Brake/ Towing Issues

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I have a 2019 Highlander Hybrid XLE with after market trailer brakes and hitch installed by the dealer. I've had 2 scary issues with brakes while towing a camper (once precollision system engaged trailer brakes with NO braking by me- my foot was on the gas! And then a second issue with the opposite...NO trailer brakes engaging).

The dealer replaced a "diode" and said the issue is with my camper. When I talked to my RV service person, he blamed the Highlander and said they have had numerous issues with brakes and that the replacement of the "diode" should fix the problem.

Now, I am nervous to tow. I don't want to have braking issues on the interstate. Or in the woods. Has anyone else experienced this? My mechanical knowledge is very minimal, so thanks to anyone who can address this in layman terms!

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