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SiriusXM, SiriusXM Traffic, SiriusXM Travel????

capecodbeachfrontcapecodbeachfront Member Posts: 13
edited September 2020 in Nissan
Certified Rogue 2019 with under 5000 miles....
7 years since my last 'new' car and the infotainment features sure have changed?
I need some help understanding the what's and when's.....
XM radio appears to be a trial for 3 months... already offered 3 additional months for $2.
Sirius XM I have had before and understand the 'cancel' get better price approach....
BUT XM Traffic and Travel have different length trial periods?
Doubt I will use either Travel or Traffic but do they really need to be cancelled to avoid the dreaded AUTO RENEW rip off charges?
And What about Nissan Connect? Does that have charges or trial period as well? Do I need to download the APP on phone to start it? Or has it already started?
Hopefully I can make phone calls with Bluetooth assistance without Nissan Connect?
BTW Something had a 3 year trial period????
Guess I should have been paying closer attention to teh salesman when picking up the car!


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