VW Jetta 2011 SEL left headlights on over night...Jetta won't start.

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1.) My 2011 Jetta won't start after leaving headlights on overnight. Figured DEAD BATTERY!
2.) Tried Electronic ignition key , "No Response".
3.) Attached Schumacher Battery Charger with ignition off....Charger set to 2Amp Slow Charge.
Immediately charger goes to full deflection, reading full charge....meter shows GOOD Battery Charge
4.) Went into cab and Tried electronic ignition key to start ...."NO RESPONSE", won't start.
Battery Charger Cables get Warm when connected to battery.
5.) Disconnected Schmacher Battery Charger.
6.) Checked Battery with Digital Voltmeter, Battery READS 4 volts....basically DEAD.
7.) Battery bought in 2018...... Not even 2 years old.
8.) "Anybody have any ideas what's going on?"

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