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Help! Car Running Rich!!!!

WestcoastmustangWestcoastmustang Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Ford
Hello, I'm having trouble with my S197 2006 V6 mustang as all four O2 sensors are stuck on rich and coupled with this is the fact that it runs horribly and spews unburned gas and carbon particles from both exhaust pipes (aftermarket).

I've replaced the spark plugs, both upstream O2 sensors, coil pack, spark plug wires, fuel pressure regulator, MAF sensor, fuel injectors, & cleaned all of the sensor pins and connectors with electrical cleaning spray including the PCM.

The freeze frame data provided was while the car was idling with the foot off of the throttle:




LOAD_PCT(%): 32.5

ETC(°F): 131

SHRTFT1(%): 0.0

LONGFT1(%): 0.0

SHRTFT2(%): 0.0

LONGFT2(%): 0.0

MAP(inHg): 10.9

RPM(/min): 1055

VSS(mph): 0


IAT(°F): 68

MAF(lb/min): 1.314

TP(%): 15.7

O2B1S1(V): 1.020

SHRTFTB1S1(%): 0.0

O2B1S2(V): 0.900

O2B3S1(V): 1.015

SHRTFTB3S1(%): 0.0

O2B3S2(V): 1.000

RUNTM(sec): 44

FRP(PSI): 38.4

EGR_PTC(%): 0.0

EGR_ERR(%): 0.0

EVAP_PCT(%): 0.0

FLI(%): 28.2


CLR_DIST(mile): 0

EVAP_VP(inH20): -0.068

BARO(inHg): 30.1

CATEMP11(°F): 976.10

CATEMP21(°F): 976.10

VPWR(V): 14.220

LOAD_ABS(%): 26.7

EQ_RAT: 0.999

TP_R(%): 3.5

AAT(°F): 63

TP_B(%): 21.6

APP_D(%): 18.8

APP_E(%): 29.4

APP_F(%): 18.0

TAC_PCT(%): 5.5
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