Changes You'd Like To See in the Volvo V70

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This is the place to let Volvo and the rest of us know just what you would do to improve on the V70 in its current form. What options would you add? What standard features? Maybe you just want more color choices!
Whatever it is, share your wishlist with us here.


  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    First, let me start with what not to do: don't touch the seats, the pleasant and safe winter performance (heated seats, the highly mounted, very visible rear lights, good storage area,, centrally located red flasher button, etc.), don't put in an I drive device like BMW, and don't move the price points any closer to the E Class Wagon.

    But, how about more reliability and less trips to the dealer. The ownwership experience for many hasn't been a walk in the park. How about a bigger push on the R Series stuff and some migration down?
  • twobigdogztwobigdogz Member Posts: 14
    I love our V70 overall, but some things I would like to see changed include 1)better interior storage, 2)a built in compass at the base level, and 3) a better gear indicator (PRND etc - I find the letters hard to decipher quickly).

    The Volvo designers should take a look at the Accord interior layout for side doors pockets, useful middle console (including coin holder), and cubby space in the dashboard. They might also get a few ideas from the 2001 Forester. I don't need two extra cupholders in the console lid - would prefer to see that space used for other items (see the Accord console)

    I agree with the prior post on the seats, front and back. Love the way the rear seats fold to a completely flat read cargo space - and they are very comfortable.
  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulMember Posts: 1,075
    This former Accord owner agrees with twobigdogz... there's a definite need for more cubby space and a coin holder. And they should have sunk the cupholders a bit lower, because when I (habitually) have my elbow on the armrest and rest my hand on the gearshift, anything bigger than a 12 oz pop can is at least a little in the way.

    And one other thing... the turning radius! It's huge, even on the 2.5T.

    That said, my initial impressions are great otherwise... love the Volvo seats and the fat power curve of the turbo.
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  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    "Fat power curve of the turbo"??? Come on. The turbo 5 cylinder engine puts out 208 HP and can't get out of its way. That coupled with the front wheel drive scrub doesn't make for a lot of fun.

    I think that the V70 needs more power (apparently a six is coming in 08) and much less front wheel drive bias. I would welcome something like a 30% Front, 70% rear split front to rear power allocation.
  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulMember Posts: 1,075
    I think that the V70 needs more power (apparently a six is coming in 08) and much less front wheel drive bias.

    You drive an '01 XC don't you? The "front wheel drive bias" talk tipped me off, and I saw some of your other posts. You've got a bit less power than I do, and 200-300 pounds more vehicle, so no wonder you're wanting more power.

    The V70 2.5T doesn't have as much power as a turbocharged Subaru, and I'm not sure what else you're comparing to. But for me, it's a noticeable (tho not huge) improvement over the 2002 Accord V6 I had before. That engine needed the RPMs to be up, and the transmission was slow to kick down... with the Volvo I come out ahead on both counts.

    Yes, it's getting a 6-cylinder for 2008 (or is it '09?), 235 hp/236 ft-lb... gotta wonder how it's going to respond in those low/mid-rpm ranges.
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  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    RonSteve, yep, we have an '01 XC which my wife happily drives. While I drive a Cayenne (and a F150 and an '87 Jeep Grand Wagoner are also in the fleet), we'll probably take the Volvo up to Maine next week because it very comfortably chews up the miles.
  • jurrasicsailorjurrasicsailor Member Posts: 3
    I have an '01 V70 T5 w/ 114k miles. Car is still the best, and I get 27 mpg on mostly highway (but DC traffic has stop & go). I've owned Volvo's continuously since 1989. This is my fourth. Here's my list:

    1. Normal door lock button. the single touch button is stupid. my greatest likelyhood of using the button is when I'm in the car and need to open one of the other doors that are still locked. first push simply locks my door, must hit button a second time to open passenger doors, and of course, you can't press the button too soon. small but real annoyance when the fix is to use the traditional rocker switch - one way locks all, other unlocks.

    2. better trained dealerships. Mine are complete idiots. When the sunroof started grinding while still under warranty, they made it worse. had to go back 4 times. now that car is out of warranty I come to find that they ruined the rails, which is why the thing rattles and the fix is in the thousands.

    3. make the parts more affordable - have already had to replace starter and the alternator, each $800 jobs. My 1970 caddy convertible's new starter was $164.00 INSTALLED.
    Broke a headlight, and had to buy the entire assembly, when it is obvious that the lense is held on only with clips, so they could offer just the lens if they so chose.

    4. Stop treating customers as lepers. One of the things I remember about the Volvo company I started with was that they did NOT want to just sell you a car and have you go away until time to buy a new one. I clearly remember when they first offered intercoolers for their turbo models and offered them to existing customers as a retrofit. I thought "alright, here is a company that values me as a long term customer". The U.S. president Anne Belec is worse than useless. When i recently wrote them to plead that they import the D5 diesel model of the V70 (same power as my car, but mileage in the 40's!) I received the most pathetic whiny "we are losers" email I have ever seen. On top of that it was a real challenge to even figure out the management structure of the U.S. organization as they don't post it anywhere (Oh my god customers might want to talk to us, how icky) We should be the MOST valued members of the Volvo family. Unlike the employees, we actually PAY to be included.

    It is killing me to say this, but unless they get their act together and bring me the diesel, I'll be buying a German diesel next round.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    I'm amazed that a starter or an alternator , parts and labor, would be $800. Volvo USA could easily have a reman program going (Ford for decades has had "Ford Factory Authorized Rebuilders") to offer these units for sale for under $100, exchange.

    I think part of the reason people whine about Volvos is that the cost of parts and repair is akin to Bimmer/MB without any of the off setting benefits (e.g., higher status, free loaners, impressive dealership facilities, etc.) Volvo USA could easily work on this. They could feed a reman program core requirements initially with the collection of failed warranty parts they must have somewhere.
  • 2ndfiddle2ndfiddle Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2001 V70t5 which now has 78,500k. i bought it as a certified used car with 26,500k. The car has cost me over $5,000.00 to keep on the road. It now rattles like a 70's model Chrysler. I'm told the ' rubber spring seats' have failed, or possibly the struts are done. I drive in the city in CA. The latest breakdown is that BOTH rear seat locks failed at the same time as I tried to fold them down. I dismantled the plastic housing holding the lock lever and discovered it to be a wafer thin plastic fin. Now the seatbelt has locked itself down so I cant even raise the seat upright. My wagon is becoming a 2 seater. I have never been more frustrated with a vehicle than this one. The storage capacity is great, I can haul a 10' long piece of pipe with the rear door closed. I can haul a love seat with the door closed. Dont change the storage. Could be some better use of the under seat area. Oh well, who listens anymore?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 31,015
    hmmm... with 100k mile warranty, I'm extremely curious what you've had to pay $5k to get fixed.

    On your rattling problem, I would look at the spring seats and swaybar endlinks. I doubt the struts are bad.

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  • 2ndfiddle2ndfiddle Member Posts: 2
    I fixed my rear folding seat mechanism with $4.00 epoxy and a bracket i found on my bench. Saved me 125.00. Thanks for the advice on the spring seats and sway bars.
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