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    Does anyone know of a site that shows the new light alloy wheels mentioned in the new brochure and price list, i.e., style 211, style 214, style 212, etc.
    I love the new Y rims you see in all of the pictures compared to the old ones....ahhhhh.
    Does anyone know how flexible BMW dealers are in switching tires/rims on a X5 and if so how much might it cost to say get something like those new Y rims on a X5 3.0 (I only seems like a $950 option ...w/sports package only) ?
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    All I see currently at Edmunds are the BMW provided photos, like this one:


    Check over in 2007 BMW X5 - someone may have some links there if no one pops in here with one.
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    I am about to need replacing tires on my 2002 X5. I live in Alabama. Any suggestions for best ride, handling, etc?
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    Should have indicated that I have 3.0 engine and would like to consider a slightly larger tread width.
    Thanks again,
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    I need advice. I have a 4.4i with the sport package. I have Michelins on the car now. They are needing replacement and I'm not sure what tire is best. I spend a lot of time of the highway. Any suggestions?

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    Anybody had experience with Toyo Proxes S/T on a X5? I had them on a Mercedes ML320 and preferred them over Michelin. Thanks,
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    Yes - I had stock BMW 17" Wheels / Tires and upgraded to 20" w/ 295 / 45 - 20 Toyos. They handle great in the dry, but the stock tires (M & S) are a lot better in wet. Dennis
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    Dennis - When you mentioned above that you upgraded to 295/45/20 toyos, were these really 45 profile or were they 295/40/20. Asking as I'd also like to upgrade and would have thought that the 45s would have been too high for the wheel arch. It would be great if you could confirm - Thanks James
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    I am running the Alcan 5000 Rally in Feb. and would like a set of 17x7.5 5-lug wheels for an X-5 to mount my studded tires on. Does anybody have a set of take offs laying around after they've up graded their wheels?

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    Just found this on ebay. Anyone bought them and try it? I think they are replica but they claim that it is factory OEM. ms_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43960QQihZ008QQitemZ180148266167QQrdZ1QQsspagename- ZWDVW
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    Yes are the RFTs a total nightmare? that is what I keep reading
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    I have a 2007 X5 3.0 with the Bridgestone run flat tires. They are horrible in the snow, even a little bit. Does anyone have that problem?
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    Are they snow Tires? or the all seasons, what size? Im really curious, I bought the new X% special edition here in Canada, it has a M sport package on it and 20 inch Dunlop summer tires, I have to order some snows, they are recommeding these 19 inch Dunlop Daytrek M3 Run Flats Snows, although some of the reports on these tires are really not grand. I have a 2006 MB ML 500 now with Pirelli Scorpions on it , best snows! but they dont have run flats , any suggestions or ideas?
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    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post, so if you have already addressed this issue please direct me to the proper forum. We just ordered an 08 X5 4.8 with sport package and the 19" wheels with all season tires. I really like the looks of the 20" wheel and performance tire and am considering changing to that wheel. I have heard and read about the poor wear and poor porformance of the 20" in snow and ice. We live in Kansas so we do get a bit of bad weather. I guess I thought with all wheel drive you should be able to get through about anything with minimal difficulty. I would appreciate any insight, guidance and help regarding tires and weather. Thank you all in advance.
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    I just got my 4. 8 2008 x5 ( M Sport package) it had the performance tires 20 on it, i bought the Bridgestone Blizzak 19 inch LM -25 4 X4 snow tires, they are great, no issues at all,

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    Thank you Corren.
    Tell me about the "M Sport PAckage" you refer to. The 19" Bridgestones go on the 20" rim without problems? Thanks again.
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    Clearly, 19" tires don't fit on 20" wheels. But, you can buy wheel and tire packages that ship pre-mounted and balanced from sites like On an X5, you can run 18, 19, or 20 inch wheels as long as the tires meet OEM specs. Sites like will list all optional tire sizes.

    It's very expensive to replace 20" performance tires with 20" all season tires if you can even find them. And I've never seen 20" snow tires. I bought a set of 18" all season tires/wheels and have used them on X5s with sport package 20" wheels. I just swap them on/off for winter driving.

