2000 Ford Expedition Front end grind

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I own a 2000 Ford Expedition that is nearing 130,000 miles on it. Yesterday I had some new tires put on the front end. Then when driving home last night every time I applied the accelerator when going up a small hill it would make a grinding-vibrating noise. It never happend at any other speeds and only when I when I applied more acceleration going up a hill. (When the truck needed more power) I am fairly sure it could not be caused by the tires that were just put on. Does anyone have an idea of what it might be? The noise is generating from the front end. Thanks


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    Converter shutter???
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    I own a 1999 Expedition with the same front end grinding noise. I recently had the four wheel drive motor replaced as per a service bulletin, however, no change. Any luck with your problem?
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    My 1999 Ford Expedition has AWD. It makes BAD noises in the front end at slow speeds and when you first start moving or make a turn from a stop. It's a grinding or popping. The Ford dealer in Blue Springs, Mo says its normal and very common. The dealer said to just drive on!
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    I have a 99 expedition awd and i had the same clunking noise at low speed cornering. it winds up then pops. i posted numerous forms trying to find out what was wrong before paying top dollar but got no response. my dealership said it was the ball joints but i had a tranny place look at and turns out all it was is the rear driveshaft speed sensor. the clunking was because the transfer case could not tell thow fast the rear shaft was spining. the part is hardwire to the transfer case motor which costs alot but a good shop should be able to find a old motor with a working sensor for cheap. My truck drives perfect again for under $200.
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    I had the exact same problem on my 1999 awd...it is the new tire replacement on the front end...the new tires are larger than the rear tires that are worn down therefore the rear tires are spinning faster and causing the axle sensors to think the wheels are slipping ...the front transfer case then starts to clutch up and that gives you that clutching grinding noise. I put new tires on the rear that matched the front in size and the noise went away. google awd tire problems and you will get more details. They don't tell you at the tire shop but if there is more than 1/4 inch difference in the size of the tires it will cause the clutching problem.
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    My ford expedition makes a grinding noise in the front end, I too have different tires on the back would this be the cause of the noise help please
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    Budman685, I too have this problem, is there any long term damage that can be caused by this
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    Did you ever get this fixed? This is the exact problem I have just started having after buying new tires. All the same size. If anyone knows for sure what this is caused by and how to fix it I would be very thankful.
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    I own a 2001 ford exp. and i can hear hard grind'n noise from the rear end of the truck. The truck is all wheel drive, i thought it was a wheel bearring went bad but had it check'd and it was'nt the bearrings, the mechanic said he thought it was come'n from the rear end, and i already had a new front axle put in the front cause thats what the other mechanic said, and it was'nt that either, so if any ideas please reply thank u
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    It isn't AWD, it is A4WD. Two different animals. Do you have a limited slip rear end? That is the most common reason for the rear to grind. How many miles and has the rear ever been serviced?
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    After we fixed the U joints in the rear drive shaft, we found out all the noise was coming from the "FRONT DRIVE SHAFT" We are told we do not need the front drive shaft if we are not going to be using four wheel drive, so we are under the impression that we can take it out completely. It was also told to us the front drive shaft shouldn't turn unless we have it in four wheel drive. If anyone knows anything different please let me know!
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    These expeditions, what a pain. I JUST finished repairing the #3 spark plug blow out, the truck was awesome for about 3 days then all the sudden it doesnt feel like its driving right, at low driving speed (5-10 miles per hour) theres a knocking or clunking noise when I turn to the left it pops, so I pull the tires off and found the passenger side ball joint rod that goes to the steering box is loose, I followed the rod down to a connection with another joint and found it was low on grease so I greased it and its better but not tight like it should be, the problem is I cant tell which part is bad or do I know the names of the parts. I wish I could find a pictures of what Im dealing with, and why dont they put grease zerts on all the ball joints, is that another way for things to wear out and the consumer cant fix it them selfs? Thanks
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