Lexus SC 430 Window and Door Problems

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I have just bought out the lease on my SC430 and had to take it in for some general service things and a few items under warranty. The rubber trim around all of the windows has become (extremely) pitted and dry, but that actually happened after the first year of ownership. I am asking JM Lexus in FL (for the 2nd time)to replace it and they have adamantly refused. They're calling it "an environmental issue, not covered under warranty." (Which is probably the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard!) Pay over 60K for a vehicle and they can't replace the RUBBER!!??? Has anyone out there had this issue come up? Anything I could get a reply on would be extremely helpful, so I appreciate any assistance.

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    did you get your window problem resolved with your dealer? i agree; if you spend 60k for a new car the dealer needs to take good care of you. i would send whatever correspondence you have regarding this issue to lexus. i have heard repeatedly that the corp. will stand behind their vehicles to the point of sending over someone from japan to take care of it! they then chew out the dealer for you! good luck. i don't own one yet, but i'm working on it!!!!!
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    I know the front and rear bumper can prevent any scratch or dent if suffers collision within 5 miles per hour, but I'm also concerning about the overall metal quality, how's the car door? I'm really picky about having car door dings in my car, is SC 430 strong enough to prevent that?
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    The local Lexus dealer tells me that Liquid graphic touch-up paint isn't available. When asked how they deal with curb rash. he explained that a wheel repair service comes by the dealership every week to service damaged wheels.

    Has anyone else found touch up paint that is a good color match. I may visit a local automotive paint store in hope if finding a color sample book with a good paint match.
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    Try Anthracite Metallic. Some parts stores have it or you can get it at Honda dealers. It's not quite exact, but it's very close.
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