    Personally, I think it's crazy to buy an X5 with 20" wheels and performance tires if you plan to drive in snow. The performance tires are just plain dangerous in snow and ice. The 20" wheels look great, but how many people really will drive their X5 at the limits of handling where you need the improved grip of the performance wheels? It's a cosmetic improvement that substantially diminishes handling in snow and ice.
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    Bottom line, the 20" wheel package ships with performance wheels that are not recommended for driving in ice and snow. It says that clearly on BMW's web site. And they really are terrible in anything more than an inch or so of snow. I've tried driving in 5" of wet snow with those performance tires and I really don't recommend it. It's just plain dangerous, even with all wheel drive. While the 20" wheels look great, it just wasn't worth the hassle of swapping wheels on/off for winter driving or worrying about getting stuck in snow.
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    HI, My mistake, what I meant was i BOUGHT which actually are 18 inch ROF Bridgesone Blizzaks LM - 25 4x4 and NEW rims, I was asking about the Dunlop snows as i heard they were not great , I went with the bridgestone and are very pleaased so far, my performance tires are 20 inch Dunlops I believe. sorry for the confusion.
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    The X5 I just picked up is a 4.8 M sport edition, I understand that 102 were made for Canada only this year, It offers things like individual paint collection, M steering wheel and M RIms, body mouldings etc, the car is "ruby black" with a saddle brown and black interior and dark wood bamboo trim, sport seats etc, really nice, I am totally enjoying drving it, I had previously a 2006 MB ML500
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    It offers things like individual paint collection, M steering wheel and M RIms, body mouldings etc,

    What kind of individual paint different than the normal x5 4.8?

    Whats the difference between normal steering and M steering?

    Body mouldings??? :confuse:

    I think the bumpers are matched in the M package with the car color you choose right?which i don't really like

    Anyway please inform details about all the difference between normal x5 and the M package.

    Feel better than the ml500 in driving didn't consider the cayenne turbo? .

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    The individual paint collection with BMW from what I understood is something you can only purchase on a 7 series or a 6, apparently this paint I was offered in this car is approx a $3500 upgrade, Take a look at a M steering wheel , Yes body mouldings, Fender flares, I LOVE the fact that the bumpers are matched to your car colour, insted of a plastic bumper, anywyas I am VERY happy with this special edition car and i beleive they are all now sold out across Canada, I have had people stop me in parking lots to ask me "is that a new series BMW it is gorgeous,
    BTW the purchase price of this X5 was in the 95K range.

    My friend has a Cayenne turbo , i have driven it many times, I prefer this BMW

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    pearl silver metallic and space gray is the color i like,I think these colors r special I've seen a pearl silv metali and i think it's even better than space gray it's seems to be pretty costly for $3500 but I think It's unique. Can get these color on a normal x5 4.8 or you have to get the M edition?

    Yes body mouldings, Fender flares

    I still don't get does this give the car a better look.

    have had people stop me in parking lots to ask me "is that a new series BMW it is gorgeous,

    That would make you feel ur car more special I gues people really like the x5.

    $95k :surprise:

    This M edition it has only these difference right? nothing done different in the engine or performance or has it?

    I guess i have to see the steering.

    Yes i do think this is a better choice than the cayenne which I previous liked then came the new x5 which seems better.

    fact that the bumpers are matched to your car color, instead of a plastic bumper

    Funny the x5 pearl silver metallic individual I saw which was I think M edition didn't have full bumper match but it was half match.

    thanks again enjoy ur car.
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    This car was for the canadian market I have no idea what other editions are out e , this car was made in RUBY BLACK only ( all 102) are exactly the same, you are not able to choose a colour, and from what the dealer tells me , the individual paint collection and its colors are only available on the 6 or 7 series as an upgrade. I have no idea about the peal silver metallic perhaps that is just a paint upgrade on the usual 4.8 X5. This car did offer the full colour bumpers, as well on the roof the rails are a lowered brushed silver, etc, I find it very appealing to the eye, I tinted the windows a bit darker, etc, I could care less what anyone thinks I love the car , I also think BMW was very smart to come out with these options on this new car . i think its the M package that hikes the price, the additional body work DOES give the car a totally different look , I can send you a picture if you would like and you will see what I am trying to explain to you,

    I am enjoying this car, way more than the ML 500 I was a dedicated MB client for many years , they are WAY behind BMW in more ways than one, my hubby picked up a 335 CAB this year in white, I drove it quite a bit, made my decision very easy when my ML500 lease came up


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    Another thing I have to add, is its true that a BMW is the ultimate driving machine, In comparison to all the ML500 I have had, there is no comparrsion at all .
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    As a side note on the "M" edition X5, you are right that it has the same engine as the 4.8i (350hp in the U.S.).

