with tax and titles. plus the finance charge. I did that yesterday. Big Dee Volvo offered me 9,000 for my car, which only has 43,000 miles and is in mint condition.
    I don't know what to do? Should I take the offer or continue going to Big Dee Volvo every week for the same problem? I am a visiting Nurse and need my car to care for my patients.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

    Ps My car is already paid for.

    Stressed out nurse
  • xcownerxcowner Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 V70XC, Have had nothing but problems with it since I purchased it a year and half ago. Fuel door fell off, Bad ECM, Bad ETM, Bad bearings, won't hold an alignment, fuse panel melted, list goes on. The check engine light just came on again, I ignore it now since it happens all the time and will usually go out after about 300 miles. I have had it with Volvo too, THEY DO NOT LISTEN OR CARE, I have tried several approaches to get them to listen but nothing has worked yet. the dealer says we just sell the cars, Volvo says we just make the cars. I would recommend to everyone with issues concerning Volvo to post a complaint against them at, maybe after enough complaints they will listen and fix thier vechiles.
  • skeeter03skeeter03 Member Posts: 8
    What codes did they give you? If you can be specific maybe I can help. :shades:
  • dqmandqman Member Posts: 4
    I would not take their trade what a insult! if Volvo's lose there value that quickly (which I have found out the hard way they do)I would start to look else were , my crosscountry had to have the motor replaced and volvo Canada refuses to help and the dealer as well.Volvo used to be a quality product but now it is just trading on its past name. I am looking at a Honda pilot to trade my Volvo on everytime it goes in for repairs it is $500.00 and that seems to be monthly.So my advice would be run dont walk away from Volvo
  • sweetseetsweetseet Member Posts: 9
    Big Dee stinks, take it to Ramsey Volvo. The service mgr is awesome and the techs are really nice and know their stuff.
  • gbloorgbloor Member Posts: 1
    My daughter has a volvo S40 and her engined stalled, too. Only she was crusing at 25 mph and the steering locked up as well. She took it to Barrier Volvo in Bellvue Wa where they said the fixed it. Two days later the same problem occured, again. I called and asked them if the could gurantee the fix since I was very concerned that my daughter would get hurt or even killed with such a failure mode. They said they could not guarantee it. You are lucky they have offered to at least pay you something for your car. On the other hand, Volvo needs to protect the concumer from life threatening failure modes. I contacted the attorney general and the took a keen interest in the case. I suggest you do the same. A class action law suit may be evolving.
  • gmackiegmackie Member Posts: 1
    Due to an accident we were stuck in traffic for over three hours of stop and move two car lengths every few minutes. About two and one half hours into this "fringe of insanity drama" we heard a small thump and the check engine light came on with a computer message of "Transmission Needs Service." We then discovered that first gear would not engage. Using second gear only in heavy traffic caused me considerable concern. Traffic finally began to move and we had it home. Made an appointment with the Volvo dealer and when I drove the car there the next morning first gear seemed fine. They checked the car out and found no problems, cleared the computer and reset the check engine light. Everything seems fine now, but there is that lingering doubt: Why wouldn't first gear engage, overheating in traffic maybe? Any inputs appreciated.
  • dpost7dpost7 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 XC70 where I try to start the car and it tunrs over but does not catch. When you look at the gear indicator just shows a dash. The later it shows a P at it should when you try to start. The dealer has changed the Transmission control module now and this would be the third. Wondering if anyone has experienced this, if so was that a similar diagnosis from the dealer. I guess I am wondering if the dealer is telling eveything that is actually going on here. Thanks for the help.
  • gilmogilmo Member Posts: 1
    1. very loud clanking / rotational (speeds up / slows down)
    2. there for 2-3 days, then gone for a few days
    3. dealer inspected twice - "nothing wrong" - didn't do noise when there
    4. jacked up - looked at anything "hitting" something - no shiney metal anywhere... - when was making the noise - i jacked up car and turned tires - but no noise when wheels turned by hand...
    5. willing to get fixed - no one knows what to fix...
    6. going nuts

    dealer "thinks" driveshaft. not willing to shell out $&&& until sure.

    any new ideas?
  • mk2rockmk2rock Member Posts: 4
    Hi everyone, I hate to announce that I am a new member to this forum.

    Not sure if this problem has been posted before, I appologize if it has.

    Sorry for the long post, but want to give proper history of the problem.

    We have a 2000 that we bought 3yrs ago. Up until now no issues other than regular maintenance.

    A month ago my wife was driving when she heard a load noise, a few minutes later the car came to a halt, and when she tried starting it again, it ran really rough.

    Her gas tank was nearly empty as the computer indicated 16km until empty.

    I assumed she had run out of gas and added a few gallons. The car ran for about 10 minutes and died again.

    Got it told to a dealer, not Volvo as the nearest dealer is 4 hrs away.

    Here is a list of diagnostic and work completed.

    - intake was blown off, reinstalled
    - temperature guage was blown off, reinstalled
    - replaced coils and plugs,
    - oil had accumulated around the plug openings and had started to cake, cleaned.

