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CR-V fuel injector leak only 200 miles

captainrodcaptainrod Posts: 19
edited September 2020 in Honda
Left the showroom with 7 miles on the odometer. Gas fumes overcame the inside and outside of the car after the first 200 miles. Dealer says fuel injectors are leaking and they're getting me a rental. I think they should replace the CR-V. What would you do? Car in shop, on the 8th day which sounds to me like a severe problem that can damage engines. I found myself actually getting the consumer information pamphlet from the glove box so I can read about Pennsylvania's lemon law. Not your father's Honda.


  • Give them a chance - don't jump to any conclusions until the report is in. It may just be a minor item. All new vehicles can have some minor problems in the first few weeks. After that, they should behave like good little cars.
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