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2001 GM HD Diesel

dah1dah1 Member Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in GMC
Attended the Oregon State fair 08-27-00. GM had an
excellent display. They had a 2001 GMC HD 3500
extended cab dually diesel on display.

I was walking around the truck and didn't realize
it was running until I got to the front of the
truck. For a diesel it was super quiet. Oh! Did I
mention the hood was open. When the hood is
Closed you can't tell it was a diesel.

I truly feel sorry for all you red necks out there
that want to let everyone know their driving a BIG

The factory rep. stated the mpg was best in class
23-26 mpg he was also pulling GM's display trailer
cross country. Rep. stated trailer weighed approx.
15,000 lbs. and he had no problem with hills Rep.
stated the worst hill was over by
Helena, Montana. The truck slowed to 43 mph.
Otherwise the truck can hold 50-55 mph on hills.


  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    I also heard thru the grapevine the expected mileage was 24 or 25. I thought that was pretty unreal when I heard it, but maybe they will surprise us.
  • jaijayjaijay Member Posts: 162
    24 or 25 would be nice, real nice.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    i can't believe an engine with that much power could run that efficiently. Maybe technology has gotten there already. if the Duramx ups the bar in power and mileage, that would make Cummins and International scramble both. That might even put the Duramax in the medium duty hauler class that the Powerstroke now dominates marketshare.

    I still think it will get around 18. We should get some owner reports in the next couple of months.
  • greggauchogreggaucho Member Posts: 62
    Hey guys, this is a great subject, but Meredith keeps blowing these topics up. So to preserve at least one topic dedicated to the new Heavy Duty GM pickups, move this discussion over to topic #2205 "New Sierra/Silverado 2500 & 3500". Otherwise, you will have to wade through 50 posts on the Silverado XX topic when these topics are blown up.
  • dah1dah1 Member Posts: 8
    GM factory rep at the Oregon State fair stated dealerships should be receiving their first units
    the first part of November then they are shutting the factory down for a couple of weeks and starting back up Jan. 1 2001.

    PLEASE Meredith don't Blow us up.
  • norm10norm10 Member Posts: 9
    I had achance to see both the Duramax 6600 diesel and the 8100 gas engines oerform in the new GM chassis at the Nevada Automotive Test Center east of Carson City last spring. Both with the 6 speed manual and the Allison 1000 5 speed automatic transmission. Both engines are impressive! I don't know about the fuel economy but one GM engineer told me that the 8100 gas version with a 6 speed was getting 14-15 mpg regularly; both town and highway driving. I see that the GM dealers are now taking orders for both engines in the 2500 (SRW) and 35 (DRW) versions telling their customers that an early November delivery is expected. They (GM) worked hard on this project, lets hope they got it right!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    I drove a 2500 HD lb reg cab with the 8.1 allison tonight. Dealer just got one on the lot yesterday. Its a very large commerical specialty dealership so that played a part in getting one so soon.

    They are nice

  • jtadicjtadic Member Posts: 6
    I ordered a 2500HD Crew with the Duramax about 30 days ago. Just found out yesterday that Chev. is not accepting orders yet for the Duramax from my dealer. I E-Mailed the GM Buypower site and their response was " that truck is in such demand that it will take some time to meet all the demand". I wish I knew what was really going on out there with my order. Anyone have any ideas or comments?
  • jtadicjtadic Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the information. How do I find out if and when any will be allocated to my dealer? Is it a question of dealer size or sales record for trucks? Are there questions I should be asking my dealer to insure he will receive an allocation soon. He said I was on the top of the list for the truck. I'm not sure if that means my order will be filled first when they get their allocation.

  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    When you get an allocation, how specific is it? Do you get a generic allocation for a Duramax equipped pickup (either 2500 or 3500, 6-spd or allison, 4wd or 2wd, crew or extended or regular) or is it specific to each one of these?

    So if you are number 8 on the list for a 2500 SLT 4wd ext. cab w/duramax/allison, for example, and the dealer gets 4 allocations (like yours this week) but only one of the dealer allocations is for a truck configured like you want, do you only move up to number 7?

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Have you seen or drove or have on your lot any of the 2500 HDS with the 8.1 and allison? I have seen and drove one in my area. Just curious if they are out anywhere else yet.

  • jtadicjtadic Member Posts: 6
    Thanks again for the information. If you don't mind I only have a couple more questions.
    1) Does the dealer communicate to the factory that they have an order for a certain type(s) of vehicle and are waiting for an allocation?
    2) Are vehicles distributed to dealers based on when they were ordered or some other combination of factors? In other words if dealer A received an order in April and dealer B received an order in May. Would dealer A get the first allocation?

    In a communication I had today with the BuyPower site they stated that they didn't expect the Duramax Diesels to be hitting the streets until the middle of next month. I asked them if the factory was up and running. They blew the question off. Do you know where the new factory is and if its up yet?

  • greggauchogreggaucho Member Posts: 62
    Go to the forums on www.pickuptruck.com and www.62-65-dieselpage.com. There are full discussions on where what is made.
  • richardm6richardm6 Member Posts: 45

    The Duramax/Allisons are scheduled to start being built October 12th. You will start seeing them on the dealer lots shortly after that (I can't wait) I've had a crewcab shortbox Duramax/Allison on order since June 30, just got word Wed that Chevrolet had accepted my order now I'm waiting for a TPW.
  • sovercash1sovercash1 Member Posts: 112
    That's were the Duramax 6600 is built.. GM and Isuzu formed a joint venture which with GM 40% Isuzu 60% owners.... It's called DMAX Ltd,.

    Here is a some info you all my be interested in.. It was sent to www.TheDieselPage.com s owner (Jim Bigley aka MORE POWER) a week ago.. This person works for DMax Ltd,.
    "We currently have 700 plus engines on the dock ready to ship to the truck plants the end of September. The HD truck plants start full production the first of
    October. D-Max is currently building 50+ engines each day. All of these
    engines are regular production engines.

    So, the way I see it, if the truck plants are still building a truck a
    minute (like they were last week), there could be Duramax diesel trucks at dealers by early November."
    If your going to by a Duramax 6600 (or are just interested in GM Pickups) I would highly recommend joining The Diesel Page.com, more info to come..

  • richardm6richardm6 Member Posts: 45

    Thats very good information on the Duramax I'm glad to hear their ready to go into production. My dealer is who gave me the information about them starting October 12th, HOPE they do start the 1st of Oct.
    I've been looking at the Dieselpage for along time, but was waiting to join. Is there more information about the Duramax in the Members only section? I plan to join when I get my truck.
  • sovercash1sovercash1 Member Posts: 112
    Richard I would not wait to join.. There is more info in the members section...
  • richardm6richardm6 Member Posts: 45

    Thank you, I will join very soon.
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