Front Brakes not applying after repairs

Adam2290Adam2290 GeorgiaMember Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in GMC
Recently decided to overhaul the front brakes of my 2003 Gmc Sonoma 4x4. after new calipers, flex hoses, brake booster, Master cylinder, and EBCM replacement. my front brakes still do not apply to my rotors . only my rear brakes work. Im thinking it might be my ABS modulator valve but like to receive suggestions on this matter or if anybody else has had this problem with their truck.


  • Edge87Edge87 New YorkMember Posts: 38
    There could be several possibilities that can cause your reported issue: You mention that only the rear brakes grab. I would assume you have proper pedal feel & have bled all the air from the brake fluid system? Have you tried obtaining a scan tool and electronically activating the ABS pump? What you can also also try is to manually bleed the front brake system and see if you have proper flow of fluid coming out the bleeder.
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