    $600 later, I picked up the car and drove it to the store about 5 miles away. Car ran very good.

    Got back in, car would not run, would start and then sputter and stop.

    Left the car there overnight and returned the next morning.

    Car started and ran well, brought it back to the garage.

    Wanting to make sure it ran ok the mechanic kept it for 2 weeks, driving it every day for a few miles, no issues.

    Last week he took it our for a long drive for about 50 miles and the car ran great.

    The next morning they had to move the car, they heard a load pop and again the intake was blown off.

    He figures it's an internal backfire that is causing the problem. Engine code came back as low internal pressure. He also stated that I had the turbo model,
    (as far as I knew it wasn't, no turbo tag anywhere) and that it may be a turbo issue.

    Before I haul this thing 4 hrs to a dealer, any one out there had the same issues and might know what the problem is???

    I appreciate any help I can get.
  • dpost7dpost7 Member Posts: 3
    Hi There, My 04 XC70 is in the shop as I type this. I am getting the same sputtering issue very intermittent. I took the car to an Independant not the dealer and they told me it is most likely a speed sensor or RPM sensor. I also have a starting issue but that is not related. I guess we'll see if that is the issue when I get it out of the shop. My shop has an old factory trained tech and they use all of the up to date computers to check things out. I have never had anything blown off of the engine. Sepposedly the dealer replaced the TCM when under warranty....but my guy thinks it was a security ring issue.....shuts the car down if it doesn't read the chips from the keys properly. Leave it to a dealer it replace things they don't need to while under warranty.......happened subsequent time afterward...which tells they did it wrong.

  • mk2rockmk2rock Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info,

    Please keep me posted.
  • jgb2000jgb2000 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Volvo XC70. I have an "Emissions System Service Required" message on my dashboard. I read a little and I thought I needed to replace my EGR valve. The more I look around I wonder if my car even has an EGR valve.

    1) When the car is warm, at idle the engine bucks and misfires. On acceleration the engine bogs down and stops accelerating unless you back way off on the throttle. Very limited acceleration. No chance of ever getting the turbo to kick in.

    2) If I put my foot to the floor on the highway the engine immediately goes into reduced performance mode. I know there's a recall on that but I don't think the 2 problems are related.

    Any clues on the emissions message and EGR valve?
  • goldrichgoldrich Member Posts: 7
    Unsure what to attribute this to..
    the sensation is that the car grabs/slips as when your bicycle chain starts to derail.
    occurs only going forward not in reverse
    speeds under 30 mph;
    as i accelerate or slow down.

    happened , 11/18/08, as i was looking for parking space at the university; therefore, i was going maybe 10 mph..

    also: perhaps separate issues At times, i've heard a clanking sound.

    Comments , thoughts appreciated.
  • ashore1ashore1 Member Posts: 1
    It's on a 2004 V-70, and subject nuisance is quite intermittent. We've just had the dealer install the control module software, so it's up to spec that-wise.

    But I see that others here (dpost7?) have approximately similar issues, and I wonder if you ever got any fixes. Thanks all,

  • dpost7dpost7 Member Posts: 3
    Well, We have a many issues realeting to the TCM Transmission control module and the ECM. I think both ohave been replaced twice and 3 time respectively. The control module issue are really hard to deal as at time I don;t think thye kow whats's wrong. They just start to replace parts and see if it corrects. Anyway, good luck.

  • goldrichgoldrich Member Posts: 7
    2001 Volvo XC with 157,500 miles: "Slaming in Gear" at low gears from a dead stop to acceleration (ie. if at stop sign then accelerate.)

    has anyone experienced this.. recommended solutions?

    It seems unacceptable for this to occur . any thoughts on whether this is a premature issue and therefore a case for Volvo North America.

    Friday, 12/12/08 Volvo dealership mechanic took car for 45 minute drive in residential neighborhoods described it as
    Service Report:

    1. slamming in Gear

    " internal problem, valve body in transmission, most likely in bands and clutch plates."

    1. Lower Torque mount:" found soft torque mount causing jerking during up shift and braking replace torque mount"
    2. Turbo Return lines: leaking fluid : replace turbo return line seals.
    3. Crankshaft seal, rear main : replaced at time of transmission replacement mainly due to age.
    4. Transmission oil cooler lines : replace

    also experience a banging sensation when the slamming occurs

    thank you for your time in responding
    vicki :cry:
  • JoeBagsJoeBags Member Posts: 1
    Oh what an adventure this problem has been. For two years I have complained to the dealer that this car will "bang into gear" normally associated with low speed driving and shifting between 1-2-3 gears either up or down. This condition was really noticable in hot stop and go bumper to bumper interstate driving. No codes ever showed up for a long time------then Service Transmission Soon message showed up with the computer defalting to "dumb or safe mode". Volvo service changed transmission fluid looked burnt and metal flakes(bad, bad, bad). Volvo service manager drove it for a weekend and it didn't happen again that weekend. Few weeks later same warning came on. Being a bit frustrated with Volvo Dealer service I went to AAMCO. AAMCO rebuilt transmission------including valve package and a section of transmission housing that houses a bearing assembly. So far $4000 bill. Was better but still acting up. Back and forth to AAMCO but no codes. Then same issue of banging very pronounced, withj slipping and banging. Code again "Service Transmission Soon"-----AAMCO reviewed computer codes---said there were lots of codes. Replaced control module-----funny, Volvo had one on the shelf ready to go! Now it is back to brand new drivability and acts like it did on day one as a new car.