    As in the previous X5, BMW eventually will offer 3 engine choices. In the previous model, you could buy the X5 3.0 (260 hp inline 6), 4.4i (315 hp V8) and the 4.8is (355 hp V8). The current 4.8i (350 hp V8) is the top choice until 2009 or early model year 2010 when an X5 5.0is would be expected. I've been hearing for over a year that the top line X5 will get a slightly muted version of the new twin turbo V8 (400 hp) that will first appear in the new X6, then in the new 7 series, then in a top line X5.

    BMW production runs last 7 model years. In the 4th model year, they refresh the model with styling updates and sometimes an engine upgrade. For example, the current 5 series debuted in 2004. The 2008 model received the refresh and the new twin turbo 6 cylinder engine.

    In 2009, the base X5 is likely to be upgraded to the twin turbo inline 6 cylinder engine. A new high-end performance version with the 5.0is badge will debut after that. The 4.8i should pretty much stay the same (maybe a 10 hp increase) and will fall in the middle of the line up.
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    The 4.8i should pretty much stay the same (maybe a 10 hp increase)

    So that means they will not replace the current 4.8 naturally aspirated with a twin turbo ?

    I am not an car or an engine expert but IMO that naturally asp seems better for the engine than all the turbo twin turbo super charged etc etc..

    I read abt your x5 and 525x experience really surprised to read that you traded.

    BMW production runs last 7 model years. In the 4th model year, they refresh the model with styling updates and sometimes an engine upgrade. For example, the current 5 series debuted in 2004. The 2008 model received the refresh and the new twin turbo 6 cylinder engine.

    Thanks for all this info and explaning...
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    i think its the M package that hikes the price, the additional body work DOES give the car a totally different look , I can send you a picture if you would like and you will see what I am trying to explain to you

    Ok I tried to search in Google but didn't understand pic with be easy to understand specially abt the body moulding and M steering :confuse:
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    They won't replace the 4.8i normally aspirated V8 with the twin turbo. The turbo will be a third engine option eventually. The turbo is a better engine for a heavy SUV because it produces peak torque and hp at lower rpm. So it's better for accelerating heavy vehicles. The non-turbo V-8 has to spool up to 3,500 rpm to produce peak power, resulting in a surge of power when you hit 3,500 rpm. You have to use the transmission to keep rpm above 3,500 to maintain peak power. The turbo requires less shifting and produces smoother acceleration because peak power is available immediately and remains available almost to red line.

    My salesman showed me BMW's new-model production schedule today. The first production runs of the X6 are scheduled for May. The first models will go out as dealer demos. The schedule says the first production X6 models will be available for purchase in late July or early August. It also said that the first X6 would be a 4.4i, which must have been a typo.

    The new 7 series is scheduled to be available in the December time frame.
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    Ok. nice explaining I think this is the first time I understood this. At 1800rpm so it will be much much more smoother than the naturally asp because naturally takes 3500rpm. lower rpm is like getting quickly to a top speed without even knowing I think I am beginning to understand more abt cars technically which i didn't before.

    may for the x6 december for the 7 series is strange i thought 2009. then when is the 5 series coming not end of the year?
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    Does anyone know where to find the weight of the stock rims?

    I need to know the weight of the stock rims of a BMW X5 3.0 2004 model year.

    Any direction would be appreciated.
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    ?? I have an X5 3.0i and the stock wheels that it came with 235/65R 17 I want to change to an 18 " and the wider rim that came on the 4.4 has any one done this and if so did it change the ride and or Gas mileage.
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    Hello, just noted BMW does not have a spare tire. Should I be concerned? What experience does any one have with the BMW tire.
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