Help! Grinding noise and tugging when brakes applied

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We bought our Pontiac Torrent 2008 new in 2008. It has been a great vehicle until I took it in for brakes. I had new brake pads and rotors put on the front, when I drove it home, heard the grinding, could feel the tug in the pedal. Then the Stabilitrak and ABS lights came on. Went back to garage, he just said it's ok, safe to drive, those lights come on all the time. When I would apply brakes, sometimes it would feel like it wasn't going to stop, scary! I took it back to this garage about 10 times trying to get manager to just put it on a rack and look at it. He wouldn't, just said this is like a Equinox, they do it all the time. So I found a GM dealership and took it to their service dept. They gave me a list of the things that needed to be fixed, replaced wheel bearings on right front tire, replaced Harness, and when he got in he discovered the Sensor had been cut so it was replaced also. this was $978.
My next appointment I had rear brake pads replaced and the rotors turned rear shocks replaced. this was $600.
I still have the Stabilitrak and ABS lights coming on and the grinding and tugging is still happening. Yesterday they told me they need to replace the EBCM which will be $502! I asked if this would fix the issues, they said they don't know. Replacing this EBCM (the brain) just doesn't sound like it's going to stop the grinding and tugging when brakes applied. Does anyone know what is going on????? We don't have money to keep spending amounts like this and can't trade at this point. I'm sorry this is so long, trying to give all the facts


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    Your "grinding noise and tugging" description suggested something other than a false ABS activation at first. There is a lot more to doing brakes than just replacing pads and rotors. I did a video on how to evaluate the performance of the hydraulic portion of the ABS controller.

    That's just one part, with a false activation the module is responding to what looks like a wheel is locking up. A technician needs to first find out which wheel the computer thinks is locking up and then figure out why. It's not impossible for this to be an EBCM issue but a module input issue is not very common.

    Being able to "Do Brakes" should mean also being able to analyze and solve any problem with the system. IMO.
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