    Impressions: 2001 was a bad year---this model transmission is not in subsequnt model years. Lots of postings about this transmission, well known to AAMCO techs (not a good sign)

    Gut Feeling: Volvo really goofed this one up. Undersized transmission for relatively heavy car. To improve performance it made the transmission run at higher pressures than it could handle and slowly tears itself up! How come no fess up by Volvo---gave up on transmission in next model year!
  • nikosgrfannikosgrfan Member Posts: 1
    i disagree, i drive an 01 volvo xc70 and it is great
    smooth ride
    lots of torque considering its small engine
    turbo works well, accelarates great considering its weight
    decent mpg
  • jrlun78jrlun78 Member Posts: 9
    lol ok how many miles on your magical 2001
    thanx J-R
  • bhaktigirlbhaktigirl Member Posts: 1
    so it sounds like what is being described is my problem exactly....I have a 2001 XC, now with 202K miles on it...and it's behaving as everyone above indicates...I just dropped 4K to have the front end rebuilt....all needed, check engine light is now off...but the performance is dropping like a stone...and it still does the slam into gear and hates, hates stop and go city traffic...

    I am afraid the only option is to rebuild the tranny...any thoughts????

  • jrlun78jrlun78 Member Posts: 9
    well after having my car at my mechanic .....i told them that the issue only happened when the temp of the engine was cold...which we all know only lasts for a couple of works great until it reaches its full boil...which is only minutes after cold....but like i have said before my issues are not all the time when the engine is at full boil my mechanic has said i should take it for the software update ....which i will ....after paying for the ....but i love my car ...i really do ....foreal
  • lynn_55lynn_55 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased this car one year ago today. Timing belt was replaced before we picked it up. The car only had 102,000 miles on it at that time. We have made numerous repairs on the car, but still liked the ride. In Dec. 2010 the check engine light came on with a P1332 code. Did some research and had the CVVT solenoid replaced. Also, put new brakes and tires on. About $1500 for all of this. Did all the work the week of Christmas. Last Sunday, while driving on the highway the car lost all power, coasted to what seemed like the safest spot to stop. My husband looked under the hood and saw that the springs holding the timing belt let go. Now I'm told by my repair person that it's not good and we're looking at $2500 to $3000 in repairs. His advice is to get rid of it, but we don't have the money for a different car.

    One of my questions is, do you think when the solenoid was replaced could that have caused the tension spring problem? Also, opinon on fixing the vehicle, we have so much into it all ready. It's a beatiful car otherwise.
  • radmeisterradmeister Member Posts: 2
    I've had all of the transmission issues mentioned in previous posts. I bought the car with 100k miles. It was shifting very poorly, slamming and slipping in 3rd and down shifts were like getting hit with a sledge hammer. I flushed the fluid, it would be OK for a while and then return to the same thing. I changed the fluid a few times and the same thing kept happening. Changed the B4 servo, no impact. I bit the bullet and changed the valve body, 1100$ later it shifted good for about 2 weeks, fluid was dirty again. I gave up on trying to fix the transmission. One day I decided to change all the fluids, I drained the coolant, color seemed a bit off but not too alarming. About an hr later I noticed little red dots showing up on the surface of the old coolant...A light went on in my head, so I went to nappa and got myself an auxiliary trans fluid cooler and bypassed the rad completely. Changed the trans fluid again. Went to the dealer to not just reset the adaptation, but to completely reload the software and do the adaptation procedure. While I was changing the oil I noticed that both my upper engine mount and the lower torque mount were shot. I replaced them both myself in 30min. It's been 2 months and my trans fluid is still cranberry juice red and its still shifting great. So if you've changed the trans or valve body or fluid and it runs good for a bit and then goes back to poor behaviour it's most likely leaking coolant into the oil through the rad. Either bypass the rad for 100$ or get a new rad for 300$. In these transmissions since they are almost a constantly variable slip oil chemistry is very important, you don't need 5l of coolant to leak in there. Even an ounce can change how it shifts tremendously. And you won't notice an ounce in your 8L of coolant nor in your 7.4L of trans fluid but your transmission will.
  • radmeisterradmeister Member Posts: 2
    I don't have any springs on mine, just a tensioner. Sounds like whoever installed your timing belt didn't do it properly and the timing went off or he set the tensioner too tight and it ate your belt. Either way you need a new head assembly. You can find one at a salvage yard for 100$ and get it replaced with a new gasket for another 500$. You are also going to need a new belt and tensioner. Get someone who knows what they are doing to install I though.
  • bret9bret9 Member Posts: 1

    im have a starting issue just put a trans in 2004 xc70 started it up moved it then clear codes now it will crank but wont restart any ideas

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