1973 Ranchero 429 7L with no spark, but the coil seems good

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Ok, so I know this question might seem basic at first, but it gets a bit complicated. So I thought that I had fuel, compression, and spark, but my engine wouldn't start, so I started double-checking everything. Compression is fine, about 155-160 psi, and fuel, even if it isn't getting to the engine, I should still be able to fire it with starting fluid down the carb, but I couldn't so that lead me back to spark. The reason I thought I had spark was that when I used an in-line tester, it flashed, indicating a spark, but I decided to pull one of the plugs out and ground it, to see the quality of my spark. Well, I still had the in-line tester connected, and it was flashing, but there wasn't any sign of a spark at all. I know that it was grounded, the light was flashing after all, but it just wouldn't spark. I thought that was a sign my coil went bad, so I decided to test it out. The coil and distributor are an aftermarket points type ignition; I don't know exactly what brand as they were replaced before I bought the car, but what I do know is the coil is an HEI. The distributor is some sort of clear cap performance distributor. When testing the coil, I got 0.5 ohms on the primary coil and about 7k ohms on the secondary, so I feel that the coil is good. I checked the diodes on the cap, and they seem clean, the rotor spins and makes contact with the points, so I'm at a loss. I can't figure out what could be the issue. Any help at all is greatly appreciated :)


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    I know this may seem like a stupid response but how are the plug wires? They could be the wrong type or just plain shorting out. There could also be high resistance in them too
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