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Park Assist false positives and headliner creaking/clicking.

charp01charp01 Member Posts: 15
edited August 2020 in GMC
Just wondering if any other 2021 Yukon/Tahoe owners are experiencing frequent false park assist readings and continuous headliner clicking? The false park assist readings happen when backing up and the front sensors go off. They also go off when stopping in traffic and at stop lights. The headliner is another annoying issue that is heard constantly when driving. I can press up on headliner and it goes away. It seems the clips are inserted correctly. I think its a material quality issue. Also had intermittent loss of camera view for the left mirror. Image was just like a "no video" image on computer monitor.
I've already had it in for service with 200 miles for a road force balance. I'm really hoping the issues can be resolved, because these vehicles aren't cheap and I'm extremely worried about reliability.
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