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Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Tires and Wheels

sloweyjoeysloweyjoey Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Jeep
I want to get 31's for my grand cherokee, but i'm not sure the rim size of my factory 15's. Does anyone know? It's this rim -


  • Those should be 15x8's. They probably have around 4.5" to 5" of backspacing. You can put 31's on them with only one problem - the front tires will rub the control arms at full turn. You can lengthen the bump stops to correct this problem, but you will increase your turning radius. Your best bet is to purchase new rims with roughly 3.75" of backspacing. The tires will stick out further, but they shouldn't rub.

    Do you have any lift on your ZJ? I believe you're going to need about 2" of lift so those tires don't rub the fender wells.
  • I was told by the dealer service dept. that if I had one bad tire on my 99 Jeep that I'd have to replace all 4 tires not just the one. Can anyone advise me on this? Is this true? As I understand it (and no I'm not very wise about such things so bare with me). He explained since it was an all wheel drive vehicle that's why I had to replace all tires. Can anyone give me some information on this?
    I just bought the Jeep and already put over 600 in it to fix some transmission issues (which I'm now wondering did the dealership screw me after reading some posts on her about related to my exact issue). I must now educate myself better on all thing Jeep it seems. Thanks for any help you can offer!!
  • does anyone know how to reset the tire pressure light that keeps coming on in my car. My mechanice checked the pressure in all the tires and the manual says it would reset itself after 15 miles but it still comes on.
  • jonnyvjonnyv Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    Would greatly appreciate any help. I have 96 Cherokee Sport with 215/75R15 wheels and tires. Just wondering what is the biggest possible tire size I can put on it with the current rim size. I'm thinking getting bigger wheels, perhaps 16" or 17" and maybe 2" or 3" left kit in the near future. I've installed the K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK) last summer and not sure if getting a lift kit would in any way affect the FIPK. Again, thanks a million for any input. I'm trying to figure out what options are possible 'cause I wanted to have some fun 4X4 and the factory tires aren't cutting it. :confuse:
  • lunghdlunghd Posts: 61
    30 x 9.5 will fit fine - minimal rubbing on the front control arms at full lock and miss the fenders when the tires are stuffed. If you plan to do some heavy wheeling... make sure your bumpstops are in good shape. (The rears tend to dry-rot & fall off...)

    If you lift a solid 2" you can clear 31 x 10.5's no sweat.

    Mid 90's have a rep for being 'fussy' about lifts... some give no complaints at 4"... some give problems at anything higher than 2".

    (Probably should have this moved to a separate thread...)
  • jonnyvjonnyv Posts: 4
    Thanks lundhd for that insight. You website says it all about your knowledge of 90's Cherokee. But what if I get 16" rims. What size backspacing would you recommend without lifting it at all so there would not be any rubbing either.
  • Has anyone replaced the stock size tires (245-65-17) with a larger tire like a 255-65-17? I would like to junk the goodyear tires right now and trade up to a larger tire but i am not sure if they will fit or rub. Any help would be appreciated.
  • willaimwillaim Posts: 1
    It may be the spare that is low, check it
  • I need some advice/help. I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 Limited edition. I am looking to purchase new rims. I have looked at the Jeep commander rims, which are 17". I know i will need new tires also, does anyone know the best place to look as far as package deals, or anything else i will need to do this??
  • mattavinamattavina Posts: 1
    hi, I just got a 98 Cherokee Sport. This might have been answered already but I'm not much of a car person so I don't understand some of what is being said.

    I would like to know what the biggest size my tire/wheels can be without lifting it. Any help would be appreciated , thanks ;)
  • What is the widest tire I can go on a stock 17" wheel??? I want more rubber on the road, but don't want to give up any height on the sidewall. Thanks for any info on this.
  • I recently purchased some 15" Alloy Jeep OEM wheels for my Cherokee Sport on ebay. The seller said they are 5J and would fit a wrangler or Cherokee, but the tire center could not get them to fit, the bolt pattern is correct, but the center of the hub on my Sport is too large. Any ideas out there?
  • my o4 has 235/65/R17 and I want to repolace with 255/75/R17. Is this possible
  • my rear wheels judder when slow turning advised to change t/box or viscous coupling changed box
    no better you can see the wheels stopping and starting straight line is fine at speed .i then replaced the diff oil in desperation it improved
    for a day now its worse sounds like the axle is whinning its a 98 g/ch orvis its only done 74.000
    im only glad that i did not purchase the new viscous coupling that was priced at £850 i get people stop me to tell me about my wheells
    juddering trouble is its difficult to get good advice
    so far my 4x4 centre could have cost me a lot of money for no cure.reading the forums people have changed various things but still get problems
    what direction should i persue thanks
  • hemi572k5hemi572k5 Posts: 2
    Dear all,
    I have fixed four new Perilli 245/65 R17 ATR tires for my Hemi JGC 2005 but I noticed that they are too noisey at the inside while driving. I was told that because they are off-road hard tyres.
    Can any one advise me what are a better performance and more quite/smooth on-road tyres for this Jeep. I'll be able to resell them over here with minor loss.

  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    try Goodyear Fortera silent armor - they're quiet and smooth inside, and perform well in the rain/snow/gravel. i've had mine for 25K, and i plan to get the exact same tires again ('98 ZJ P245/75R16).
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    ive had mud tires on different trucks ive owned, if your looking for a mud tire thats quiet & has good "road manners", try the pitbull brand tires. go to tire, they should have them there or try pitbull
  • I run 265 75 16's michellins on my 2000 wj with no lift and no rub
  • alterego1008alterego1008 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I purchased a 20inch rim tire set for this jeep and after 2 alignments , 2 sets of shocks, steering dampener I still had a wobble at about 50 mph. New wheels and tires Zinik 20 inch rims on Hankook P275/45 R20. I've moved back to the JGC stock rims and wheels and everything is fine. Is this an alignment issue?" If so anybody know of any specialty shops in the Chicago area that have expert knowledge in doing these alignments with upgraded tire\rim packages?
  • jessefwjessefw Posts: 1
    I have two jeeps. One is a 4 Door wrangler with P22575R16 goodyear fortera silent armor tires and the other is a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with P23565R17 tires with tire pressure sensor. The Wrangler tires look larger. Can the R16 wheels and tires be used on the Overland? Is the pressure sensor affected? Am I violating anything by doing this. You may ask the reason so the wrangler is being lifted to accept much larger tires but the forteras are brand new. They are also very quiet compared to the wrangler AT's on the overland.
  • jessefw1jessefw1 Posts: 1
    I went with Goodyear Fortera silent armor tires. After installing them I thought I was driving a different car because they were so quiet. The ratings for on road/off road/icenad snow are great.
  • doc1010doc1010 Posts: 1
    It's not really an alignment issue but an incorrect rim offset issue. Meaning you got the wrong rims.
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