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Why does my transmission keep failing on my Yukon xl?

TitoTito Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in GMC
I am having transmission issues for the 3rd time since owning the car. I bought it in 2015, it is a 2005 with about 165k miles. I have had to have my transmission rebuilt 2 times, why does it keep going out. Or getting stuck in the 3rd gear?
Any information is appreciated


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    Edge87Edge87 Member Posts: 43

    Are you doing any excessive towing or hauling? Either the person rebuilding your unit isn't doing a good job of rebuilding/replacing internal components or your have electrical issues indicating a false rebuild of your unit.

    Has your radiator & transmission oil coolers been replaced each time the transmission is replaced? Flushing of the components usually doesn't work as debris is still stuck in the system.

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